Cherishing Destiny

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Revised & edited! After a catastrophic event, factions divide, battles ensue and devastation is the norm. But, two Vampires, a Human and a Werewolf come together with an extraordinary bond of love and trust to survive the storm. As a family they face the aftermath that is altering their world and the course of evolution. Adult Paranormal Romance/Fantasy contains mature themes of erotic intimacy More

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About Noelle Blakely

Noelle Blakely resides in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. She lives quietly with a very patient man and a very spoiled little dog.

Clearly her imagination is vivid and her mind is a little warped. She blames books. Some of her favorite Authors are Stephen King, Kate Elliot, Jacqueline Carey, Frank Herbert, and Clive Barker, just to name a few. So, you can see how the warping might occur.

Find her on her blog at nearly everyday as well as twitter at @NoelleBlakely or visit


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Cherishing Destiny, A Dangerous Destiny Book One

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Review by: A Michelle on Oct. 5, 2013 :
I received this book thru the author for an honest review. OMG this had been the greatest Paranormal book that I have read in a while. I'm hooked and wanting to read the next book as bad as having that first cup of coffee in the morning LOL for real this book has an excellent plot. She really went deep with getting to know the main characters without it being drawn out. You will fall in love with Alex, Ryan, Sara & Aurora along with Destiny as I did. I caught myself being scared, happy and sad for them at different times in the story. I can't wait to have enough money for book two... The world as everyone knew it changed after a Solar Storm and the whole world was changing because of it... I don't want to go to into it because its book & I don't want ruin it for those who haven't read it. If you love Sexy vampires, bdsm/hot sex scenes, weres, witches etc. this book is for you. Grab a copy you won't regret it other than you'll want book two right away lol. Thank you again for letting me read & review your awesome story! :)
(reviewed 51 days after purchase)
Review by: Satarupa Biswas on Aug. 13, 2013 :
I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my part!

This is a great story with a unique plot and strong characters. This is not like any other regular vampire story. It is truly interesting and a fast-paced that will make you turn the pages at a much faster pace than you usually do!

The suspense thrilled me and the exotic romance grabbed my heart and interest from the first page. I loved the characters very much and really appreciate the writing style of the author, it just added the exact spice the story needed.

The author did justice with all the characters as she gave equal importance to both the vampires and Were(s) and didn't make the story entirely focused on any particular character.

It has many great twists and turns that will make your heart race and you’ll be driven crazy to peek at the last chapters for a quick view at how it ends! (Well I know it’s cheating, but you won’t be able to stop yourself, don’t worry I did the same as well).

The story starts with Destiny (a Vamphyr), lying totally defeated and beaten and the author takes us on the adventure as destiny relives her memories and we get a chance to explore through them. The story gains momentum when the enemies (Hunters) try to hunt the vampires and were(s) as well, a strange solar storm transforms the immortal vampires into mortals and they can bear sun light as well (yeah you heard me right folks!) and they can reproduce too, that’s just awesome right?

Your known vampire concepts are going to change guys and you’re going to howl for more for sure! So grab your copy right now and enjoy a great and unique read and trust me it will truly satisfy your expectations as well.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
Review by: ariella holstein on May 13, 2013 :
I love this vampire story. It's different from every other vampire story. Love the characters
(reviewed 34 days after purchase)
Review by: Lucee Lovett on May 7, 2013 :
Lucee Lovett Review of Cherishing Destiny by Noelle Blakely
Initially I did not think much of the introduction to the story as it started off with the lead Character waking up in a cave with broken bones and other injuries. The descriptions were long and did not feel necessary for creating intrigue when leading up to the plot. I started to feel bored and a little inpatient. It did not help that the book is written in several different fonts. Shifting from Capitals, to bold, italic and so on. However as the story moved along initiated by the lead while waiting to heal – as she began reminiscing – using the memories inherited from her mother. The story took on an entirely different nuance. I became absorbed with the new characters introduce and their stories as they unfold.
The author has created quite a new thread to the usual Vampire and Were-people tales. One which I liked and am fascinated by. Within this one story the authors as given rise to several different stories that could easily take on a life of their own and I’m interested to see where she take it. I’m not comfortable giving a synopsis to this story as I don’t think it would do the book the justice it deserve. There are so many creative twists and turns that I think to summarise such creative thinking would be a crime. Nonetheless I think cherishing destiny has been let down by a lot of repetition in description and dialogue. That being said it was not difficult to follow just a little frustrating.
I loved the ideas presented in this story and feel that anyone who can look past the technical and grammatical errors and just accept this book for the uniqueness of it. Will enjoy it. I am looking forward to reading the second book ‘Following Destiny’.
(reviewed 27 days after purchase)
Review by: Nickcole Elwell on May 2, 2013 :
I received this book as a R2R from the Lovers of Paranormal Group

Stars: 3

Characters: Destiny ; Aurora ; Alex & Ryan

Overall: This is definitely a new kind of vampire book. It kind of reminds me of the show Revolution, but with way more twists and turns. At times, i did find myself a little confused because i felt that their wasn't enough detail. Also the sex was HOT and based on that alone i would recommend this book. I can't wait to read the next book

Recommend: Yes
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
Review by: Dalene Rodman on May 1, 2013 :
First I would like to thank the author Noelle Blakely for allowing me to read for review. I have to say I love this book and am looking forward to the continuence of the series. All the main characters are strong, I enjoy that the author took a different approach to telling the story. I like that there are love scenes but not an over abundance of them. I am looking forward to seeing how the story continues for everyone and what it all means for Destiny and what happened to her parents. Good job Noelle Blakely, I am looking forward to the next book.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Review by: Jess Danowski on May 1, 2013 :
Cherishing Destiny is the story of Destiny who is a Vamphyr who is laying injured in a cave. While she is healing she is remembering how she came to be. Her mother transferred her memories to Destiny when she died. The night of Destiny's conception was the night a solar storm hit earth. As a result of said storm Vampires are now able to walk in the sunlight and reproduce. They offspring are referred to as Vamphyr. The world as they knew it was gone. Tsunamis destroyed cities, earthquakes broke open the earth, and various types of communication were destroyed.After the solar storm mercenary hunters have taken over the human and Were population and are on a hunt to wipe out all vampires.

This book sounded interesting when I first read the synopsis via goodreads, but once I started reading, I had so much trouble getting through it. The main idea of the book is great, I just think that the spelling and grammatical errors took so much away from the story. Also, I noticed that there were several spots within the book that the author meant to reference Alex and she wrote Ryan instead, and I had to go back and re-read several sections and make sure I understood what was going on.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Review by: Joselyn Raquel Moreno Burke on May 1, 2013 :
Love it, it was perfect, a bit of drama, romance, fun

the best book for romance and shifters craving people

at first I was concerned at the lot of chapters that seemed to be but they're well writed and super easy on the reader

Loved all the characters, ryan was so easily loved that it impressed me that he was so misunderstood at the beggining of the book

and alex and aurora so exquisite, they love was so pure and beautiful

I higly reccomend this book to anyone in search of a good romance book with a hint of fun
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Review by: Stacy on April 26, 2013 :
3.5 stars: Cherishing Destiny
I received Cherishing Destiny by author Noelle Blakely for free from my Goodreads book club, in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All thoughts and conclusions are mine, all mine.
A new genre of books has emerged in the post-Twilight era, and in this humble reviewer’s opinion it should be called ‘Twilightian’. Or maybe ‘Twi-stopian’. You decide.
I can only assume that this is because Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight saga had such a profound impact on women writers (and women in general), and the urge to try to emulate that genius has spawned this new genre. That’s not a bad thing, because I enjoyed Twilight just like the rest of the masses. While this novel is definitely ‘Twi-stopian’, there are several slight differences.
One thing I really enjoyed was the depth of information regarding the Were clans. That was a fascinating little twist, and it helped to keep my attention throughout the story. This was definitely an extension of the wolf pack storyline, and the writer was able to paint more details around pack life and communal living for the different Were clans.
Another difference is that this story had sex. No PG-rating here, folks. A little gratuitous at times, yes - and it definitely made this novel ‘New Adult’. While I am intrigued to see the role that Sara will play in book 2, at this point she seems to have no other use than to be a playtoy for the vamps.
The story is told primarily in flashbacks through the main character’s shared memories with her mother. Different, and has the potential to be a huge win if book 2 expands on it. I assume that the ‘main’ character Destiny will be featured more prominently in book 2, and the writer leaves a strong desire at the end of book 1 to follow the characters’ journeys into the rest of the series.
This book is a solid 3.5 stars, and is an enjoyable read. I think that there is a need for another pass at editing/revision, but it’s not so much that it’s distracting. Except for the commas. There, are, a, LOT, of, commas,.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)
Review by: C. M. on April 23, 2013 :
Cherishing Destiny starts with Destiny hurt and trapped in an obscure cave, who while she heals her wounds dreams/remembers her mother’s memories.
Aurora and Alex, Vampire Elders who have been in love for more than a thousand years... are one night loving each other when they witness a strange Solar Storm where everything changes. Sara, the lovely human maid, happens to be near the Elders when the house is destroyed and the world changes. All electronic devices are out of order, streets are covered by fallen trees, and towns are flooded.
The tree of them become close, intimately close, while during the day they find shelter and stay away from deadly hunters, during their nights they love each other.
Ryan, a sexy, strong, kind werewolf, who became my favorite character, is Sara’s half-brother, has a special connection with Destiny, and tries to help and save the day whenever he can.
The book treats the Vampire/Were/Hunter/Witch/Human in a different way, the Vamps and Weres don’t hate each other, both fear the hunters and the big bad Witch, and are known to exist by humans.
It's sharp, elegant, and clever, evenly paced without dragging its feet, and at the same time emotionally intense, contains plenty of steamy scenes that leave you panting.
This book is the first installment of a series and I hope that in the next book I can find out why Destiny is trapped, what happened to her mother, what did the witch has planned, how the lives of new species of vampire continue, how are council politics going and more Ryan!
Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)
Review by: Carrie "Book Fairy" Fort on April 14, 2013 :
Favourite Line He leaned over and shifted just enough to put his ear on her belly and listen to the babies heartbeats in her womb. Lily stiffened, "Wow you people really have no boundaries."

Just in awe right now. Not only was the book amazing but, it had everything I need in a book and other things that just blew my mind! Destiny is a Vamphyr, really she is the first if her kind. The way she became one is just amazing. I don't like to give to many details,I will just say you need to read this book.
It's heart warming, sexy, and has Vampires, Were's, and some crazy Witches! I was entranced be the book from page 1. The steamy scenes were oh so hot!!

This book was given to me by author for an honest review (LoP)
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)
Review by: Michelle Willms on April 13, 2013 :
Cherishing Destiny by Noelle Blakely

Cherishing Destiny begins with Destiny beaten and left for dead. As she heals, she reflects back upon her heritage. When her vampire mother died, she transferred her memories to her daughter, Destiny, a Vamphyr.

On the night of Destiny’s conception, the world was struck by a solar storm of unexpected intensity. As a result, the world and all within it were forever changed. A tsunami eradicated major cities; there was no longer power or running water in most places. Communication signals were a thing of the past.

Mercenary Hunters took over the remnants of the highways, determined to eradicate Vampires and most of the Weres in existence.

Vampires seem to have lost their immortality, but have gained the ability to walk in the sun. They can now also reproduce. Their offspring are called Vamphyr. Destiny was the first Vamphyr to be conceived.

The book is about the struggle for power in a new world of shifting borders, changing ideals, and an altering planet.

While the premise is creative, the book is riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors that distract greatly from the story. These errors continuously jerk the reader from the fictional world decreasing the reading pleasure.

Book provided by the author (via Goodreads’ Lovers of Paranormal for an honest review).
2 Stars
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)
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