Pushing Over the Apple Cart, Book One: Joy

Pushing Over the Apple Cart, a true trilogy, is the story of a sensational college sex scandal, well-covered by media at the time, and the court case that resulted in an historic, and unexpected, victory.
Five females, one male, one courtroom, one college, one secret. All true.
Pushing Over the Apple Cart, Book Two: The Endeavor, is published on Kobo, with Book Three to be published in October.
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About word beeps

I'm Lawrence, a long-time professional writer and photographer. My publishing history includes over 5,000 articles and 1,000 photographs, including hundreds of front page photographs.

My most recent project is with Project Yolanda, interviews with Super-Typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Philippine island province of Leyte. My Project Yolanda co-writer is Cora Jularbal, with photographers Charlie Jularbal and Adriane Cahingcoy.

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