Tina's Revenge

Tina's Rvenge, a short story for teens. Every girl wants the most popular boy in school to notice them. But Tina was having a time getting Zach Taylor to pay any attention to her.
Zach liked Jennifer, the cheerleader. What could Tina do to get his attention? And who was the geek that kept helping her all the time?

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Hi folks!

Thanks to my good friend and great cover artist, Sheri McGathy I am able to get some children's books out now. I guess you are wondering wny. Well, children's books don't sell on line as well as other books so getting covers for them is hard at a reasonable price. I hope you'll enjoy them and read them to your children. Reading to your children is an old-fashioned thing, mothers and fathers have been doing it for years. When a parent takes the time to do this, they'll find their children garner more respect and a closer bond with their parent. My Issues series is meant for just that. It has a little of everything, comedy, serious to the joys of life. I'll be offering these in audio too so you can put these on while you drive your children to school. Even though life is much busier now, there are so many ways to do things. Audio is really a gift from God, as it makes good use of your time.

Okay, since a good many of you have taken advantage of the freebies, I will leave the Christmas books up for sale but the other go back to the same price except for Bad Day for a Killing. That one will remain on sale.

I told you I was going to take a breather from writing, and I am but I am also working on editing, getting my books more in order over at Amazon and getting some I've written out. Teach Me Your Love is now released. Actually, it's more work than I imagined, but next year will be better because of it. My next book in the Dream Catcher Series is Finding Her, about a woman who was captured as a child by the Indians and raised by them. She takes an Indian brave for her husband and he's killed by the whites. So now she helps leads her people in battle against the whiles. She's called the White Silver Fox, and Aiden McCall is supposed to find her and bring her in to be hung as an example. But can he do it when everything within him says it's wrong.

As for a bio, suffice it to say, I'm a Texan tried and true. I have grown children and grandchildren and already some great-grandchildren.I've done multi jobs in my lifetime giving me a variety of experiences to write and talk about. I've done many different kinds of work from Texas Instruments, to City of Garland, to working for the Wylie Independent School District. I've worked for a hat factory, filing insurance claims, secretarial work, to waitress. My writing reflects my varied background. Another note I've had a in home day care for twenty years too. So when I write about something I have a general knowledge of it too, which is a real bonus for me. Just like my public work, my writing varies too from contemporary to historical, I write romance, thrillers, childrens. A lot of people might say gee, that's a lot of different jobs, and it is, but, I've learned from them all, and I use that experience in my writing.

I want to thank all the readers over a length of time that have tried some of my books. I hope I've enlightened and entertained you. I hope I've shared some love in this world. Sharing love can't be bad, it's God given.

My sincere wish is that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas and we all look forward to having a good next year. I thank all of you for being with me all this time and I am working on books, but not too hard during the holidays. Unless I get wound up, which I sometimes do.

Merry Christmas to you all.

God bless.

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