Bitter Fish

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Bitter Fish is a colorful, cynical, and very real tale of one man's search for meaning. Thomas's characters are open and outspoken with their (sometimes extreme) opinions, which gives the reader plenty of room to let the ideas in and bounce around. More
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About Benjamin Thomas

Benjamin Thomas is an opportunistic predator capable of taking any animal up to the size of a water buffalo with his bare hands. Generally very lethargic a trait which helps him survive months at a time without food he typically loiters in the water or basks in the sun through much of the day, usually preferring to watch television at night. He is, however, capable of moving with great speed when required, striking without warning and having the strength to rip open a bag of chips with its teeth, or crush a empty beer can against his skull.

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Review by: John Tyson on Feb. 26, 2018 :
This adventure in the life of Benjamin is an amazing trip into one mans search for meaning and testing fate. He has had some dangerous events that tested his will to live and found that he in fact wants to keep on seeing what is next. Tom T.
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Review by: P Wohldmann on Aug. 3, 2013 :
"Beneath the clouds is the Earth-Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and men."
-Algonquin Legend from New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology, R. Graves; Crown Publishers, 1987, p.422

Written in a natural, easygoing style, Bitter Fish offers a free-spoken glimpse into Benjamin's painfully honest quest for happiness as he struggles to come to terms with deep feelings of betrayal, loss and loneliness. The reader is skillfully drawn into his journey via a collection of shared (mis)adventures, harsh yet humorous barroom philosophies, and moody contemplations that ultimately reveals a path to freedom from the rat race and hopeful rebirth in the arms of Mother Nature.

I eagerly devoured every word, and look forward to the adventure(s) ahead. Safe journey, friend.
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Review by: Michelle K on Feb. 26, 2013 :
The first few pages left me with a feeling of forced intimacy and it lacks any connection to the overall flow of the rest of the story. A Few of the awkwardly placed revelations are never addressed further in the story. I would have liked to have seen some loose ends brought together and tied nicely in a knot….but as with real life….things rarely come together in perfectly knotted forms.
Overall this was a great story! The ebb and flow of his life, how it was written reflects that of a river float. It flowed nicely-bringing to life thoughts we have all had in our own heads. The story has a wonderful balance between dialogue, activity, and inner reflection. The main character is refreshingly human and very likeable.
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Review by: nancy smith on Feb. 11, 2013 :
I liked the rawness of Bitter Fish. Ben portrays his life in the true grit of mother nature and paralles his own experiences in the same true grit.

I would also call it adventurous! Looking forward to the sequel!
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Review by: Angela Frankenhauser on Feb. 9, 2013 :
Bitter Fish is a wonderful story full of the essence of what life is like in the modern day world today.Somewhere along the way we all forgot how to connect with nature this book helps you feel like you are there in nature, It also brings you back to a place that is untouched by man a place where everyone wants to be and it invites you to go out and be in nature and it gives you a great sense of what it like to be in nature and live close to nature in todays world. What you could encounter when you do and what one should be ready for in the missouri hills and valleys and caves and at the same time you feel the connection to the earth and all the seasons and and you feel as if you are there exploring with his Chaacters in nature today It is a different world we live in today. We all Have this very same dream to live simple free of debt and to be free from everyday worries ,this story has it all . Everyone should read this book
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