Wives in Service

Adult Erotica
Rated 4.90/5 based on 10 reviews
Three novellas about women who choose to service their husbands by following instructions from some source outside their marriage. The first follows a unique family tradition; the second instuctions from her ex-husband; and the third, scientific principles. Though not primarily BDSM erotica, all stories include significant sexual masochism.

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  • Category: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM
  • Erotica themes: None
  • Words: 90,370
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781452350165
About Ashley Zacharias

I am a post-modern woman who lives a vanilla life but fantasizes about adventures in masochism. I appreciate readers who purchase my books but, more than money, I need your honest response to my writing. Review my books or contact me at ashleyzacharias.com and let me know what you think of my stories. Good or bad, as long as you are not indifferent, your honest response will help me to write more and better stories.
You can find my thoughts about my own stories at
   Yours, Ashley

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Nicole Bush reviewed on Jan. 14, 2012

Stories that grab the imagination and linger in the memory. I especially enjoyed reading;'Conjugal Clock'- clever idea and very well written!
(review of free book)
Nicole Bush reviewed on Jan. 14, 2012

stories that grab the imagination and linger in the memory. I especially enjoyed reading;'Conjugal Clock'- clever idea and very well written!
(review of free book)
Nathan Fisher reviewed on Sep. 4, 2011

The Conjugal Clock is an extraordinary story. I read it months ago, and still find it popping into my mind every so often. Well recommended for those who like Ashley's brand of S&M. Personally, I love it!
(review of free book)
Lom Girl reviewed on Sep. 4, 2011

I truly enjoyed reading the stories. You get to see each characters strengths, weaknesses and adversities to their lives. Can't wait to read more of Ashley Zacharias's future works.
(review of free book)
Penny Graves reviewed on March 13, 2011

Brilliant! Zacharias writes deeply into the stories. Character development is a little lax, but the stories are far more considered than most erotica I have read. Zacharias is fast becoming a favorite author.
(review of free book)
Shaina Richmond reviewed on Dec. 26, 2010

I just finished "The Conjugal Clock" - the first novella in the book - and I absolutely loved it. This author knows how to tell a story. It's a unique, creative concept - the idea of this clock. I'm usually not into such masochism but I thoroughly enjoyed the story and can't wait to read more of her work. She's obviously a very intelligent woman and it shows in her writing.
(review of free book)
rl maiden reviewed on Nov. 28, 2010

I'd read one of the novellas, The Conjugal Clock, on another site. I was impressed with Ms. Zacharias' abilities as an author then, and emailed her about it (alas, the addy was no longer valid). The other two novellas contained within the anthology "Wives in Service" serve to confirm my first impression of Zacharias as a damned good writer.

In 'The Conjugal Clock,' the protagonist marries into a family that has a generationally successful history of using an unusual method (and device) for ensuring marital bliss.

'The Baby Machine' concerns a young woman who is determined to do her exponential utmost in fulfilling that biological imperative that drives every living species.

'The Man in the Middle' is a tongue-in-cheek tale featuring a man, the narcissistic woman that (thankfully) got away (but later tried to come back), her husband, email, sex--oh, I do hope you're intrigued!

This short anthology is worth far more than the price. Do read it.
(review of free book)
Miss Kay reviewed on Nov. 17, 2010

Wives In Service ended up being a really interesting book. The author wanted to take in another manner from being the "traditional" romance story. It definitely ended up that way. Since no one has really given a good "summary" of the book, I figure I should:

This book is made up of three separate short stories. Each one easily takes about fifteen or twenty minutes to read all the way through.

"The Baby Machine" is about a young woman who believes, above everything else, that her only purpose in life is give birth to babies. The entire story is about her life and how it all ended up.

"The Man in the Middle" is about a man who's ex-wife starts e-mailing him, wanting him back. The man chooses to be the "go-between" with the ex-wife and her husband - emailing both of them pretending to be the other in promise that, if she follows his instructions, he'll consider taking her back.

"The Conjugal Clock" (which was easily (and by far) my favorite) is about a recently married couple who finds that, in order to stay a member of her new family, she must obey a "sex clock". The story includes its rules and its punishments, and while there isn't really a "climax" to the story, it's still an amazing story.

I was impressed that all three stories are really unique. Really. There's no way you've read any type of erotica that in any way resembles these plots. The plots are neat, and while not too explicit, they are all easily worth the read for the free price tag. Really, there's no reason NOT to pick this one up.
(review of free book)
Missy Davis reviewed on Nov. 4, 2010

Great book, read all 3 stories. Not real sure what one I liked the best.
(review of free book)
Francis W. Porretto reviewed on Oct. 23, 2010

Wives In Service is an extraordinary achievement: a compendium of three novellas about sex and sexual conduct, each of them unique, not one of them at all rote or mechanical.

"The Baby Machine" is as effective a piece of sexual horror, and as singular a description of a psychopathic obsessive, as I can imagine. It delineates the sort of self-inflicted torment that can arise from a bright idea, good in certain limited contexts and applications, when it’s carried way beyond its proper application. Along the way, it illustrates the most ironic way in which a genius can go horribly wrong – and the specific characterological failing peculiar to the genius who knows she’s a genius.

"The Man In The Middle" is mostly good fun, albeit somewhat naughty fun. Mark’s “experiment” transforms a marriage doomed to failure into a revel of the flesh, despite his “subjects’ having an entirely different idea of what he’s doing to them and why.

"The Conjugal Clock," my favorite of the three, brims with insights about marital happiness and decay. I’m not sure I’d recommend such a device to every family, but the central theme of the story, that a wife should take care to satiate her husband’s sex drive lest he begin to look elsewhere, is beyond any possibility of dispute...and sadly neglected by altogether too many wives in our day.

Miss Zacharias is a gifted storyteller, a talent capable of elevating fiction about sex to something as far beyond erotica as “The Lord Of The Rings” is beyond a Saturday morning kids’ cartoon. I hope to see more from her.
(review of free book)
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