The Corps 2081

This is a future we all fear and sense is coming. Global warming and its consequences on real people, rich and poor, free and enslaved, are all on full display. It is a terrifying and deeply moving journey. The Corps 2081 is a window on a world already announcing itself with climatic fury. More

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About Larry C. White

Larry C. White was born in the city of Detroit, sometime before it became Motown. He spent much of his childhood reading science fiction books at the public library and daydreaming. He loved tall trees and lakes to swim in and still does. As a child he saw Lake Michigan frozen to the horizon, but he didn't smell the salt sea until he was 18 and that was at Coney Island.
He had a pretty good public school education, and some inspiring teachers at Wayne State University, especially in history, which he still loves to read. Recreating the past seemed to him more of an art than a science and he came to believe that truth is more likely found in fiction than in fact. Later experience in journalism confirmed that belief. He knows that this doesn’t apply to the hard sciences, which he respects but does not understand. Numbers confound him.
The day he arrived in San Francisco, age 21, he fell in love with it and with California. How could one place have so much and another so little, he wondered, and felt it was yet another instance of life’s inherent unfairness. But there it was.
He believed in the psychedelic 60s that the Aquarian Age was dawning, but then, when he realized it was being postponed, he became a lawyer. He wrote and published two non-fiction books in the 80s, both of which were intended to help make the world a better place. Who knows if they did?
A late bloomer, White has finally written his first novel, a prophecy that he sincerely hopes will never come true. He is certain that global warming and the consequent change in Earth's climate is the greatest problem facing the human race—and he suspects that the rich people funding the climate deniers know it too. He is glad that the graphic word "plutocrat" has come back into circulation

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