Sanity Siphoned

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It starts as a cliché neither party wants to be involved in. Michael’s favorite pass time is torturing Julienne, when their mothers become friends Julienne doesn't cope well having him close. He decides to use a new tactic to get under her skin and finds an attraction he never deemed possible. Julienne has to hit rock bottom in order to rebuild and stand up for herself, finally.
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About Isabelle Arocho

Hello everyone, as a self-published author I like to talk to you in my own words so here we go, here's my story:

I used to avoid everything pertaining to reading and writing in school because it was never my strong suit. But then something happened when I was fourteen years old, and I found I had a deep passion for telling stories. As far back as I can remember, I would always create stories in my head and call them my made up movies. These are the movies I make into books today.

I shied away from telling anyone about my passion for telling stories and kept it to myself for a long time. I learned from reading book after book how to write a proper novel and found the confidence to share my work, first on online communities and now with the world.

In 2012 I have decided to take the leap into self-publishing. I write and edit all my work myself, no excuses, but if you see any mistakes I apologize.

A little bit more about me…

My name is Isabelle Arocho, I’m of Hispanic descent. I grew up in Perth Amboy NJ and now live somewhere in the sticks of FL. I am a woman, sister, daughter. I have a passion for rock music, tons of TV shows, and of course reading when I’m not trying to create my own masterpiece.

I write all types of genres including mystery, fantasy, suspense, romance, paranormal, and cop procedurals. I'm always striving to get better and I hope you enjoy my work enough to stick with me on this journey. I have hundreds of characters in my head always in a scene crawling to get free onto paper. I'm grateful for writing because without it I'd just be a crazy nut who talks to herself.

I have a few books out now in both Ebook and paperback format. I’m working on several different of ideas to be released soon in all those genres I mentioned above. Visit my personal website,, for more information.

PS: Don't forget to review and let me know what you thought about the book you read. I love hearing from you and it helps to know what you think.

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Reviews of Sanity Siphoned by Isabelle Arocho

mayna saunders reviewed on Oct. 19, 2015

This was a good book dealing with real issues. Thank you for sharing your work. I would like to read more of these characters.
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VInoshni Govender reviewed on Nov. 17, 2014

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!! not only are the characters amazing and the storyline constructive but the emotional pull is crazy!! i'm obsessed with it and i think i've read it more than twenty times because i just cant't get enough of the story. Thank You for sharing this story with everyone, i'm a MAJOR FAN!!!
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Stormswift reviewed on Nov. 4, 2013

Well written story with realistic themes. Severe emotional and physical abuse at the hands of a cruel bully; self harming; subsequent sexual relationship with said bully (a type of Stockholm syndrome!); underage and unprotected sex (luckily heroine was not impregnated); attempted suicide. Even the heroine admits that it’s weird for her to be attracted to the bully.
Julienne has been emotionally and physically abused by Michael for two years in guise of “bullying” at school. Their mothers become friends and Michael insults Julienne in her own home. She’s so upset that she cuts herself. Michael later feels physically attracted to her and starts exerting sexual pressure upon her. She’s so emotionally starved that she fails to recognise another form of control being exercised over her.
He declares that he’s in love with her yet he fails to make their relationship public and fails to provide her with the emotional support she needs – she’s essentially his booty call. He doesn’t even visit her in the psychiatric facility after her attempted suicide.
I think that her HEA with Michael was unbelievable and frankly scary (since realistically it’s like a woman remaining with an abusive partner after he promises that he’s changed). The only bright threads that I could discern in this book were her sincere friendship with Nick Sheldon (a lifeline that Julienne needs) and the fact that she receives the psychiatric care she so desperately needs.
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alex ruso reviewed on Oct. 16, 2013

amazing. loved reading this. the characters felt so real. it even made me cry. i totally recommend it.
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Yenny D. reviewed on March 11, 2013

Truly excellent read. Heartwarming and touching - a great story about a complicated teenage romance that never feels too young or unrealistic. Highly recommend!
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nanette brumfield reviewed on March 5, 2013

totally awesome book!!! really touching story :)
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NIHARIKA BAKHSHI reviewed on March 5, 2013

Just fabulous. :)
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Jessica Franklin reviewed on March 4, 2013

Loved this story!!! Written very well and it was quite easy to lose yourself in the characters. Quite intrigued about Nick towards the end? Shane? Hmmm. Would love to see more :)
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hrhsophia reviewed on March 3, 2013

Great story, spared no punches in dealing with actual teenage life and love.
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