Colour in Winter - No Time to be Lost

A woman’s decision to downsize her lifestyle to pursue a childhood dream is unexpectedly hijacked by a later in life pregnancy. Torn between her needs and those of the unborn child, her response to her predicament not only threatens to tear apart her family but also catapults her into a road journey through the centre of Australia with the last man on earth she would have chosen to accompany. More

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About Halliday Smith

This Sydney-based writer has authored a number of non-fiction publications on Australian natural and cultural heritage themes as part of her work for the local, state and federal government sectors.

Over her professional career she has worked as a researcher, writer, natural and cultural heritage interpreter, science communicator, exhibition and audiovisual developer and document specialist.

When it comes to works of fiction, including her latest book, 'Colour in Winter - No time to be lost', she writes under the pen name Halliday Smith to avoid confusion with a previously published author who shares her name.

The author loves going bush, especially to 'far out' Australian localities including north-western NSW, the far north of South Australia and Central Australia.

In her spare time, she researches overlooked aspects of Australian history and creates contemporary Australian landscapes on a WACOM tablet, drawing inspiration from Australia's evocative and scenic wide open landscapes.


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