Ravena & The Resurrected

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There are books about breaking bread and Sabbath-breaking. Then there's Ravena & The Resurrected, where all Hell breaks loose. Vampires are real. Ravena knows it no matter what her coworkers believe. When she turns vampire, her new existence is not all it was cracked up to be. Always fleeing a motivated enemy, she meets ancient beings and when they provide guidance it's not always done truthfully. More
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About Tami Jackson

Tami Jayne Jackson earned her bachelor’s degree in communications (with a minor in English) from Washington State University. That’s where she also competed for and earned an Emmy Award for her writing. She has sold many trade and specialty magazine articles, has written as a news correspondent for local newspapers, and worked as public relations writer/editor in marketing. Ravena and The Resurrected is her very first book. It’s also the first novel in “The Resurrected Series.”

Many of the ideas for chapter 34 came from the family interactions that Tami observed or participated in while growing up. She is the fifth child born to a family of seven siblings. Since then, Tami has raised three children. More information on the author can be found at: RevampShebang.com (where you may also find vampire comics). To contact the author send an email to RevampShebang@gmail.com.

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Ravena & The Resurrected (R&R) Book Trailer
Ravena & The Resurrected (R&R) features a likable but awkward young woman who follows her dreams for meeting vampires. When she becomes resurrected, Ravena learns being vampire is very different from what she had imagined. R&R takes the reader on a wild adventure as Ravena continually escapes a most motivated enemy & evolves into a wiser version of self. More at http://SunTigerMOJO.com

Reviews of Ravena & The Resurrected by Tami Jackson

Angela Macy reviewed on Oct. 14, 2018

The story was a journey. Had nice insight into a vampire world. The read was personal and informative. The construction of the story was direct. Needed more room for the imagination to create the scene and or characters. The descriptions were to the point.
(reviewed 27 days after purchase)
The Bookish Snob reviewed on April 5, 2011

Oh.My.Gosh . This book was a delight and such a wonderful surprise. The cover scared me a little at first but from the moment I met Ravena and her quirky sense of humor, I was hooked. How many of us wish for something? Dream it up in our heads, romanticizing it in every way? That’s how it was for Ravena. She wanted desperately to become a vampire, taking to chatting online with other “wannabes” while she waited for destiny to take a bite out of her. Unfortunately, fantasy doesn’t always match reality when she’s finally turned. No sexy hunk of a man to lead her into immortality. She gets a strange looking creature who flees after attacking and the only contact she gets, is his voice in her head.

Alone, dealing with the changes in her body, poor Ravena finds herself reevaluating her life. After beheading her latest feed, inebriated from alcohol laced blood, she stumbles into the very delicious Peri, who steals her heart and he tenderly takes her home. Life definitely isn’t all fun and games. There are assassins and Ravena is in serious trouble. After losing her roommate to a horrible death and living underground, she finally finds protection under the clan leader Queluh. It’s been a while since she’s seen Peri and her new friendship with Ross helps her deal with all the chaos in the her life. Ravena has a shot at being happy but when the Assassins start to close in, everything explodes in her life again. Will her brave, sassy attitude be enough to keep her focused? Is Peri who he says he is? And can friends ever be more… be lovers? Ravena definitely lives a full life and she was a real joy to read.

I really loved Ravena in this story and thought she was an incredible character. She came across so quirky at times and the thing that struck me the most was she had such a “real” quality to her. It wasn’t hard to identify with her and to understand why she did things a certain way. I totally understood her fascination with vampires and her longing to be turned by a sexy creature of the night. I felt her heart ache when it didn’t go according to plans and I wanted to jump into the book and help her through her loneliness. It seemed as though she never quite fit in wherever she was which was strange because I thought she was remarkable. She had such an off the wall sense of humor that made the book addicting and once I started, I didn’t want to stop. Being the romantic fool I am, I wanted the perfect hero for her - I wanted Ravena to be swept off her feet and cherished, ravished and adored. There were definitely a few guys with potential throughout the story but I will say.. I love who she ended up giving her heart to. He made me sigh and sigh and SIGH! For a book that wasn’t strictly romance, it definitely had its swoon moments.

I would definitely recommend this book to those who love the paranormal, who have the secret longing for immortality as a vampire and love stories focused on characters with heart. RAVENA AND THE RESURRECTED will touch you and make you giggle, making it a fun reading experience. Happy reading!
(reviewed 42 days after purchase)
Mary Peterson reviewed on March 28, 2011

Ravena & The Resurrected takes you on an exciting journey of getting what you’ve always wanted then finding out it isn’t exactly like you had anticipated. I truly enjoyed this story. This was my first e-book ever, the paragraph notations were something new for me but I quickly discovered that it made it much easier to find my place. I did try the hyperlinks a few times and was pleased with the extensive information I was able to find there but getting back to the book for me seemed to be a challenge (again my first e-book experience). I didn’t want to leave the story to explore the hyperlinks too often, but knowing that I could go back and check out all the cool stuff once finished with the story was nice too.
I stayed up late nearly every evening, reading the adventures of Ravena Doomlah as she experienced a Seattle few mortals get the chance too. The detail the author, Tami Jackson, weaves throughout the fabric of this tale adds great texture; the wonderful imagery tantalizes all the senses. When I had to put the book down for sleep, work, that kind of thing, I found myself very anxious to get back to the story so I could find out what next awaited Ravena and her companions. The development of the relationships that Ravena experiences was unexpected, funny and enjoyable to watch unfold. The subtle and not so subtle twists in her chronicle were a wonderful blend of amusing, exciting, startling and sometimes all too human encounters in a non-human world.
Tami Jackson is an author to keep your eye on. I am greatly looking forward to her next book.
(reviewed 53 days after purchase)
Heather Dunbar reviewed on March 7, 2011

There is much to love about Ravena & the Resurrected.

However a few notes should be made about the formatting of the books. It can take awhile to get used to the paragraph numbering. However, it’s a useful tool to find your bookmark when you’re reading it. It distracted my ‘flow of reading’ for the first chapter or two though. Then, I became used to it and didn’t seem to notice it. It’s probably very helpful for ebook readers.

I loved the hyperlinks. One of the newest trends in books for the juvenile and teen market is to utilize hyperlinks to help them learn more about the material. It’s a way to learn, while reading something for entertainment. This is the first time I’ve seen them in adult fiction, but I love it. These links don’t work on e-readers that don’t have internet access. It worked very well as a pdf.

Anyways, hyperlinks! I love pointing and clicking to learn more and get a feel for Ravena’s world, and what a fun world it is. Some may feel it’s a distraction, yet I could go on for pages about how this is going to become more popular and it’s worth embracing new ideas. Yet I digress and I’m pretty sure nobody wants to read 15 page papers about library technology and trends.

Ravena works as an IT guru at the Seattle Central Library (click on the links, it’s such a cool library). I worked in a central library (as a librarian) and at a helpdesk as a techie. I can tell you that author Tami Jackson’s descriptions of the workday are quite accurate. Though, if she hung out more with the librarians, she’d probably find a few kindred spirits as librarians are typically weird oddballs who like vampires and other supernatural beings. We may be gossipy, but we’re not nearly as nasty in reality as the staff at the Central Branch in Seattle *wink*.

I loved learning the history of Seattle and witnessing Ravena’s interactions with others of her kind and the rest of the hidden supernatural community of the city. I laughed and emphasized with her during her journey. I enjoyed reading how the reality of vampire life differed so much from her fantasy because that shows a wonderful development of character and growth.

Once in awhile a grammar or punctuation issue would throw me off and I would exit the ride, but I managed to jump back on and continue. For example, semicolons are something my editors said readers of non-college material didn’t get. So, I always was told to use periods or commas as appropriate. Also there was a bit of head-hopping in chapter 41 that kinda threw me off, but maybe that was the effect of cold meds.

There were instances when the author spoke of things and instances that had occurred instead of showing them ‘as they happened’ yet, they were explained in the past. It seemed a bit odd, but to each their own. It’s easy for one author to find favor with one method of storytelling over others. Yet all that really matters is that the reader can jump back into the book, and I could easily do that.

The end to the tale was satisfying and definitely has me wanting to read more of this world. I am happy to see that it is the first in a series of tales and I’m anxiously awaiting another story.
(reviewed 35 days after purchase)
Natasha Larry reviewed on Feb. 26, 2011

Ravena desperately wants to join ranks with Seattle's undead-this novel is a take of her journey from open fascination with the world of the undead to the realization of her dream coming true.

I loved reading this book for several reasons. The most obvious, and less important reason is my obsession with all things paranormal. The most important reason I loved this book is because it was just ridiculously entertaining and refreshingly original-a hard feat to pull off in the genre flooded vampire market.

I like how the novel reads like a series of journals because it puts the reader easily in the main character's shoes. I was also very impressed with the relevance this novel surprisingly has on American culture in the 21st Century. We are, after all, a nation obsessed with vampires and I was glad to read a story reflecting THAT fact.

I would read this again and think fans of vampire lore will find this a fast paced, real, and refreshing imagining of a world where fangs and mortals collide. Well done.
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)
Melissa at 1000 Plus reviewed on Jan. 31, 2011

Ravena & the Resurrected is a delightful book full of humor and plot lines that I didn't even see coming.

Ravena is this fresh out of College Library employee who is infatuated with Vampires. One day her wildest dream comes true and she is turned into the very thing she has loved for so long. Except, it wasn't the turning of her dreams and life as a Vampire isn't as glamorous as Ravena thought it to be.

Ravena is a hoot! I love her. She is so witty and humorous at times where it's not expected and she makes the book with her large personality.

This book itself was quite suprising to me because I had NO idea where this book was taking me until the last few chapters. It was quite refreshing to read a book and not know halfway through what the ending was going to be like.

And the ending itself, well.. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read it.. but it's left me wanting more. I want to know what happens next to Ravena and I'm sure you will to!
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
Kelly Gordon reviewed on Jan. 31, 2011

Raveena & The Resurected is written by a great story teller. The wonderful journey through the emotions of the mind of a human who has just been turned into a vampire is captivating. Her strategic method of working with her new life as a vampire is exhilerating and refreshing at the same time. No longer does a reader have to wonder how a vampire becomes a vampire or not be aware of the struggle of transformation. The reader will explore a lot of Seattle's history and flavor. The story teller creates wonderful twists and turns in this tale of mythical beings who try to survive their environment. Raveena Doomlah is an inspiration of survival and cunning intelligence of a vampire. This is a must read. I am looking forward to the sequel of this novel.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
Michelle Corbett reviewed on Jan. 13, 2011

This book is sensational! Tami Jackson takes vampire pop fiction into an entirely new direction. (No sparkly vampires here!) She captures the true essence of vampire in this upbeat modern tale of vampires in Seattle. Ravena & The Resurrected spares no gory details in the bloodbath that is vampire life but it also captures the Seattle landscape in a meticulously detailed and exciting form! The adventure leaves you breathless right up to the end. This tale fits like a puzzle piece, building on older vampire mythologies. Tami Jackson is truly up there with famous modern vampire writers Darren Shan and Anne Rice. Tami paints a new portrait of the relationships between vampires and werewolves and goes into depth about the mythologies surrounding both. You will find yourself in a world of strict rules and taboos where mythical creatures roam city streets in the broad daylight trying to avoid detection. Fall into step with Ravena Doomlah as she discovers a complex community of fantastical beings, each more bizarre than the next, living right outside her front door. This unique e-book form is eco-friendly and easy to use. The numbering of lines makes it easy to find the spot where you left off, but that assumes you will be able to stop yourself from reading the whole book in one sitting! There is romance and spine-tingling, page-turning action takes place from cover to virtual cover. Tami Jackson’s style is witty and charismatic making her in line to be the next R.K. Rowling with the proper publicity! Read the book and join up on the fan-site; this is one literary event you do not want to miss!
(reviewed 33 days after purchase)
Brynna reviewed on Dec. 9, 2010

After finishing Ravena & The Resurrected last night, I can hardly wait for the next installment. From the moment I started reading, Ravena came alive with her own voice, tone and mannerisms. Ravena & The Resurrected is a very fun, quirky and enjoyable read from start to finish and filled with a medley of paranormal beings that touch both their dark and lighter sides in a very modern society. Ravena is a perfect blend of adventure, transition, comedy and intensity. A very pleasurable read!
(reviewed 20 days after purchase)
Chrissy Forrest reviewed on Nov. 22, 2010

Ravenna as a character is immediately relatable, and helps explore the subject matter in a way that is both down to earth and invigorating at the same time. Her journey through the transition from human to being a vampire who needs to rapidly go underground to escape human hunters, to integrating into a vampire coven and eventually needing to flee the city, is one that takes the reader through the emotional and action packed experience that is this novel. As an avid reader and fan of all fantasy book types, I found this book an enormously enjoyable read.
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)
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