Stop Emotional Eating, Fix Food Cravings, Find Your Metabolism and More

Award Winner
Solutions to "Why We Eat":
-emotional eating
-parents taught us
-food comfort
-challenging situations
-metabolism & sugar spikes
-dining out
& so much more...
In society today we are eating less for fuel and nutrition & more for other reasons. I address those “other” reasons with solutions realistic to you! Adjust your thoughts for long term success! More

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About Beth Castle

Emotional Eating, Food Cravings & Metabolism “95% of the population are emotional eaters. Are you one of them? Stop the madness and learn what is driving you to eat the way you do and make it easier on yourself! Do you Crave Foods? Do you know why? Would you like to find out a few great strategies as documented on City TV June 22/10? Did you lose your metabolism somewhere along the way with that sock in the dryer? Let’s help you find it again! Come learn & laugh about all of this and more from Dietary Technician/Author and Counselor- Beth Castle

I get the audience to relate and laugh at oneself, I use humour to have the audience stay involved, I get the audience to comment and participate by putting their hand up, and I am genuine and real in my speaking. I want people to get involved and feel! which will help them change the bad habits that are far to painful to continue! And eventually affecting their health, mood, family, work and life expectancy.

Beth Castle –Dietary Technician/Author/Speaker & Counselor with 25 years experience helping individuals and audiences understand the importance of not only what to eat, but Beth also helps with food cravings, metabolism, emotional eating, cleansing the palate and so much more.


Beth Castle Emotional Eating to Lighten things up
Food & Weight is such a sensitive topic. I would like to lighten up the mood a bit helping people with their weight loss goals. Remember that when you have a bad day, where you have reverted back to your old habits-don't beat yourself up - that is the worst for us! Remember that you are human & it's normal to go back to old habits-stop right there & get back to your new habits! I am here for you!


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