The Fate of Humanity

Time itself is a constant, drifting forward at a steady pace. Man fights to survive during its brief existence in Time, trying to keep up with Time's incessant progression. Though when Man attempts to outrun Time, might it in essence be condemning itself to an unending cycle of war, death, greed, and suffering? This is the question faced by the one who takes the first stride in outrunning time. More
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About Alex Pennington

My name is Alex Pennington, and in August of 2012 I published my first book, The War Across the Stars. I'm 19 years old and a Freshman at Wichita State University, in Wichita, Kansas. I've been interested in writing and story-telling since I was very young, and as a result attempted to write a book in 6th grade. Eventually I realized it wasn't very good and set it aside. On 27 August of my 8th grade year I was inspired to give it another try. Having been inspired in great part by a sci-fi novel by Eric Nylund, I opted for a Science Fiction tale as opposed to the original fantasy story. This product, hand-written in my little orange folder eventually grew into a serious project. I started having aspirations of actual publication, and kept up steady work on the project. Being as I didn't know how to type, my grandfather kindly offered to type what I would write, and thus I sent him photo-copied pages of the story as I went along. He would often say he'd get caught up in the story and forget he was trying to get everything typed. By my Freshman year I had learned to type and was provided a school laptop that I used to continue the story digitally. Years ticked by and I never stopped working on it. I never gave up on the growing story. I knew I wanted to be published someday, preferably before starting college. Toward the middle of my senior year I created an outline, the first one for the otherwise organically created story, and suddenly burst forth with a solid 90 pages of additional content by the end of the year. Excitedly I proclaimed to teachers and students alike who had kept up with my book, and some who had even purchased PDF copies for 5 dollars. The quest for a publisher ensued, and my grandfather knew an author who recommended Amazon's Create-Space. After having seen a few other publishers who I had opted to avoid, I felt I'd found the write one with Create-Space. It wasn't long after that that the big day came and I had finally accomplished my dream. The book sold big to family and friends, though as its newness settles out, so too do sales, as so much as a single sale excites me anymore. In honesty though, it always has. The ability to share my story with even just one more person.

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