Conspiracy Science and Religious Heresy

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Do we emit an Aura – or does the Aura emit us?
Has Mankind existed on Earth much longer than history entertains?
We may live in a Black Hole – and that’s not the “freaky part!”
Why Does the Pope wear Ancient Babylonian symbols and garments?
Does our Soul travel a Worm-hole when we die?
Do standard explanations for our existence; really hold water? More
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About Attila Vincent

Who is this man –this Spiritual Thrill seeker? Attila’s near death experiences compel him to share what he experienced with the greater tribe. This resulted in someone who had no intention of ever becoming an author, at fifty years of age - becoming driven to write several books.

These books are Attila’s attempt to disclose the hidden dimension of reality which was revealed to him. The metaphysical element of consciousness was exposed to him as the fundamental primordial element. Whether you are “religious” or not; this information is of critical importance because of the much needed perspective change it entertains.

Attila has been a fledgling musician as a youth, a fully ticketed plumber and gas fitter, a production sawmill worker, and he currently works on a maintenance and fire suppression crew doing a compressed week-end shift. This gives him the bulk of the week to dedicate his time to this work while remaining gainfully employed. Attila’s efforts are not financially motivated.

Attila doesn’t blow any smoke up “you know where” regarding his credentials either, and he lives by the motto; “I ain’t nobody.” He is a self professed rebel and radical extremist; and unerringly unapologetic for being so. His inner strength has proved its worth on many occasions during his colourful (pleasant euphemism) life.

His feelings concerning self promotion and ego driven “horn blowing” prevent further excerpts about any feigned greatness. His philosophy entails that the riddle and secret of life is not about the individual, due to the fact that our Spirit Component is indeed a shared property of Universal Consciousness.

Attila’s Religious, Mystical, Esoteric, and Occult Spiritual views which he sets about to prove as a self-evident truth exposed at every scale of existence are as he often states; “All the same shit folks.” It does make short work of the current “Mystery Pile” most of us accept far too easily.

What Attila brings to the table with his research; is the first hand experience to root out the fraudulent information. Having experienced Transcendence and the Absolute with no physical excuse for being able to do so; is empowering information for those who will consider it. Also one might consider that these near death experiences happened to a non-religious person, who as a result makes the differentiation that he is now “very spiritual” which raises some very interesting questions.

The author feels that he has been given an edge (a gift) to discern truth about the true nature of reality, so that he might filter through the available information; and that he might stimulate open consideration of evolving our spiritual concepts into the modern age. He feels he was being told that we are ready to evolve our spiritual concepts. There is no such thing as a “Selective Path to Heaven,” or room for a “My God is better that your God” ploy in the authors rendition.

His contention is that this is the very point of being “individuations” of a continuum, or boundary states of an otherwise seamless fabric, dimensions of a whole, holograms, an Image or Likeness – is the ability to generate new novelty and thus generate new evolution. Hence not two things are made alike by design, as a result of the ever changing universal matrix it is weaved from and embedded in.

To such an end; Attila offers an insight into this deep subject matter for the spiritual thrill seeker who is unfettered to outdated dogmatic religious concepts. He puts the sin and salvation merchants on notice with the truth. Scientifically he studies the most likely mechanisms for what he experienced; through the cutting edge future science of tomorrow.

To the dogmatic; he is often viewed as a token “anti-Christ.” To the reductionist material mind-set he is often viewed as a “religious nut.” He claims to be neither. Somewhere in the middle as always lies the truth.

Remaining Spiritual while simultaneously debunking the slave-based-version of Religion we are conditioned to accept unquestioningly; Attila is the humble servant to those select brave few who seek the unfettered truth behind the often confusing romanticised parables.

Attila’s books are written expressly for the “hard-core” navel contemplators among us. The age of reason is nigh; an age of Wellness, Truth, and Love for All………….

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Review by: Steve Nelson on July 22, 2015 :
F. Jones is much like a Weatherman. They can't really tell you what the weather will be, only report on it afterwards. And since F. jones got a copy of Attila's book and didn't much like it, I figured that, Gosh it must be good then! I found Attila's book well formatted, and from what I've read so far, a swell read. The cover art is very nice also. I have heard of several of the theories presented in this book, and wanted to see if Attila matched up with what I've already known. While I don't necessarily agree with some of Attila's conclusions, like I've said this book is a fine addition to my library and one that I might refer to from time to time. Attila even has a section of Poetry in here, some of his own along with interesting statements from others as well. Might I recommend a several books to Attila, for his consideration: Key to the Science of Theology by Parley P. Pratt (Available at Guttenberg Project FREE) and also while its FREE thru July 31, 2015, My own newest eBook: The Creator's Sentinel (This story combines Sci-Fi with religious info and interesting information on the Lost Ten Tribes) Over all I'd give Attila's book a hearty 4 stars for this gallant effort. Good Job Attila!
(review of free book)

Review by: Fairhonanth Jones on May 25, 2014 :
Complete and utter lunacy -- would not recommend.
(review of free book)

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