Summa Sophialogica, Volume 1

The Summa Sophialogica is a comprehensive humanist reworking of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica. The rhetorical and logical organization of this work is identical to the original, as is its scope--which incorporates an examination of all sentient morality and experience. However, the author has recast the questions posed and the answers given herein to suit a non-theistic audience. Part 1 of 4. More
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About f bonzo Moretti

Born with a caul on the 29th of February, f bonzo moretti has always experienced life through a different lens. In his public works—the Summa Sophialogica and the biography of line—he offers part of that unique perspective to us all.
After his family’s bait and tackle business collapsed in the early 60’s, fbonzo escaped from the mean streets of Mercer Island, seeking fortune and meaning. His travels led him from Mukilteo to Tucson, where he was befriended by an itinerate group of Gallic existentialists—themselves exiles from the unforgiving and violent world that was the European vie d’idee after the death of Sartre.
Perhaps inevitably, these connections brought the young Washingtonian to Paris, matriculation at the Sorbonne and eventually, during wunderjahr jaunts through Swabia and Piedmont, the unearthing of his patrilineal legacy—the Moretti process of auric extraction.
Hot with gold fever, he returned to Arizona, secured a property southwest of Chiricahua, and reopened an ancient shaft in search of the elusive yellow sponduits.
His efforts met with success. Using only goat’s milk and diatomaceous earth, and working from the basis of the unconventional Moretti process, fbonzo perfected his completely non-toxic extraction and purification techniques of the precious metal. It was slow work, but a modest financial future was now secure.
Always the autodidact, the now rather well set-up young man turned his attention to the burgeoning digital world. Gritty life experience and his formal training in Paris (there he had won his way to an assistantship with Doctore Hermann Tzidowicz, the ne plus ultra of semiotic syllogisms [Perhaps infected during his sojourn on the Left Bank, fbonzo self-describes as a vehement anti-post-structuralist—to the point that he sometimes claims that he is a “proto-structural revisionist.” He has repeatedly stated that the post-structuralist attacks on the “old school” that are based on the proposition that all extant culture is, per se and per ser, artificial is itself an Ouroborean tautology that ironically and actually proves the original point of structural epistemology—that structure and pattern underlie and inform existence.]) combined and he began studying the world of the seen, unseen. He was on his way to becoming a steganographer.
For over three decades now, fbonzo has split his time between the Spartan surroundings of his mining shack, where he embraces the austere, hard manual work of striking stone and milking goats, and the recaptured family compound on Mercer Island. There, near his wife, son and daughter, and the scriptorium that he rarely leaves, he labors on the final million words of the Summa Sophialogica and on his upcoming fictional vigintisexology, the twenty-six volumes of the biography of line.
Occasionally incapacitated by a virulent streak of gemmaephobia, the reclusive islander fortifies his will with a strict diet that includes infusions of Bacidia Rosellizans, a Siberian lichen that he cultivates and that his research indicates may have been used by early Pythagoreans.

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