Sold! A Romance In The Sudan

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Frightened by a crocodile on Egypt's Lake Nassar, Lilly Chamberlain jumps into a fishing boat and finds herself in even bigger trouble.

Bored in Atbara, the armpit of Africa, Hafiq is delighted to see a white woman up for sale. If he can't ransom her to her family, he will take his reward in other ways. However, Hafiq quickly finds that his treasure is not quite what he expected. More
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Review by: Cathy Geha on June 20, 2014 :
What happens to a tourist trying to escape a crocodile by throwing herself into a boat in Egypt? She might just find herself on the auction block hoping to be saved by a knight in shining armor. Lilly and Hafiq’s story is one that is multi-cultural, interesting, compassionate and shows change in both characters as they get to know one another. An interesting fun story that is definitely fiction but one that has a feel good ending that left me hoping that Lilly and Hafiq would be able to be happy together forever.

4.5 stars
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Review by: Veronica Rundell on June 05, 2014 :
Okay. So, I'll admit, I was skeptical when I read the blurb. A Englishwoman sold into sexual slavery finds love? I have read a few of Storm's short erotica stories and always loved them, so I got myself a copy and tried to keep an open mind.

Lilly is 22 and vacationing in Egypt. It was meant to be her honeymoon, but she caught her fiance cheating. She cancelled the wedding, but not the trip. Unattended on the tour, Lilly gets a mild case of malaria--and a horrible case of food poisoning. Overcome with illness, she wanders off from her group and gets turned around. Miles from her hotel, on the Nile shore, she's startled by a crocodile and dives into a boat to escape. The fishermen recognize the value in their new catch and promptly kidnap her.

Hafiq is in the marketplace in Sudan when he discovers the white woman up for rent--she's too valuable for the commoners to purchase, so they plan to sell her "favors" by the hour. Hafiq can see the girl is young and shapely, but she's clearly ill and fighting her captors with spirit. The girl reminds him of one of his father's wives--the Englishwoman he had turned out his harem to make happy. The one who raised Hafiq and taught him to read and speak English. Not her natural child, Hafiq still thinks of her as his mother. He's used to purchasing women for a month or two--a common arrangement for some wealthy men in Sudan apparently--and decides buying an Englishwoman would be a good investment. Have some fun, then ransom her back to her family. He might even turn a profit. He buys her instantly and takes her home.

Poor Lilly thinks she's been rescued. Of course, she's still too sick to be good company. In fact, Hafiq is regretting his purchase after tending Lilly for a week while she recovers. Still, he's drawn to her. She is so soft and unassuming. And, when she does recover she's so very grateful to him. It's intoxicating. He's not even put off that she has no family to pay ransom--because Lilly is the kind of gal he'd like to keep. Forever.

There's a good bit of cultural miscommunication, and some downright pigheaded decisions on Hafiq's part, but it's clear that these two make a lasting connection. I love how attentive Hafiq is, and how every time Lilly wants to "do something" to be a support to Hafiq she ends up freaking out his servants. She's not happy being "kept" even if she's happy with Hafiq. It troubles him, and that's a good thing. Both parties find what they had longed for: a partner.

It's fiction, so I can be happy with the happy ending. In real life the sex-slave trade is brutal and horrifying. We had glimpses of it here, but not enough to terrorize. As usual, the author packs in a whole lotta romance in a lunchtime-sized read. I was thrilled.
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Review by: lois thurman on June 05, 2014 :
I loved the characters of this sexy love story. Another great story by this author.
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Review by: elith on June 05, 2014 :
Story began with romantic disaster - or just disaster in general with Lilly not only being alone in Egypt but also sick and heart broken - but ended with a rescue and humor and passionate love in the Sudan. I enjoyed the story!
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Review by: melissa pollard on May 15, 2014 :
Another hit by the author!! Love this short erotic story and the characters. It does deal with slavery but it is a lighthearted read.
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Review by: Jenn Roseton on Jan. 16, 2014 :
Loved it! Great short erotic romance about two people finding love in the Sudan!
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Review by: Carol Layton on March 12, 2013 :
I read this ages ago on Kindle. I liked it then because it's very sweet but I thought it was a little too light. Funnily enough I re-read this a week or so ago and I liked it better. Must be a mood thing. Sold! is lighthearted, sexy, funny and sweet. If you want to be cheered up with a short read, try it.
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Review by: Jane Flowers on March 12, 2013 :
Sold, A Romance in the Sudan is a love story where the couple meets as he purchases her at a slave auction. Lilly was on her honeymoon alone after the groom left her. The story includes a close encounter with a crocodile, abduction, being sick with malaria, a rescue and ends with a HEA ending for the couple. The story has a few erotic scenes laced with humor, the differences in culture and how they work to come to terms with their love for a great story that I enjoyed and recommend to anyone looking for a good love story with some spice.
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Review by: Ruby Jewlz on March 12, 2013 :
Nothing particularly romantic or entertaining about slavery. Still, the tone is light and the ending happy.
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Review by: hrhsophia on March 11, 2013 :
Very light, well not really considering the whole modern day slave trade angle, but still a sweet old-fashioned romance. Well not really as there is plenty of pre-marital sex! But still thoroughly enjoyable.
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Review by: Alice Huang on March 11, 2013 :
Read this on Kindle a while ago. Short, good fun read. Lighthearted; the hero is a lot of fun. Very romantic light erotica for 18+ audience.
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