It's All About Trust

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Book two of the Hollow Log stories. The Dawson family gets a dog and a cat but things happen to this dysfunctional family after the dog gets a bit smart for his own good. Oscar, the dog, is telling this tale of his mission to save the world, or so he thinks. Just whom does Oscar trust when on his mission to save the world from the chaos humans created. More
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About A R Dent

A.R. Dent was born in 1945 in Sydney and lived at a beach side suburb. After a turbulent/quiet contrasting early life A.R. Dent then spent time travelling before settling down for a business and professional life.
'Been there - done that' about sums up his life.
A Professional Artist and now also including his love of writing and poetry into his life.
In writing To Kill a Bunyip I had a plan. Write the book more stupid than Ocker Oscar (that was a challenge).
I now have another plan; write each book more stupid than the last book.
The single goal of A R Dent is to create original stories that entertain.
I am not writing books. I am not an author. I am now a storyteller. I have a present 'work-in-progress' to follow after To Kill a Bunyip and experimenting with other stories to find my true 'author's voice' which is there but I need to fine tune it specifically for storytelling. Short stories and Novellas are my aim to entertain through the written word.
All books/stories are related to me...... Ocker Oscar and To Kill a Bunyip were written from my experiences in my life. All stories will have a theme or plot that is connected somehow to my life. My intent is to write, using satire, in a way that people see history as a continuum that changes but remains constant. Fiction, facts, and lies.
My next book is - The People of Null (title may change). Details of the progress are posted on A R Dent Facebook page.

The Justice of Null is the core to Hollow Log Stories. My writing style has changed somewhat but satire remains as the main theme within my writings. Ocker Oscar is connected to To Kill a Bunyip though the Dawson family and the twins. These two books are present day. The Justice of Null focuses on 1857 when Terrence Null was told he was to be a Justice of the Peace. The Justice of Null is the book that Hollow Log Stories draws its characters and stories. The People of Null is in concept stage and being researched and developed. The People of Null is back in real time in the village of Null when a psychiatrist goes to Null for retirement. *Waiting for god* in a retirement village and being told to fit into society. This concept has me laughing as I write the precis and develop a story around this theme.

About the Series: Hollow Log Stories
The Justice of Null is written circa 1857 an an alternative history of Australia before Queensland became a state. Terrence Null, as a fictional character is where it all started in regard Hollow Log Stories. In regard Null, the village of Null, where nothing happens, no such place exists except in your imagination.

To Kill a Bunyip and Ocker Oscar are about descendants of Terrence Null. The three books are written as stand alone but are interrelated through Terrence Null.

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Review by: Candice Simpson on June 3, 2013 :
Well hello everyone! I'm James and I am 12 years old. Reading is my hobby!

I was finally able to unleash my reading frenzy on this amazingly fun tale.
Ocker Oscar: What Happened Down Under,
written by the talented A.R. Dent.

In this comical adventure we learn about Oscar and his adventures in
learning to live with his new family, the things he needs to know
in life (really farting in the bathtub is the greatest laughable moment EVER),
and the fun to be had! Its awesome the connection to cat. Oscar is left to
explore what is going on, and has to learn some things about the world,
like dealing with the mom, and loving Jack.

As you read this book remember Oscar is the author,
it will help things flow.

This is certainly an adventure I enjoyed, and I hope to share
it with my brothers in the future. Most laughable moment of course,

A great book I could read again, relate to, and share.
Fun, perfect for other kids my age,
and lots of adventures with Oscar.
Looking forward to more in the future!

Easily 5 stars.
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(reviewed 37 days after purchase)
Review by: Ruth Remington on Feb. 12, 2013 :
Ocker Oscar intrigued me from the very start. How was he ever going to "fit in" to his new family with all his puppy mistakes and puppy attitude? I wondered, will he ever grow up?

This story written from Oscar's point of view took me into realms I did not expect with amazing adventures involving - well you will soon find out! I won't spoil the surprise. It brought out the delight of the inner child in me.

So fasten your seat belts and hold onto your hats! You are in for chuckles, dramas and all kinds of emotions. And to think this is just the beginning of a series of "Hollow Log" stories! Myth and Fantasy story telling at its best.

The realm of Myth and Fantasy used by this author will greatly affect my own future writing as an author. So very effective in every way, captivating the imagination of the reader.

Fun, imaginative, out of sight reading for any age. I can hardly wait to read the next one written by this author, A. R. Dent.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: Jo-Anna Katts on Feb. 10, 2013 :
I read this novel with great anticipation. I'm a big fan of animal stories. But this one really caught me unawares.

A. R. Dent relates his story through the eyes of his canine friend, and not through the author's observance.

A truly adorable, amazing and humourous storyline, which will enthuse and delight children and adults alike.

Download 'OCKER OSCAR' now to your library before the FREE option is removed. Either way (free or paid for), this novel is worth its price in gold and I predict a movie deal.

So move over MARADUKE - OCKER OSCAR is out, and about, and sniffing his way to stardom!
(review of free book)
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