The Faith of Angels

A billion people vanish—O Armageddon! Yet one must learn the Secrets of the Ages. Guided by a Holy Angel, missionary pilot RW flies in a dream-sphere of an ancient God fearing dragon. His amazement grows level by level as the world he thought he knew crumbles. Simultaneously, the Angel deftly unravels humanities hidden secrets. But will RW unravel a secret that has mystified angels forever?
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Why write The Faith of Angels?
To me it's the greatest story begging to be told. As a matter of fact, it still is, because The Faith of Angels is only part one of Christ's Millennium Reign.

Why do you call it the greatest story begging to be told?
The first 9 or 10 verses of Revelation 20 covers the extent of humanities progress into the future. When you bring to that equation some of the other things God tells us, the solution quickly becomes extremely fascinating.

What kind of things?
For instance, the City of God, called New Jerusalem, which God will bring to earth, is staggeringly tall. Like 1,500 miles tall. That poses a lot of questions. 1% of that City's height is 80,000 feet. If you look out a window at that altitude in the daytime, the sky is black. In other words, practically 99% of that City will sit in outer-space. If you want to split hairs, take it to the height of the X-prize, 100 kilometers. Then still more than 95% of this City sits in outer-space. The question it begs is why? Why would God bring his City to earth where approximately 98% of it will look out on the greater universe? Just to tantalize us? I doubt it. God gave humanity curiosity for a good reason. That God's city will sit mostly in outer space is a positive indicator we will be involved with that greater universe.

Are there other indicators God wants mankind to be involved in the greater universe?
Sure. In Isaiah 45:18, the Lord states he made the heavens, the universe that is, to be inhabited. Combine that with the fact that looking out from about 98% of New Jerusalem, the universe will be visible. Put those two facts together and it's practically a given that Father God will give mankind the keys to the stars.

What do you mean, 'the keys to the stars'?
Giving mankind the keys to the stars simply means Our Father will give mankind the ability to travel into that greater universe. We'll be going to other solar systems via FTL travel because God said in Isaiah 45:18 He made the "heavens" to be inhabited. Since FTL travel is impossible for us, for all intents and purposes it's a foregone conclusion God will provide it. There's an important reason for him to do that, too. During the Millennium Reign of Revelation 20, Christ rules the earth. Verse 8&9 tells of a rebellion against God, while he dwells on earth! That's just preposterous.

Why preposterous?
Mankind rebelling against God from 'earth' is preposterous for many reasons. The first is because the spirit of the Lord will cover the earth with the knowledge of the Lord. That's Isaiah 11:9. The verse also states they shall not hurt or destroy. But think about it--criminals wait for over-powering force to leave to commit wrong. That was Cain's M.O. and it's the same for all who work the works of the Devil. Therefore, since the Spirit of the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth and none shall hurt or destroy, the rebellion must come from outer-space. Put man outside the direct presence of the Lord and evil will come.
Another indicator is Revelation 20:9 says the rebellion covers the width of the earth. You know those geographic maps of the earth where they show all the continents? That's literally the width of the earth. But the same verse says they also surround the camp of the saints! The only place there is a 'Battlefield' as big as the width of the earth while simultaneously surrounding the camp of the saints and the beloved city is directly above Jerusalem, in outer-space.
So, give mankind the keys to the stars and it puts mankind on their own recognizance where the devil can once again deceive mankind into rebellion. They will be outside the direct presence of the Lord and have the technology to cover an area the width of the earth (by being in outer-space) at the same time as surrounding the camp of the saints and Jerusalem.

Are there other indicators God will upgrade our technology?
Yup. Remember, everything we have invented first came from God. He 'balanced' the laws of nature so that things like steam, electricity, internal combustion, flight . . . everything has been 'aligned' so that we could find and invent these things. With that in mind, what do you think will happen during the Millennium Reign, as all nations bring their offerings to Jerusalem? Can you picture diesel-electric locomotives belching fumes hauling freight into Jerusalem, while Christ reigns on the throne there? I can't. That's preposterous too. The God that created our bodies out of cells so intricate that one-trillion irreducibly complex machines make up every cell in our bodies . . . he will also upgrade our technology. You can bet on it.

Sounds like there's more to come.
A lot more. Humanity will be launched into the greater universe by the technology Christ brings when he returns. You can count on it. That's book 2.

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