Coming Home (Dicky's Story)

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They say when God closes a door, He opens a window, so what do you do when the ceiling comes crashing down on you?

This inspirational story of a secular man's faith walk is improved by the fact it's wrapped around a heart-warmingly sweet, side-splittingly funny love story. The Romantic Comedy outshines the faith walk at times, but isn't our love for each other a gift from the Almighty? More
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About Sarah R. Yoffa

Sarah R. Yoffa is a Mechanical Engineer and has been an actual Rocket Scientist but her first love is writing. She abandoned a career in IT Management to pursue a career in publishing just as the Digital Publishing Age was dawning.

Sarah was raised in a traditional Jewish home but left organized religion behind for most of her adult life. In a miraculous stroke of Divine Intervention, Sarah was led back to God and her Jewish roots by Evangelical Christians at the Faith Fellowship Church (EFCA) in central Florida. She didn’t convert but learned from them how to have a personal relationship with God. Her Jewish God.

In the late 1990s, Sarah simultaneously attended both Faith Fellowship and Chabad of the Space Coast, rediscovering what it meant to be Jewish--and sharing that knowledge through Bible study classes in both congregations! By communicating between the two, Sarah was like a “bridge” between them, translating what words cannot convey. Sarah continues to connect with believers of all faiths--and non-believers who seek answers.

Sarah made Aliyah (emigrated to Israel) in 1999, and it was the best decision she ever made! Unfortunately, the financial collapse in the wake of 9/11 necessitated her return to the U.S. Sarah’s dream is to return to The Land and retire in Arad, Israel, where she can get up to have a cup of coffee with God in the Holy Desert and write all day--except, of course, on Shabbat!

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Reviews of Coming Home (Dicky's Story) by Sarah R. Yoffa

Irene MacBain reviewed on Dec. 6, 2013

With light-hearted humour throughout, the book opens in a post apocalyptic society, where everyone seems to live underground in a colony. Opening with the main character – Dicky – it almost immediately shows someone who has no idea who or where his real parents were. The only link he has to his true identity is an old book which he was found with around the age of 3. In some small way similar to Oliver, Dicky is taken in by thieves who teach him their craft, and it enables him to survive. Unable to read or write he believes that this book protects him somehow, as long as he looks after it. His ‘parents’ who took him in and their friends throw a surprise birthday party, but little does Dicky know this day is to change his life forever....
The Black Coats are introduced as being generally hated by everyone in the lower colonies. They preach of knowing God and have funny ways, but a night’s thieving left Dicky hungry and he went to steal food from one of the houses of the Black Coats. That night was the first night he saw her from his hiding place.
The colonies were far from perfect, and from time to time sections would cave in and have to be rebuilt. Shelters were provided for survivors, but just as the cave in had occurred the Black Coats had come in the form of a 6 year old boy called Itzick. He exchanged helping Dicky’s injured friends for help to rescue others that had come to find him after he had come down to the colonies. His purpose to find Dicky, to bring him back to the life he had never known and a woman he had only ever seen once before......
Coming Home spans just about every emotion known to man, reader beware you will laugh, cry, get frustrated, angry, indignant and more as this wonderful story of a journey full of hope, love, faith and so much more..... Dicky’s Story is one of those books that is hard to put down. It tugs at the heart strings of every basic human need – to be loved – to belong – to come home.....
(reviewed 17 days after purchase)
Trevor Veale reviewed on Dec. 13, 2012

Trevor George Before reading Coming Home (Dicky's Story), I noticed it had already garnered several five-star reviews. What's with that? I wondered. Then I started reading it and stopped wondering.
This is a stellar work of fiction. Former rocket scientist Sarah R. Yoffa has launched a moonprobe of a masterwork, with a sparkling array of characters and a storyline that rolled me along in its variegated vapor trail.
After a little hesitating at the start (after all, I don't read rom coms or faithwalk stories), I found myself increasingly excited by what the book was telling me - about myself and my fellow earth-dwellers.
What really turned me on and had me WOWing all the way to bedtime (no, not the sizzling sex scenes between Leah and Dicky, scrumptious though they are, nor the origin of Dicky's name - cute!), was the skill with which character, plot and theme are so seamlessly woven together.
It's one thing to honor Balzac's dictum for the novel: that it reflect the human condition, but to portray so vividly how we could be and should be, as the author had done, is nothing short of breathtaking.
Does the book have any flaws (other than minor editing ones)? Is the Pope a Catholic? No, don't answer that!
The inclusion of Hebrew in the dialog is not only germane to the story, but shakes us readers out of our comfort zones and gives us words to circumvent our cultural hang-ups. Isn't Yih-hoo-deem a better word than Jews and Hashem a better word than God? Our habitual words mean so many different things to different people that the use of eev-reet to purify our perceptions of people, cultures and the Source of all that we are is dope. (This book brings out the Dude in me!)
If you read Coming Home and disagree with me and all those other 5-star reviewers, then the world deserves to end on 12/21/12, or any time soon.
So buy it, read it (as many times as you can) and be of good cheer. The world will go on to greater glory - with or without a Great War in 200 years time - thanks to books like this
(reviewed 10 days after purchase)
Bonnie Hobcroft reviewed on July 29, 2012

This was a very enjoyable and inspirational love story. It is told from the point of view of Dicky, who was found as a three year old and raised in a family of thieves. Being good at stealing, picking locks and having lots of casual sex are all feats that raised Dicky's status in his community. The cultural clash between Dicky and Leah, the Heroine, a religiously observant woman, is hilarious.

Throughout the book, the Heroine, Leah and her people were speaking Hebrew and the reader gets to share the confusion that Dicky was feeling. Even though he couldn't understand them, he could tell what was going on. It is an interesting journey to watch as Dicky brings out the strong, independent woman in Leah and she encourages him to develop into the man of faith that he can choose to be.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
Unicorn Productions Books reviewed on Oct. 6, 2011

A very funny and inspirational story. I usually don't like first person narration, but this was another exception - the witty (male) protagonist captured me from the very beginning and I couldn't let the book down.
Having Jewish friends and in spite of being very bad at maths, I figured out it's set in the 23rd century - but it's a very different century from Star Trek! ;-) A post-apocalyptic Earth and those Black Coats that reminded me of A stranger among us - underground.
I recommend it to anyone who wants an uplifting love-story, regardless of his/her religion. Oh, but it's a sci-fi romance, so no hardcore sci-fi fans! ;-)
(review of free book)
Pat Price reviewed on Aug. 15, 2011

Loving this book, can't get thru it as fast as I"d like because of time restraints and other responsiblities, but hate to put it down. It's grabbed me from the moment I started it. I think about the book even when I'm not reading it! I think about the living arrangements and how awful it was and how they all made the best of it! The people have mesmerized me! So far, it's a great Love Story with adorable people and I cannot wait to finish and begin another book by this author!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Julie B. Gonzalez reviewed on April 19, 2011

Overall, I really did enjoy it! It took me forever to finish between everything going on here at home and the beginning being a bit of science fiction. At first, it was confusing, but, I figured there must have been an apocalyptic, nuclear warfare disaster that destroyed most of earth. I couldn't visualize their living arrangements. Other than that, it was a beautiful love story and I was so happy with the ending. I was angry that Dicky was taken and the way he was raised. Even though he did grow up in a loving environment.
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)
Deena Gordon reviewed on April 13, 2011

I enjoyed this from start to finish. Part of the fun was trying to answer the questions about the setting.
I was engaged from the beginning. The reader can really care what happens to the characters. The puzzle from the futuristic angle is to figure out what the apocalyptic event was and what the location is. Are we on a future Earth, or is it another planet? If it is earth, where is this location?
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
RadioTom reviewed on April 10, 2011

A great read from a new author! Highly recommended!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
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