Deconstructing Monsanto

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Whether you are curious about genetically modified food, or you are a food warrior trying to change people’s opinions on GMO, you will find this mini-book helpful. Written as a conversation between two people, this book is easy to read but yet filled with detailed information on GMO technology, labeling, testing, health risks, and above all, Monsanto's history and corrupting influence. More

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About Chris Kanthan

Chris Kanthan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has traveled to more than 30 countries, and deeply cares about politics, finance and food. He has degrees in Physics and Engineering with a minor in Economics (and, just for fun, a diploma in Paralegal).

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Review by: Antje Cobbett on May 07, 2013 :
Thank you, Chris, for making this book available for such a good price! Well written and absolutely factual, I was glad to be able to read the basic points against Monsanto again. Here in Spain hardly anybody has heard of Monsanto, but all the farmers are using Round-up, it's given to them for free!

With your book in hand I'm ever more empowered to get into a discussion with people and tell them to proactively make moves to stop this corporate bullying. It is very difficult to raise awareness and getting people to take action.

Yes, we have labelling of GMO products in Europe but I ask what is the point if no alternative is available. So I have to grow my own. It is difficult, but step by step I get things going.

I have also noticed breeding problem with my animals if I feed them on corn. First I was puzzled as I never had any problems before, but then I changed their diets to the most natural/organic possible and there are no breeding problems anymore.

I myself started to get a really bad allergy in spring although I'm healthy, don't have colds and other little ailments, so I was puzzled. Yes, my new neighbor is using this "biodegradable" herbicide and although I obviously can't prove it, I think it has caused this allergy.

Biodegradable is also a lie. I mean anybody who can think straight would question this as poisonous chemicals simply don't disappear into thin air or into the soil without doing harm. But there are no data available on how long those biodegradable chemicals remain in the soil until mother earth is capable of destroying them.

I will sign up shortly with the Affiliate program of Smashwords and then I will help you market your book, it is so worth it.

I'm not a fighter anymore, I'm so tired of knowing the truth and not being able to do anything about it because of mob rules. All I can do is carry on trying to raise awareness and I will.

And in autumn I will be able to publish my own ebook right here on Smashwords! See you then! :)

Sunny greetings from Spain!

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