If I Was a Woman...

Adult Erotica
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If I was a woman, I'd be the biggest slut in town!

How many times have you heard a man proclaim this? What if it were possible to play out this fantasy? Is the grass really greener on the other side? More

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About I. M. Telling

It occurred to him that perhaps, he might be a better writer of erotic fiction if he targeted his craft towards one person at a time, making love to one reader at a time. [ From I. M. Telling's story Simone and the Writer ]

A little perversion of the mind makes it interesting. It also means we typically lead double lives - one for those who think we're normal, and then there is our real world.
I. M. Telling writes Erotic Fiction

I.M. Telling lives in the southern United States and has been a non-fiction writer for some time. He has always wanted to write erotica and is finally making that dream a reality. His writing includes everything from highly explicit erotica featuring interracial relationships, swinging, and cuckold tales to very sensual stories of bondage and examining the dynamics of open marriage. His work has also started to extend into other genres including adventure, humor, and stories with extreme violence.

Telling states that he prefers to evolve the characters within his tales, making their journey from where they start to where they reach by the last page as the reason for the story.

"I am convinced that the mind is the most powerful sex organ in the body. I hope my stories generate stirrings within the reader, by being somewhat specific with the x-rated portions. Yet I mostly want my readers to make a journey of their own as they follow the changes happening inside the minds of my characters, who I consider to be my friends. I never judge nor fault my characters, as it is their journey and not mine." I. M Telling

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Review by: Kristen Collins on July 19, 2013 :
Book Review

“If I Was A Woman” by I.M. Telling


Passion and desire are things that women often crave. But what is it that craves this emotion in men? Is it the heat of the moment? Is it an unusual excitement that triggers emotion for them? Or is it a context of romance or sexual desire? Women want to be overwhelmed by it…consumed by it), for them as far as relationships go… passion is a standard requirement. The term is usually applied to a lively or eager interest in a cause or in an unusual excitement or even a compelling emotion. Mix that with a little magic and poof…instant patī.
This is an odd but hilarious… quirky…eccentric, unusual but entertaining story where one guy is filled with a deep and encompassing emotion and unexplained desire that constantly makes him question and wonder (What If…). He fantasizes more than the average Joe and he is then labeled to be coveting a simple fornication with his wife as well as a more complex one of fantasizing about other women that is implied by the term LUST!
For Justin, lust is his intense desire or craving to experience, and even crave to know what it would be like to be a woman. This powerful psychological feeling produced such an intense wanting in him that it attracts the attention of Barney who after hearing Justin’s plea, can’t pass up the opportunity to mingle and meddle. After all, what else does this little demon have to do?
As you read further into the story, Justin begins to feel that he had been missing out on something. But once he starts to feel the passion, the desire…the need to make him succumb and give in to the temptation, he literally finds it hard to remain in his own skin. As his hunger for eye increases he suddenly realizes that his thoughts are allowing him to cheat. He’s never been unfaithful to his wife Christine, but he just can’t seem to let his fascination and infatuations go. One night while he was on one of his rants on observing his favorite species he makes the “What If I Was A Woman” remark again…then adds “the things that I would do” one time too many, for little does he know that-those very words would be a constant reminder that you can in fact get the things in life that you want especially when you take the time to ask. You just never know who is listening!


Barney’s not like any of the other creatures. He’s a demon on a mission. And well… the pit wasn't a place that he liked being in every minute of the day and then every second and minute of the night. Hell…that’s exactly what it was, and well unlike his fellow demons, he needed a break. After zeroing in on the latest thoughts of repetitive sexual imaginations he soon noticed that those imaginations were developing into a pattern. They were starting to pop up more frequently…they were indeed sexual fantasies. And that was all he needed. So being the little demon that he is…he followed the trail.
“If I Was A Woman” has definitely become, without a doubt one of …if not now one of my favorite I.M. Telling stories to date. Where does he come up with these scenarios, these plots...he, it and his mind, as far as story telling goes, he is indeed capable of say that (I AM Telling a good story?) The further I read it made me realize how easy it is to open your mouth and just let the words fly out. Reading this will make you watch what you say… and definitely appreciate life as it was intended to be for you!

In this story Justin was a man that liked to drink, hang out with the boys and just look at women. He had a habit of expressing to his drinking buddies how lucky women were, and in fact, he even makes a comment telling them what he would do and how he would do things if he was a woman. It was like sowing new seeds and watching the little dandelions’ pop up out of nowhere, the way they do all over your lawn. Before he knew it…Barney had found his next target. Yep, messing with Justin’s head would definitely keep him upstairs and out of the fire for a while. Anyway, he felt that Hell was just too hot for him.
And so Justin would become the next intended target or rather victim to Barney’s next and newest game; and he knew exactly which one of his latest goodies to pull out of his back of tricks. The fun begins after Barney asks Justin if he wanted to take his fantasy for a test run and he in turn jumps in with blinders on to take the plunge. Thing is, he forgot about one important thing. And when he realizes what it is…he couldn't believe how selfish he had been when he did. His curiosity gets the better of him and he never bothers to consider that what he was about to do was like making a deal with the devil himself. For this couple, things would never be the same.

My Rating Scale
1 star - for interest peak...now you've got me...but can you keep me
2 stars - author tells a story that flows...it's either good or not so good
3 stars - author makes you ask questions, questions and more questions...but doesn't stop
4 stars - story has the element of surprise or suspense...
5 stars - now what... a conclusions is reached or anticipation follows

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