The Mystery of IBS and My Path to Freedom

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The author of this book has discovered a unique approach to solve the mystery of irritable bowel syndrome disorder and other functional gastrointestinal maladies. Current books about IBS basically duplicate the same information in the narrow spectrum of already known theories and ideas that still do not fully resolve the IBS issue. The information gathered in this book may serve as an eye-opener. More

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About Larissa Sawicki

Larissa Sawicki is a passionate holistic health educator, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She is the owner of Natural Health Education, which provides educational workshops and consultations on health related topics. Larissa is a medical science researcher who holds a Master’s degree in Social Studies and a Diploma in Medical Office Administration. She also spent time professionally teaching. After completion of philosophy/cognitive science coursework through Yale University and being certified as a trainer in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Larissa dedicates much energy to counseling people on the interrelatedness of the mind and the body, the effects of unconscious stress on health, and the means to overcome emotional distress that causes physical harm. She firmly believes in the interconnectedness of all people, and the capability of each individual to improve overall personal and community well-being.
Most recently, Larissa successfully completed the LevelI-A Practitioner Training in the newest principles and practices of the FasterEFT (Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation) with Robert G. Smith and Skills to Changes Institute, Inc. She believes that FasterEFT is a unique method to release stress, restrictive beliefs and emotional issues to experience true emotional freedom, peace and well-being.
Larissa currently resides in New Jersey. You can learn more about Larissa and her health related activities and innovations at her website:


Review by: Alia Zimma on March 20, 2013 :
This book has become my encyclopedia on Irritable Bowel Syndrome! If you get anything out of this book you'll become mindful of other therapies meant to heal instead of providing a temporary band-aid for IBS. Larissa Sawicki does a fantastic job of expanding our knowledge and mindset about holistic therapy and how doctors and pharmaceutical companies impact this disease.

This book pushes the point on our blind faith of doctor's pill-popping solutions and our mindless approach to only seek prescriptions. For everyone that experiences that merry-go-round of cramping, bloating, and bowel problems. Buying this book is an investment in changing your life. Surprisingly, this book doesn't offer you a one-stop-shop all-knowing solution like many books on the market today, but instead provides helpful insight into approximate causes of IBS and several complimentary treatments that may very well take the place of prescription medicines.

For example, I didn't have a clue about any potential links between IBS and electromagnetic fields; or mind-body connections.

In an unapologetic approach, Larissa Sawicki identifies several ways IBS continues to become victimless including our haste to blindly adopt our doctor's one-way approach, and the pharmaceutical approach to mislead the public and our neglect to look into scientific research with the abundance of claims about curative powers of complimentary therapies. Admittedly, a mere 15 minutes with my doctor and I'm out the door with a prescription in hand, without a thought or a question about alternative treatments that work just as well. The Mystery of IBS and My Path to Freedom brings to light how we tend to accept the norm without questioning or rationalizing. Overall, the book provides a new of thinking, several new ways of healing, if you choose to look into new therapies. Buying this book made me realize how short sided I’ve been about IBS.
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