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Book 1 of The Willden Trilogy:

Rumors are spreading about a new race called Rojuun. They appeared from the depths of the mountains eight hundred years ago with the intention of taking over the world. Tathan of the Shadows has been charged with learning more about them. However, he must learn more about his very unusual companions before he can succeed. More
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About John H. Carroll

John H. Carroll was the youngest of seven children and was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1970 where he was kept in a dresser drawer with the clean socks. Luckily, he wasn’t kept with the dirty socks or else he might have grown up to become slightly warped.
As a child, John spent most of his time wandering through the Mojave Desert in an attempt to avoid people. He would stare at the sky, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. One of his favorite memories is watching his dad build the fuselage of Evel Kneivel’s skycycle in their garage. One of his least favorite moments was watching that skycycle fall into the Snake River. (Not his dad’s fault and he has documentation to prove it, so nyah)
As a teenager, John spent most of his time driving wherever he could in an attempt to avoid people. He would stare at the road, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. He was the captain of the chess team, lettered in golf and band while in high school, and wasn’t beaten up anywhere near as much as one might imagine.
As an adult, John spends most of his time staring at a computer screen in an attempt to avoid people. He stares at the monitor for hours, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. Occasionally, he looks around to see what’s happening on planet Earth. Quite frankly, it frightens him. He’s just going to do his best to write as many books as he can before aliens disintegrate humanity for being so irritating.
Emo bunny minions surround John at most times. He is their imaginary friend and they look to him for guidance. At one point, they took over the world. No one noticed because they left everything exactly as it was. They gave the world back after a week because it was depressing.
The Ryallon Series is his most popular endeavor into the field of writing. His Stories for Demented Children have lightened the hearts of many strange children and adults. He writes in the evenings and weekends whenever possible.

About the Series: Willden Trilogy
The Willden Trilogy is an epic fantasy that follows the adventures of Tathan and his companions through the Willden Forest and into the depths of the world. A new race called Rojuun has appeared in the world and is threatening to make humans their servants. It is the companions’ task to learn more and perhaps rescue a princess if they have the time.

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Also in Series: Ryallon

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Review by: Victoria Zigler on Aug. 30, 2015 :
This book is very well-written, and extremely entertaining and amusing to read. The plot is nicely paced, and the characters are interesting.
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Review by: THG StarDragon Publishing on March 3, 2013 :
I absolutely loved this book. It has an excellent blend of seriousness and humor. Some of the humor was a bit contemporary, which some might find off-putting. However, the reader is encouraged to remember that this story might not even be our planet. I greatly enjoyed seeing how Tathan shows himself to not be that bad (or serious) of a person despite his dark past (which is alluded to, but never fully laid out, which makes it that much more mysterious).

The budding romance between Vevin and Liselle was very well done, in my opinion. It made a good counterbalance to the weightier concerns in the story.

The foreign names I found very intriguing, and felt that they helped add reinforcement to the premise of the people and species being different. I did not have any problem with pronouncing the names. I found them rather well laid out. This might be because I study several languages whenever I can, instead of trying to keep myself immersed in one culture. So someone else might have a harder time, but there are not enough of these that should trip anyone reading.

I was first introduced to the author's writings through his short stories, and I was very happy to see how well he did with the light, irreverently serious tone of his writing voice in a longer work, and will be getting the next book of the series after I've got all my necessaries taken care of.

>.> Devin was my favorite character. I really loved the way he was always expressing his emotion and finding out more about the dragons of this world.
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Review by: Pellia Ony on Nov. 2, 2012 :
The characters are absolutely wonderful, and I loved each of them. The plot and wonderful characters made this a page-turner for me. Some of the dialog and general style of writing was distracting for me - at times I felt it was inconsistent - but easy enough to learn to accept as this writer's voice.
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Review by: TryingOutSmashwords on Oct. 19, 2012 :
Thoroughly enjoyed this book! I'd also love to play an rpg in this setting!
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Review by: T Pierce on Aug. 13, 2012 :
Couldn't buy or read the other two fast enough!
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Review by: Marisa Brown on July 12, 2012 :
John has a way of creating characters that you can identify with, and "heros" (I use the term loosely!) that aren't larger than life, or perfect in any way. His stories are interesting and engaging, and I think he's one of the best new authors emerging today! The entire set of stories from the world of Ryallon are wonderful stories, and each is better than the last. I highly recommend reading them all!
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Review by: gardenman on March 13, 2012 : (no rating)
I just finished this book. I enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to reading the others in the series. I hope to be able to get them soon.
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Review by: Amanda Loo on March 12, 2012 :
Well written plot and interesting characters.After reading it, I feel satisfaction.Thank you for the great work.
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Review by: Prudence MacLeod on March 2, 2012 :
It is time for another book review and this time I want to tell you about Rojuun by John H. Carroll. I quite enjoyed this little flight of fantasy. Rojuun is John first book, and also the first in a three part series. John is a natural storyteller, and sets up an interesting cast of characters. There is the rogue thief, the ghost of a long dead knight, the dragon in human form, and the naive country girl with a serious talent for magic.
John sends this unlikely troupe out into a magical forest filled with druids, abandoned cities, castles, and underground cities built by alien creatures. This is a rollicking good tale with dangers lurking around every corner for our adventurers. Great fun.
The only rough spots here are the unpronounceable names and occasionally a little too much description, but these things are minor. I give this five stars for a debut novel.
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Review by: ericson llorca on Feb. 2, 2012 :
i love this book!! can't stop reading to the end. i know now what rojuuns are... great read. thanks :-)
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Review by: Sharon Mc Govern on Jan. 27, 2012 :
I just finished this book. I really appreciate Mr. Carroll's style of writing and the humor his works contain. I have just purchased the "Willden Trilogy" and am looking forward to "finishing" the adventure.
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Review by: stkatzgm on Dec. 5, 2010 :
Carroll's first novel is a tale filled with magic and adventure. It will draw you in and carry you forward as you join Tathan and his beautiful cousin Liselle as they leave the serenity of their home valley to explore the world. They join with a pair of quirky characters that they meet along the way, and the four find themselves fighting for their lives and the lives of the Rojuun in a land deep inside the earth. The journey forges the bonds of their friendship as they learn just what they and each other are made of.

A well-paced novel with diverse, believable characters and lands that come to life through skillful description, Rojuun doesn't disappoint.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)

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