Framing 9/11

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In this book the reader will learn why the NIST account of Building 7's destruction at the World Trade Center is not plausible. In this book, one will learn shocking facts about the real story behind the destruction of the Twin Towers at the WTC. In this book, one will learn why the NTSB's account of what happened at the Pentagon is not tenable. In this book one will learn about what comes next.

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About Bill Whitehouse

Bill Whitehouse received an honors B.A. in Social Relations from Harvard University and a doctorate in Educational Theory from the University of Toronto. Dr. Whitehouse has spent more than 43 years exploring Islam and its mystical dimension, known in the West as the Sufi Path. In addition, he has counseled individuals from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe who have sought relief from the trauma of spiritual abuse and fundamentalism. He has taught at univerisites in the United States and Canada.

Dr. Whitehouse has been pursuing the Sufi Path for approximately 43 years. For nearly 16 years, he enjoyed a close working relationship with a Sufi saint of the 20th Century who has since passed away.

Dr. Whitehouse produces the Sufi Study Circle Podcast and is the owner of Bilquees Press and the Interrogative Imperative Institute.

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Review by: Tony Richard on May 06, 2012 :
I am greatly impressed by this book. The writer displays exemplary logic in his probing and questioning, and strikes me as eminently fair in his presentation and weighing of the evidence. I have read a number of fine 'conspiracy theory' books on 9/11 and this one strikes me as amongst the very best: a mass of evidence is presented to destroy the official Government conspiracy theory regarding the reasons for the fall of the Twin Towers, etc. While I am not totally convinced by the writer's scepticism regarding the reality of aeroplanes' hitting the Towers, I do believe he marshalls sufficient evidence to make one at least seriously consider his (and Judy Woods' etc.) ideas and not dismiss them out of hand. My feeling is that the writer of this book is utterly genuine and sincere, fair-mindedly striving to seek out the truth. He writes in an eminently crystal-clear, logical style. While I may not share all of his scepticism, I am grateful to him for the obviously huge amount of research he has done to tear the official Government 9/11 conspiracy theory into tatters. I would like to congratulate this author - Bill Whitehouse - on a highly intelligent, thoroughly researched, thought-provoking work of analysis. I am myself an Oxford Doctor of Philosophy and can recognise sound analytical reasoning when I encounter it. I encounter it here in the excellent 'Framing 9/11'.
(reviewed 86 days after purchase)

Review by: Kendra Blewitt on June 18, 2011 :
In my opinion this book is disinfo. I am moderately well read regarding the 9/11 question. Regarding the assertion or “news” that no real airplanes struck the Twin Towers, Christopher Bollyn told me in an e-mail that the “no planers” were disinfo people. I am not socially connected with any of these people, however I suspect that Gage, Jones, Hoffman and Paul share this sentiment, as I do. Disinformation is not accidentally false opinion acquired in a sincere quest for truth. Disinformation is a political act; it is totally distinct from any pursuit of truth or knowledge. It is the deliberate introduction of false belief into the minds of the members of an activist group with the intention of doing harm to the group as a political entity. Sadly, this is done everywhere these days. It appears to be standard procedure. Spies and false news make trust difficult, and without trust are great acts possible? The Judy Wood energy ray theory is also disinfo, in my opinion. According to this theory the three WTC buildings that came down were destroyed by a secret military weapon that could fire a ray from a satellite that would vaporize steel on the earth below. Two points here: (1) If the existence along with the particulars of this hypothetical weapon are classified, there can be no documents proving its existence or stating its capabilities made available to the public. (2) The energy involved in producing a ray that would vaporize steel from outer space, losing energy as it penetrated the earth’s atmosphere, is so enormous that the hypothetical weapon is impossible, according to scientific opinion I have seen. I think this book is clearly disinfo. It is worth reading in case you want to study disinfo in order to be able to better recognize it when you encounter it in the future. Otherwise reading this book is a waste of time.
(reviewed 36 days after purchase)

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