Speak for the Dead

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A girl, alone...

In a bad part of town...

She has taken it upon herself to remind those who break the law that their actions have consequences. She is not the only one, and there are people who intend to remind her what her actions mean. What price will they ask, and will it be too high to pay? More
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Angell M. Harding is a caffeine addict from Brisbane, Australia. Her natural habitat is perched over her tablet in the nearest coffee shop or tea house, gazing into space in between furious bursts of typing.

A voracious devourer of stories, Angell enjoys books, movies, and television series of all types except romance. When she's not writing, she pours her creative energies into drawing, painting, and sculpting.


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The suburb of Crawfield is a mire of neglect, crime, and petty vandalism. Still, all is not lost, not yet. There are those who bring justice to the streets. In a place without courts or trials, the vigilantes exact swift punishments on those the law has forgotten.

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Review by: Cameron Rose on March 4, 2013 :
"Speak for the Dead" is a vigilante novel that refreshingly skips over the clichéd ethical qualms that usually plague such tales - rather than realising that such moral preening is really only an available choice for fictional characters in fictional worlds, as opposed to a real person that would be forced to live under the conditions that turn them to vigilantism in the first place.
That's not to say that interesting questions that arise from such a premise are ignored - they're not - but the usually facile ones that seem to permeate most vigilante stories are pleasingly absent.
For those perhaps not familiar with these trite “dilemmas”: if you find yourself wondering, as a vigilante, whether you’re really any better than the rapists and child molesters you find yourself putting down, you’re doing it wrong :)

Beyond that, the book is an enjoyable read, especially considering it’s a self-published, first-time foray into the world of published writing for the author. It’s also nice to see some care and effort have been put into both the editing (presumably self-edited) and layout for the eBook version; important but sadly oft-overlooked aspects of published works for self-publishers.

Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a fresh look at an old theme, especially so if you like strong, realistic female protagonists. Will be interesting to see where the author takes the story, should they decide to write a sequel.
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