The Enemy of an Enemy

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Everything seemed to be going Vydor’s way, until the Dragon Claw was sent on a rather unusual assignment to investigate a minor incident deep within the Empire’s space. That would send Vydor down a path filled with fantastically powerful enemies and extraordinary friends that would obliterate everything he ever understood to be true and threaten the very foundations of the Empire itself. More
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About Vincent Trigili

The Lost Tales of Power is a sci-fi fantasy cross over series written by Vincent Trigili. Vincent is a graduate student at Liberty University, and presently holds undergraduate degrees in Math and Computer Science. Currently, he is working as a senior software developer at Liberty University.

Vincent owns and runs the highly popular astronomy forums, Our Dark Skies, and also maintains the associated Facebook page. He has published several astronomy journals, calendars, blog articles, poetry, and photo books over the years and now turns his hand to fiction.

The worlds described in The Lost Tales of Power series were born out of Vincent’s long history of creating role playing games in the old pen and paper tradition. He uses the rich history of those worlds he created to imagine an entirely new world for this series. Vincent uses his exposure and history with science and technology to keep the stories in the realm of the possible while balancing that with an eye for fantasy.

The early books in the series take place in a futuristic universe that has recently been discovered by a medieval realm; later books in the series will take place in either realm, or perhaps a realm that has yet to be discovered.

All of the books are intended to be roughly equivalent to the movie rating PG. This means any teenager or adult should be comfortable reading them, but some of the material, themes and descriptions may be unsuitable for smaller children. Parents are advised to read the books themselves before deciding if their child should be exposed to the contents of the novels.

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About the Series: Lost Tales of Power
The Lost Tales of Power is an open-ended series of Sci-Fi/Fantasy books set in a vast multiverse featuring a mixture of traditional fantasy and science fiction elements.

Also in Series: Lost Tales of Power

Reviews of The Enemy of an Enemy by Vincent Trigili

WabbitSeason reviewed on April 3, 2018

Vincent Trigili manages to deliver a story that is thrilling, surprising at times and yet safe to read for more sensitive people like yours truly, showing that plot twists can be pulled off in a clean way. There's also room for personal growth of the characters and, with them, the reader. The first Smashwords free book that convinced me to purchase the sequel!
(review of free book)
Enoch Balthasar reviewed on Aug. 31, 2017

The concept behind the story works exceptionally well. I found the style somewhat stilted, though. That said, many of the editing issues that independent authors suffer from are not present in this book in any great number . I found the story itself moved quickly and only rarely felt "bogged down". Although there were some aspects that did not fit well with me, this is one of the most original ideas I've read in ages. Thank you to Mr Trigili for putting this volume on for free and giving us the chance to read it. The story certainly leaves the reader with enough intrigue to go on to other volumes.
(review of free book)
RetiredSaint reviewed on Sep. 16, 2015

A unique way to combine SciFi and Fantasy. Once again Vincent has written a well developed plot and characters. And once again I really enjoyed reading this book. Even though this book is part of a series, it read like a stand alone novel which pleased me. Even if you are just a SciFi fan or just a Fantasy fan, you will enjoy reading this book. And since it is free there is no reason not to give it a try - I highly recommend it.
(review of free book)
Adam C reviewed on June 11, 2013

I would label myself a voracious reader, although primarily in the fantasy and science fiction genres. While I have read (and enjoyed) dozens of sci-fi/fantasy crossovers, Lost Tales of Power certainly takes the top spot as my favorite series.

The author's lexicon keeps the novel accessible to all ages and his use of grammar and his phrasing, I feel, helps draw you in to the mindset and tempo of what's occurring in the pages.

This is definitely the best free, non-public domain book I've come across in all my searching. Thankfully, each book gets better as you get further through the series. I look forward to what will be coming next and you should definitely stick with it, too.
(review of free book)
Richard Adin reviewed on Oct. 28, 2011

I prefer to "buy" a free book, especially if it is the first book in a series, from an unknown author. That is how I discovered this book and author. Volume 1 is well-written and Vydor, the lead character, is multidimensional. Because the story is intriguing and the book so well-written, I purchased (yes, for $$$) the second volume before finishing the first -- I wanted no lag between finishing the first volume and starting the second volume. My only disappointment is that the third and fourth volumes are forthcoming. I'd like to read them NOW.

It is worth noting that there are only a few very minor grammatcial and spelling errors -- almost too few to mention. Unlike many of the free ebooks I have tried to read, this one is eminently readable and enjoyable.
(review of free book)
Pauline Nolet reviewed on June 22, 2011

Combining high-tech and magic is often not done well but this book does a superb job of it. It's one of the few books I've read recently that I read cover-to-cover in one sitting.
(review of free book)
helen james reviewed on June 5, 2011

I can hardly believe my luck in getting this book at no cost! Outstanding read, looking forward to a sequel.
(review of free book)
Enzo Thomas Milegan reviewed on May 9, 2011

Good read. Classic page-turner, nice character depth and a fascinating story. Highly recommend it.
(review of free book)
John Spencer reviewed on Jan. 25, 2011

WOW, a great adventure. Well paced and hard to stop reading. Looking forward to the next book.
(review of free book)
Noel Carboni reviewed on Jan. 24, 2011

Wow, just in reading the first hundred pages, I'm captivated. What depth to the story... I am coming to know and care about the characters, and the adventure is huge fun.

Masterfully written. Can't wait to finish it, though then I'll dread the wait until the next one...

(review of free book)

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