Glass Dawn - The Adventures of PopNjay

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A story about 3 cyborgs and their creator, Dr Charles Silane, who save the Earth from nuclear war in spite of their disabilities. This story is the basis of an animation. More

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About Randy Stahla

I am a musician, videographer, animator, and writer. I have released 4 CDs, and they are all on iTunes and (just search for Randy Stahla). My most recent videos are on YouTube on my channel - Star3TV - and will soon be featured on my newest website / blog, ... My music is on under my name as well. I am publishing the manuscript (story) upon which my animation is based here on Smashwords. You can watch the introduction to my animation here: - thanks for your interest!

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Glass Dawn - The Adventures of PopNjay Intro Video
This video contains sequences from the animation, as well as still pictures and other features explaining what the story is about. Footage of atomic bomb testing is courtesy of the National Archives; from Star3TV on YouTube.


Julie D. S. reviewed on April 15, 2013

This is a phenomenal science fiction book! I have always been a huge science fiction fan and it honestly can be really hard to find quality books in this genre. Glass Dawn was a fantastic read because not only did it have an interesting, well though-out plot, but it had spectacular animation to go along with it. I was thoroughly impressed with the visual support that these graphics added to the book.
The book’s story is all about 3 cyborgs and their creator, Dr Silane, who all live on a planet called Teralon. Their adventures are fast-paced and exciting throughout the entire story. There are elements of danger, happiness, achievement and struggle that you would expect to find in a robust sci-fi plot, accompanied by well-developed characters. All of their escapades eventually lead them to save the entire world from nuclear war and be deemed as heroes by those on Earth.
As aforementioned, the thing that I personally found unique and valuable with this book is the animations. There has been some brilliant work beyond the creation of the story’s plot line in developing visual support in the forms of graphics and film. See this link to watch the promotional or sneak peak style video I found on Stahla’s Youtube page: Stahla succeeds in capturing his audience by not only providing them with an interesting, action-packed story, but by showcasing his unbelievable talent in the development of video and graphic animation, as well as unique music, to accompany the story line.
I love the fact that Stahla has produced a website and Youtube channel (see and to really put together a comprehensive package for his readers. On his website, there is more stellar graphic design work, interactive elements to learn more about the story, a quick book summary, and more. On Stahla’s supporting Youtube page, there are numerous videos that further showcase his immense abilities in graphic design and animation.
Overall, I am thrilled that I chose to read this book. I found the planet of Teralon captivated me and left me wanting to learn more about this revolutionary universe. The animations were a hugely impactful addition that is unique to Glass Dawn and I can only hope to see more of this in the future! This story would be an outstanding candidate for development in to a film or TV show.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Paula Thompson reviewed on April 10, 2013

This story was very fun and entertaining. The writing style is very fun and light but the story also drew me into the story of the survival of beings after a nuclear war. This story was written as a basis for an animation so it was unlike most books that I have read. The heroes of the story were very well developed and engaging and their stories were outlined well in the beginning of the book. I think that this sort of writing style makes it more of a challenge for the author to develop the characters but this author did a great job. The author also had a real talent for guiding me to suspend reality and I really felt like a part of this science fiction story. If you enjoy science fiction, I would recommend this fun yet deep story.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
Kate M reviewed on March 29, 2013

Randy Stahla has an absolutely amazing imagination! He has created a futuristic universe and when you read this book, with the amount of detail he goes into describing all the new technology, you will think he knows something that we don't! There are unexpected twists and the story keeps you in suspense throughout. The characters are constantly faced with problems and they continue to solve them with ingenious methods. This story touches on some very real life issues, from issues faced by individual humans, to issues we currently face as a planet. This book is filled with humour, sadness and ingenuity. There are also some really nice illustrations that help you to visualise his universe that he creates. You will get lost in there adventure. This is a must read for both children and adults.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Suzie Kauffman reviewed on March 20, 2013

Glass Dawn - The Adventures of PopNJay - An Exciting Space Adventure.

Even before I start talking about how amazing the book was, I would take this chance to salute the writer, Randy Stahla, who is a talented musician, videographer, animator and writer but had never produced a book before. As far as I’ve known about him, his first venture into the world of literature was based on his animated story seen on Star3TV, the television channel on You Tube. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not seen the video as the book stands alone and will appeal to anyone who loves time travel and space.

The story starts in the City of Noxla on Planet Teralon and centers on the Government's Head of technology and research Dr Silane who creates three cyborgs Jay, Mac and Jack. They are always getting into trouble and are constantly running away from the Planet's Chief of Police Dr Domain. But they remain loyal to their creator who becomes unpopular when he tries to stop a new Government being formed called SPIKE after its head Jinsay Spike. When another of his cyborgs Captain Black steals a military space craft Spike sees the opportunity to get rid of his enemy for good.

Spike and Captain Black are colluding to destroy Teralon in a nuclear war before moving on to other planets so they plan to frame Silane for the theft of the spaceship and make him take the punishment for the crime he did not commit. Terrified for his life Silane plans to escape to earth and his three loyal cyborgs promise to follow him. Silane flies a spaceship through time and space to reach earth and when Jay, Mac and Jac join him the four become unexpected heroes when they save the earth from destruction in a surprise ending to the book.

This is an exciting adventure story in the same mode as the worldwide sci-fi television series Dr Who and it will appeal to adults and children alike.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
george papas reviewed on March 16, 2013

Perfect Story. I am really amazed!

Glass Dawn – The Adventures of PopNjay is not just another eBook. It’s a unique story that makes the reader enter a whole new, fascinating world. It’s well-written and the story is ready to present you the adventures the three protagonists, Jay, Mac, and Jac and also their creator Dr Charles Silane.
The set takes place in the imaginary city of Noxla and the planet of Teralon. The author, Randy Stahla does a terrific job describing those places with detail and gives the reader the impression that he lives there as he reads through the eBook. The plot is radically unfolded and it’s really amazing how the reader can see a whole new universe being constructed in front of his eyes. The detailed descriptions really inspire the reader. The drama really picks up as SPIKE command, a military government plans to take over the planet of Teralon, exploit its resources and finally destroy it. With Dr Silane The suspense is in a high level and together with the twists of the story will keep the reader’s interest as the plot is leading the action to earth in an effort to save the planet.
Glass Dawn – The Adventures of PopNjay is an outstanding eBook that shouldn’t be missed. Its avant-garde plot and the terrific background set make it really specia. It has all the elements that can lift it to the Top-Seller category and that’s why it’s highly recommended to any reader who wants to spend a joyful some time reading
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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