Ambition: Win At Living

Truly motivating and inspiring, Ambition opens the readers' eyes to an entirely new life that has always been within their reach, helping them put their dreams and goals into perspective to pursue them relentlessly. You will discover that all your life's ambitions are not so unreachable anymore and that you have the means to win at living. This is a must-read that everyone wouldn't want to miss.

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About Michael Fulmore

MICHAEL FULMORE is the author of "UNLEASHING YOUR AMBITION" and the founder of the FULMORE FOUNDATION a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As an educator and entrepreneur Michael has become recognized for possessing wisdom beyond his age and an emerging authority in the areas of transformation and leadership.

Robin O'Grady, the author of “The Optimists Edge: Moving Beyond Negativity to Create Your Amazing Life”, says that, “Michael will take you from where you are and deliver you to where you want to be!"

After feeling the pressure of being homeless, car repossession, dropping out of college and even fathering a child as a teenager, he begins the journey of personal development. Soon he discovered his own potential but more importantly the potential of other people. Michael has since dedicated his life to helping other reach their desired goals and live the kind of life that matters.

Michael’s books, video’s, newsletters, products, services and appearances has inspired thousands worldwide to live at a higher level. It is Michael’s deep belief that that every goal and dream that a person has is not that far away. He believes that every person has a uniqueness that will benefit the world and change lives.

In order to go from homelessness to becoming a Real Estate Investor and from needing the help of charities to establishing his own non-profit, Michael discovered simple key principles that would take his life to a place of significant enjoyment.

Michael will teach you that it is possible for you to move through life with authority, conviction, and purpose.

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