No Trespassing !

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Delbert Thompson lived all by himself on a farm deep in the country and never bothered anyone until a group of teen’s car broke down about a half mile down the road from Delbert’s farm. The teens were only looking to use Delbert’s phone to get help, but Delbert was in no mood for company, so the teens picked the wrong door to knock on for help. More
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Words: 1,170
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301862146
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Review by: David Blake on April 21, 2013 :
After a period of absence, Drac Von Stoller has returned with a new collection of horror stories. His previous works have been critiqued by myself and others in the past, and I really hoped that Von Stoller would have taken some of the advice on board, but unfortunately there's no evidence of it. It's a shame, because the enthusiasm is obviously there. Whilst my previous reviews of Von Stoller's works, all of which have been unfavourable, may give the impression that I have something against him, I hope I've been constructive and given him some pointers as to why his stories are failing. I really really want to see Von Stoller improve and blossom as a writer. I'd like to see him try to tell stories in different styles, and I'd really like him to try and DEMONSTRATE information instead of coming right out and TELLING it. For example, instead of something like:

Bob was married to Linda. They were very happy together but Linda didn't know that Bob had a phobia of cats. When Linda brought a stray cat home with her one day, it freaked Bob out.

Try writing it more along the lines of:

"That you, honey?" Bob called out as he heard the front door opening. He glanced at his watch. "Where've you been? You're late..."
"Sorry dear," he heard Linda's voice call back as he rose from his armchair and made his way out of the lounge to greet her. "I got a little sidetracked. I've brought someone to see you..."
"Eh?" Bob scratched his balding head as he turned into the hall. He looked up and saw Linda's tall slim figure in the doorway, smiling at him. Then he froze as he saw the small furry bundle she was hugging to her.
He felt the blood drain from his face, his short collar seemed to constrict around his throat as he gazed into the malevolent lime eyes of the cat in his wife's arms, staring coldly back at him.
Bob screamed.

As for this particular story, "No Trespassing!", it starts off by mentioning an event, and then goes on to repeat that same information as the event then unfolds. A more effective opening, in my view, would have been to start the action with the teenagers as their car breaks down, they wonder where they can get assistance, see the farmhouse, head for it, begin to feel uncomfortable as the house just doesn't feel quite right, then they knock and meet Delbert Thompson and begin to feel even more afraid, then the shock - he shoots them dead, in cold blood.
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