The End of Me

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Twelve years ago, Evie Evans left behind a dangerous job to be a full-time mother and wife.
Suddenly widowed and left to raise her children alone, Evie hopes she’s prepared for anything the world might toss at her.
But there’s no way to prepare for what comes next. More
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About Sophie Starr

Sophie Starr came to life when a young 16 year old girl wandered into the library searching for an Anne Rice novel. The card catalogue, because it was the dark ages, had given a pen name for Anne Rice but the book was hard to find.
Nowhere on the shelves amongst Anne Rice's other books was the one the girl sought.
So she examined the card better, seeing the book was in a different section, the romance section.
The girl discovered The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A. N. Roquelaure, the one she was seeking, amongst the other romance novels.
It didn't look like Anne's other books.
It wasn't large.
It wasn't thick.
The cover wasn't impressive.
It was small and simple and yet there was something intriguing about the art on the cover.
So she carried it up to the librarian and checked it out. The librarian gave her quite the look when she walked out with the small book in hand.
That night she cracked the book, unaware that every single thing in her world was about to shift.
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty might as well have been called The Ruin of Innocence.

But what an end.
And what a beginning for a young mind.

Anne Rice is a genius and Sophie's hero in many respects. She freed a small part of Sophie that night. That's what fantasy does for us, isn't it? It frees us so we might try something new, even if just by reading it.

Welcome to the twisted world of Sophie Starr!
We hope you like it dark

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About the Series: The Burrow
Twelve years ago, Evie Evans left behind a dangerous job to be a full-time mother and wife.
Suddenly widowed and left to raise her children alone, Evie hopes she’s prepared for anything the world might toss at her.
But there’s no way to prepare for what comes next.

In the decade since she last worked, the world of espionage has changed, as has Evie.
The minivan-driving mother of two couldn’t be further from the woman she once was and doesn’t have time to catch up.
At every turn, another secret or betrayal is awaiting her.

A retired spy.
A dead husband.
A new job offer to save the world.

It’s been one hell of a week for Evie Evans.
And it’s only getting worse.

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Reviews of The End of Me by Sophie Starr

Sara Peori reviewed on June 4, 2013
(no rating)
Again, amazing never disappoint, ever..your books just get better and better, you are truly an amazing, gifted a very avid reader, I cannot express enough gratitude for the work you do as an are by far the best!!!
I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
alice clements reviewed on June 2, 2013

Oh my God!!! This book was great!! It was impossible to put down. TB you have done it again. Best writer ever!
(reviewed 31 days after purchase)
tiffany perry reviewed on May 16, 2013

Wow let me tell you The End of Me was great. I love every word from beginning to end. If you love the Lonely you will love this one. I know I did and let me tell you I love Evie she is awesome but at the same time you feel bad for her. Everything she has to go through just to keep her children safe all because her dead husband wanted to be stupid and get in some shit before he passed away. Also Evie finds out some things she didn't know either and that is why I love the twist and turns in this story some of the things i didn't expect either. This was a great read and I would recommend it to anyone that is over the age of 19.
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)
Sara Wyers reviewed on May 7, 2013

WOW!!! This was dirty, hot, and amazing!! Evie is one lucky girl if you can look past the Hell she is in. Coop is the really hot CI or you can say (good-boy) while she has Servario who is mean, sexy, and bad! Very bad!! I can't believe her husband did that...Wan't to know what he did? Well you have to read the book to understand :) I can't even tell you all the emotions i'm feeling right now. Sadness, love, and all the above!! Tara Brown rocks! I have not read a book of hers I have not liked...I love the cray things she comes up with. ADULT READ!! But recommend to everyone above 18..
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
Emma McGarvey reviewed on May 4, 2013

I was lucky enough to get an ARC but I will not provide any spoilers!
Wow! The sign of a good book to me is when I can read it on my phone, not get bored and have to continue reading it. When I finish a book within the space of 24 hours while working and being a mum - you know it's a worth while read!
Tara's writing continues to progress with every release, the ARC did have some errors however I am sure these will be rectified before released. The characters develop at the correct pace, you are constantly wondering who to side with, who to love and who to hate!!!
Tara is an evil woman, but a fabulous author as she leaves the story at just the right place and leaves you wanting the 2nd release immediately. Immense read, I went through every emotion I possibly could and yes people you will need some tissues and water proof mascara!
It is a fantastic read, your feelings for the characters change throughout the book and so are left feeling as Evie does, confused and horny :) and it leaves you wanting more with every chapter.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)
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