Modern Suburbia

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Set in the fictional suburb of Teal County,the populace would say it's a prime community of modern sophistication and wealth.But not everyone finds Teal County to be so fantastic, as Nathan Grant will tell you. As he weaves through schemes by a corporate sleazeball,a German terrorist,and the FBI, Nathan's wide knowledge of the town might be the tricky advantage he needs to survive. More

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About Chris Merlo

I am a 33 year old suburbanite living in southern california of an eclectic and social nature. I love being athletic, spending time with my family and friends, and I have a passion for writing. It is my dream for my stories to be embraced by an audience and to bring entertainment to their lives. I'm an active, outgoing kind of guy, and to me, life possesses too many possibilities to not take advantage of.

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Clair Roxanna reviewed on on June 18, 2013

This may be a decent story but the editing is very bad. Also, sentence structure and content need the help of a professional editor.
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Jennifer DeFoy reviewed on on May 25, 2013

I'm sure everyone is familiar with a place like Teal County. There are the deep dark secrets, but everyone keeps them hidden to keep up appearances. It's the perfect setting for a book like this because the secrets that are being hidden are a pretty big deal. And these secrets infiltrate into many of the Teal County social circles. As many people as there are that end up being somehow involved in the illicit activities going on it's amazing to me that no one was any the wiser. I guess ignorance is bliss - or if you're working to hide your own secrets you don't have the time to pay attention to what other's are hiding. Not really sure which situation is going on in this one, but either way it was interesting to watch everything unfurl.

Nathan was a pretty good character. Until things really started to go awry him along with his computer guru friend Aiden seem to be one step ahead - of everyone. There were a few times throughout the story that I thought for sure the gig was up and that someone was going to bust Nathan. But he was so well prepared that I didn't even realize what his plans were until the situations revealed themselves. Towards the end he does seem to loose some of his footing, but even then he's a quick thinker and comes up with some great ideas on the fly. I couldn't put it down because I wanted to see what Nathan and Aiden were going to do to get themselves out of their sticky situations. If they were doing things that were on the up and up I would say they were cunning - but what happens in this book is so far beyond being legal that I'd have to call them conniving. And this doesn't really have anything to do with the story itself but every time I pictured Falco he looked like Gru from Despicable Me in my head. There were a few times that I almost expected a minion to jump out from hiding. Which really would have thrown the story for a curve.

I loved all the turns this story took. At first it took a bit for me to figure out exactly who was who and what was going on, but once the story really got going I quickly figured things out. It doesn't take long for the story to get going either. There are so many twists to the story that I had to give up on trying to figure out how things were going to end, because as soon as I would start to formulate an ending something would happen that would make my "ending" no longer relevant to the story. I loved that even though this book is fast paced, has so many twists, and so many intertwining story lines it's not confusing to read. I was able to quickly pick up on what was going on and who the key figures were. It even had a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. It was an exciting book and was highly enjoyable.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for a review. This review is my truthful honest opinion.
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D.J Kile reviewed on on April 22, 2013

Modern Suburbia

Author: Chris Merlo

Book Length: 213 Pages

Cover: 1980's and early 90's design with trippy colors. Very simple and retro. Fits this book well.

Summary: Teal County. The populace would say it's a prime community of modern sophistication and wealth, filled with every form of entertaining consumption one could desire. Expenses were not spared in producing this lavish and clean looking suburb, along with creating an effective and expanded judicial and policing system and a wide and over reaching corporate industry.

But not everyone finds Teal County to be so fantastic. A young man by the name of Nathan Grant, who has a bitter love-hate relationship with the County he was raised in, is heading back after a long absence in hopes of finishing one last job, part of which includes transporting a very valuable item. The crudeness of the County officials had ironically been both the inspiration for his plans, and now was an abrupt interruption to them, as his freedom in the County is cut short just as soon as he arrives. From there, the story's woven tapestries begins to unravel, and we find foes of Nathan with a set of their own agendas in mind, as well as friends willing to help. With the aid of his friends, Emily, a highly attractive party going drug user, and Aiden, a capable well to do computer genius, among others, Nathan must prevail through the hurdles made by County authorities that stand in his way as he tries to complete a task for Martin Benson, a sleazy corporate high roller. Little does Benson know, Nathan has a few alternative plans of his own for Benson, and little does Nathan know, he might be getting into more hot water than he bargained for. After it is revealed Benson has ties with Falco Dietrich, a German terrorist, along with a handful of his cohorts, and it would also seem the highly effective FBI team of Agent's Simms and Harris has secretly had an eye on Benson for quite some time, several culminating moments of action and deceptions determine the fates of these characters. All while in the midst of negotiating through the complexities of the modern suburb of Teal County.
But even when cornered, Nathan proves his wide knowledge of the town he grew up in can give him a tricky advantage, and that he may have more than one motive for why he chose to target Benson in his plans

My Thoughts: For a thriller its a very interesting tale with characters that you get attached to and ending to beat the band. At times it did lose me because I was simply stumped and had to re-read a few previous pages. Great amount of imaginable details and a hook for sure that will keep the reader coming back to find out what is going down. Good Read.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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