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Intoxicated is a full length novel that follows Lauren Jefferies as she deals with the ramifications of accepting a promotion that requires her to move two hours away from her longterm boyfriend, Eric. As their relationship falters, her new roommate's brother, Matthew, is there to pick up the pieces, leaving Lauren to wonder what, and who, she really wants. More
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About Alicia Renee Kline

Alicia Renee Kline has been writing for as long as she can remember. Her work has evolved from scrawling story ideas in spiral notebooks in loopy, middle school handwriting (complete with scribbles) to more professional looking fare via her laptop. She is eternally grateful for the "delete" key, so that no one can tell that she doesn't get everything right the first time.

She resides in Northeastern Indiana with her husband, two daughters, two cats and two hamsters. When she isn't being an author, she works full time in the insurance industry.

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Reviews of Intoxicated by Alicia Renee Kline

KnottyMarie reviewed on Oct. 23, 2017

Lauren has just received the promotion she has worked so hard to achieve. The problem - she must move two hours away from home. Lauren is ready for this big change in her life. Eric, her boyfriend of ten years, is less than supportive.

Lauren finds a room to rent in her new location. Blake is an interior designer. Blake’s brother, Matthew lives not far from her. He is often at her home. Blake and Matthew had been disowned by their parents years ago. They rely on each other for moral support. Lauren gets along with both of them. It’s not long before she falls for Matthew.

Eric keeps begging Lauren to come home, yet he never says the right words. Matthew picks up the mess that Eric has left in Lauren’s life.

I enjoyed the characters. They are well-developed. Their personalities shine through with the author’s writing. I didn’t want the book to end where it ended. The cliffhanger has me eager to start the next book in the series. I need to be back into the lives of these characters.

The book is great for those who enjoy a wholesome romance. Young Adult readers will enjoy it, too. I highly recommend this book.
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Samuel Alexander reviewed on Jan. 29, 2014

Three angles, none of equal size all adds up to... Intoxicated, otherwise know as a scalene. But Love triangles aside this was a very fun read. I might be a little biased because chick lit is always steamy fun. Erotica is okay, but when steam is funny it's just so much more exciting. As far as chick lit goes this book hits all the good points. The humour is spot on. The sexual tension, oozing through the pages. Shortage of hot men, of course not. Heroine who is woefully unaware of her own beauty and assumes all her friends are infinitely hotter than she... yes. And did i mention the men are tall. Quadruple yes. Anything above six foot two gets mega bonus points as far as I'm concerned. But enough about the steaminess lets get to the plot.

The one thing that I love about this triangle is that it extends beyond the triangle. Usually these books are told through the eye of the heroine but this book does an excellent job of making her friends roles much more prevalent in the tale. As in real life sometimes every ones individual story intertwines somehow. Coincidence, maybe, but it does happen. This novel does a very good job of using the situations of the friends to affect the dilemma of the heroine.

It's nice that the idiot boyfriend, Eric, is just stupid by way of neglect and there isn't anything majorly glaring about him, and on the reverse side it's also nice that the third, Mathew, isn't some mega player and actually has depth, and serious internal baggage. It's not the old, falling for the ladies man leaving the boyfriend who drastically treats the girl like shit combo which is good. These men are actually a bit more believable and not the over hyped up fantasy novel extremes of what they could be.

Most of the humour seems to stem when things get a little bit flirty which is just how I like it in these kinds of novels. Regardless of all the drama chick lits are light, fun, and very feel good and this tale doesn't disappoint on any of these levels. Another great thing is that the lead character Lauren, and her roommate are both starting new phases in their lives so instead of it just being about her journey forward it's about their journey forward. And I have to admit my favourite character is the one who gets the least amount of page time. Lauren's best friend. She is just hilarious.

Even though Eric is a complete and total idiot, what I liked about him was that he was tall dark and handsome. As in not blonde and blue eyed, and he was more lean and sexy instead of buffed and sexy. Tall blonde and big slice of man beef isn't the only type of sexy. That being said, Matthew did not spend nearly enough time topless in the hot tub. But I digress.

The story had good flow. Moved at an almost steady pace, in some points it seemed like the character was intentionally coming up with reasons to avoid the inevitable instead of the drama just happening. And as an artist I'm super psyched to see an interior designer as a main character. If you're going to have a love triangle it might as well be in a top of the line double oven kitchen. Why settle for anything less. And a character who loves to cook. Food is the way to a mans soul after all. Even in a book.

All in all, this was a nice fun, light read that came to a rather heightened end. If your like good humour, which always had perfect timing, a good hefty bit of drama, a loser boyfriend and an infinitely sexy thing on the side, well you'd be a fool not to pick up this novel.
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