Immortality is accessible to everyone. Vol 10

The Universal Knowledge given by Oris offers the fundamentals of a new and unique world view for all of us. It allows us to penetrate the mystery of eternal existence to an extent inaccessible before, reasonably and substantially solving the problems therein, offering convincing answers which are not available in any religious world view, philosophical movement or scientific theory. More
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About Oris Oris

The newest cosmological conceptions regarding human beings and the Universe.

During the last century, many highly-educated individuals expressed their opinion regarding a new Knowledge soon to arrive, which would ultimately unify the main principles of science and religion to create a certain, close and enduring symbiosis, and would finally eliminate the increasing antagonism between spiritual and materialistic methods of human cognition. This new Information trend is not only intended to link together and correlate the majority of various fields of knowledge that study the surrounding reality, but also to provide the multi-level explanation of various natural phenomena in general, and human life in particular, thus solving the currently unsolved scientific and social issues.

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