How To Record Meetings And Seminars For Transcription. Working With a Transcriptionist.

Are you planning a meeting, seminar, workshop or interview for the purpose of transcribing the session as meeting minutes or typed documentation?

Are you planning to hire a transcriptionist to transcribe the recording?

Then this booklet is for you.

Instructions, suggestions and tips in this booklet will help ensure you get a clear, accurate transcribed account of the recording & save you money. More
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About Gail S. Kibby White

The author was born in Cleveland, Ohio, is divorced with two grown children and a granddaughter. In 1975, she and her children relocated to the Tampa Bay area in Florida where they still reside.

She has a degree in Banking and Finance from St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida. In 1998, after working in the
business world for over 45 years as Executive Secretary, Administrative Assistant and in middle management, at the encouragement of her family and friends, she made the decision to take early retirement and go into business for herself. She formed Tailored PC Documents (a sole proprietorship) as a home-based secretarial service providing remote secretarial services to businesses and individuals throughout the English-speaking world.

Doing business as Tailored PC Documents, the author has transcribed or typed then formatted for publication 25 customer books (including two of her own) and 3 screen plays. Many of which are on sale either in print form or as ebooks. She is the author of many "How To" articles on transcription, typing and computer tips which have been published online and is still actively working with Tailored PC Documents and working on her own publications.
****Publications by Gail S. Kibby White****
Self-Help Books – The contents of the author’s self-help books are based upon her over 50 years of experience working in the business world which includes 18+ years with her own business and 25 years of extensive ‘hands on’ computer experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OmniPage, Acrobat, InDesign, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro, Roxio Creator, all versions of Windows and many other main stream professional programs.

Her transcription experience includes dictation from cassette tapes, digital audio and video recordings. She has transcribed correspondence, interviews, depositions, city council, Board of Directors and home owner association meeting minutes, legal documents, seminars, workshop lectures with question and answer sessions, radio and TV program content, research material, dissertations, patient evaluations, manuscripts and plays for publication as well as spreadsheet creation and design and data input.

Her self-help books describe in detail many valuable lessons using her own real-life experiences as examples. These books all include a 45+ page file that lists by category the links to many helpful internet web sites that will save you hours of research.
In addition, there is a list with URL links to over 150 mostly FREE online ad sites to list your business. This list will save you many hours of research.

There are many helpful reference charts and lists included i.e. standard proof marks, font character number equivalents with shortcut keys, conversion of font sizes from picas to points and picas to inches, graphic pixels to points and pixels to inches and others.
****How to Record Meetings and Seminars For Transcription, Working With a Transcriptionist****
This book was originally published in March, 2013 as a FREE ebook in It will be updated and reprinted in 2016. It is filled with tips and suggestions regarding how to properly set up a recorder, types of recorders, tapes, preparation of the equipment, etc. There are also tips regarding the information to provide your transcriptionist. It’s a “Must Have” if you are planning a meeting, interview, seminar or workshop that requires transcription of the audio content. The book is also helpful for transcriptionists. This FREE book is an example of the kind of instructions, tips and suggestions the author relates in her other self-help books as well. Be sure to check it out.
****Dictation Transcription, Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Shortcuts Handbook ****
If you already are a transcriptionist or are considering learning how to become one, you will definitely find this book immensely helpful. As the title implies, this handbook is filled with many tips, tricks, secrets and shortcuts to help improve speed and accuracy as well as valuable information about the different types of transcription, equipment required, methods of transcription, dictation pitfalls and proofing. Tentative publication is scheduled for 2016 both in print and as an ebook. Preorders will be available.
****How to Establish, Run & Build a $ucce$$ful Secretarial Service from Home ****
If you are planning to or already have started your own business providing remote secretarial services from home, then this IS the book for you. There are procedures to follow to make it easier to set up and manage your business. The author shows you how to attract and work remotely for customers who may be located anywhere in the English speaking world.
The short list of the four book sections and some of the topics covered are:

Section 1: Establishing your business: A list of basic types of secretarial jobs you can do at home, establishing your business as a legal entity, choosing your legal status, initial purchases, establishing your terms and rates (by job – including examples and sample calculations).
Section 2: Running your business: Record keeping, proofing, organizing your work, a list of computer software programs and uses, job proposals complete with sample forms, dealing with customers, sub-contracting your overload (rates and best way to time their work and pay).
Section 3: Building your business: Advertising, promotion and marketing, networking, internet web sites, sample ads, and a list of additional jobs you can do at home.
Section 4: Secretarial Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts and Secrets: Typing, transcription, working with MS Word, spelling, punctuation, grammar, references, scanning, working with MS Word and Excel and formatting books for publication (printed versions and ebooks).

This book also includes valuable forms and sample letters you can use i.e. sample invoice, Customer Information form, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about your business, debt collection letter and others.
Publication in tentatively scheduled for 2016. Preorders will be available.
****Full Length Novels**** --------Road Rage Dolls--------
Road Rage Dolls is a suspense thriller novel about a woman whose family is killed in a road rage auto accident. How does she deal with the tragic loss of her husband and two children caused by a man who was driving drunk and gets off with just a minimal sentence? Is she the serial killer who is hunting down and murdering others who get off easy for road rage accidents? If she isn’t, who is? Estimated publication, 2016. Preorders will be available.

Excerpt: This time the Nissan rammed the SUV on the left back side sending it careening off the shoulder of the highway into the air over the two foot high guardrail with all four of the Forcelle family trapped inside… screaming.

When the SUV landed on the other side of the guardrail at the top of a deep ravine, it rolled over several times down an embankment before finally coming to rest at the bottom far below on the passenger side of the vehicle, the driver side doors facing up with the undercarriage facing the highway.

Other than the faint sound of the SUV’s wheels spinning, the engine barely running and the sound of metal creaking as the SUV slid further down then settled into the deep grass and mud at the bottom of the ravine, everything was strangely quiet. The engine sputtered and coughed one last time, then went silent. Plumes of blue smoke and steam were hissing from the engine and slowly rising into the cloudless sky through the tree branches above.

Up above on the highway, the sound of brakes screeching, horns honking and car doors slamming could be heard from the cars that had seen the accident and stopped. People were leaving their cars and running to the guardrail either to gawk or to see if they could help.

The sound of fire rescue, police cruisers and ambulance sirens could be heard whooping and waling in the distance, getting louder and louder as they approached the scene.

At the top of the embankment where the SUV had gone over, people were standing gripping the guardrail looking down as the SUV’s wheels slowly stopped spinning and the engine gasped it’s last. Every now and then the sound of creaking metal could be heard as the engine gradually began to cool down. Steam and smoke continued to hiss from under the SUV’s hood.

Even from as far away as the edge of the highway above, it was clear that all of the visible windows were shattered. The windshield on the driver side appeared to be bowed out as though something or someone had been slammed against it. Bright red stains appeared in the spider web like cracks in the splintered windshield glass. Both sides, rear, hood and top of the SUV were severely dented in and scratched.

Since the bottom of the SUV was facing the highway, fluids could be seen slowly seeping from the undercarriage. There were no other sounds – no signs of life.

The Nissan truck kept on going and disappeared into the sea of red taillights ahead.
*****Susan’s Stalkers*****
Susan’s Stalkers is a full-length suspense thriller about a single woman relentlessly stalked by two different men with violent pasts ( about to catch up with them) who live in her apartment complex. One stalker retaliates against her boyfriend and her best friend for getting in his way. One is a sadistic rapist. They never leave tangible evidence so the police cannot help her. Her days are filled with apprehension and fear. There are many unexpected twists and turns. Estimated publication the spring of 2016. Preorders will be available.

Excerpt: “Suz, when you left your apartment, did you see anyone else in the hallways or in the elevator? Is there anyone else down there? Exactly where are you right now?”

“Uh….No, come to think of it, I haven’t. I did detect cigarette smoke that smelled like it’s recent when I got off the elevator and another odor that smelled like it could be cologne or perfume, but I haven’t seen or heard anyone else. I was just about to go into the storage locker area when you called. I’m down her alone and it’s creepy. Why? What are you getting at?”

“Susan, get the hell out of there ASAP, girl.” Marilyn was now shouting. “It could be Chad or Jack trying to lure you down there. Go to Andy Trask’s office and find out if he really sent that email. DO IT NOW. Don’t go in the storage locker area and don’t take time to call Andy. Just get out of there, get in the elevator and go straight to his office. I’ll stay on the phone with you until you’re safely in Andy’s office.”

“I guess I should have done that in the first place, but it never occurred to me. All I could think of was finding out if my clothes and other things were ruined by the water. But the return email address looked as though it came from Andy Trask?”

“Suz, whoever sent that email could have used one of those spoofing programs people use to make an email look like it came from someone else. Just in case I’m right, GET OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW! Don’t take any chances.” Marilyn shouted, her heart racing. “I have a REALLY bad feeling about this, Susan.”

“You could be right. That email could very well have come from Chad or Jack. If the email didn’t come from Andy Trask and it did come from someone trying to lure me down here, they probably counted on my coming straight down here without checking with Andy. I’m leaving right now. Stay on the phone.”

Susan quickly spun around on her heels and began running down the empty basement hallway to the hall that led to the elevator and turned right. When she got to the elevator, she frantically pressed the Up button several times. Nothing happened. Just then she heard a door slam down at the end of the hallway.

“Oh my God, Marilyn. I just heard the door to the storage locker area open then slam shut. Now I hear what sounds like someone running down the hallway in this direction. C’mon elevator, c’mon!” She was shouting out loud while stabbing the UP button again and again.

Finally the elevator doors slowly began to open. The elevator was still there. It had never left the basement. She quickly stepped inside and pushed the L button for the Lobby several times then the Close Door button. Once again, nothing happened.
She could hear the echo of footsteps in the hallway coming closer and closer. It sounded like they were almost to the hall that led to the elevator. She continued frantically pushing the L button then the Close Door button.

As the elevator doors began to close, Susan saw a man’s hands reach in and tightly grab the door on the left. His fingers were reaching through the narrow crack between the two moving doors in an attempt to stop them from closing.
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