Why Are You Still A Slave

WAYSAS is one of the few books about money that does not tell you how to make it. What you will learn, is how to understand it! Then you will have as much of it as you want.
Anyone can write a book about how they made money in business, property or shares but the truth is, unless you understand money, these vehicles will never lead you to it. Reading books like this is akin to reading about how so More

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About Peter Johnson

I have always been driven to succeed and I am not sure why because it is
not an aspiration that my parents had. I used to sell everything as a
kid, I mean I sold my finger painting from pre school.
When I was a child, people asked "What do you want to do when you grow
up?", I always said a property tycoon or wealthy business man but when I
got to high school, I could not find them in the careers guide books but
priest was? So you can make a living out of renouncing money but not
making it?
I was always good at communicating verbally and my childhood is filled
with great adventures of selling this or that. One time I remember crying
when I came home from school because they would not let me take home more
than 15 boxes of chocolates to sell over the holidays. I did sell 46
boxes of chocolate that year for the school and single-handedly won the
class prize and a TV for the most personal sales. The next year, I
consigned $5000 dollars worth of chocolate in my own name to raise $2500
for the Bible Society of QLD and rode my bike sum 2000 km as part of the
bike for Bible’s fund raiser.
But I had a problem, you see I really could not read at school and by the
time I was in year 10 of my state funded day care and brain washing. I
still could not read a page out of a book aloud and have anyone
understand what I said! I was so illiterate at 15 that I remember asking
my mate why their was computer parking at the train station! He laughed
and it was years before I found out that it was Commuter Parking.
The first book out of school that I read was think and grow rich, I
forced myself through one page every night for the year that it took me
to read it. That was 15 minutes to read the page and 15 minutes to look
up all the words in the dictionary. I still could not say most of the
words but I read them in my head the same way and I knew what they meant.
Now I still can not read aloud very well but I am very good at
remembering what I have read. When you spend so much time reading
something, you make sure you remember it.
My first business was a little successful and I decided then to take $200
a week of my turnover and spend it on my education. As it took so long to
read a book I was careful which ones I started to read and I did a book
review on each one. I also committed on faith to do at least one thing
out of each book. Now because reading was so slow I went to a lot of
seminars, at least 2 free once a week and some paid ones. If I did not
have the money for the seminar I would sell something I owned or put it on my visa but I knew I had to get the information fast.

Things were a bit slow when I was 23 and nothing big had happened yet, I
had read the books but something was missing. I got one of the best
financial planners in Brisbane to come to talk to me ($500 per hour, so I
thought he would be good) and see if he could steer me in the right
direction. Well the first thing he did was ask when I wanted to retire
and I very quickly replied 25 year old. As this had been my goal since 18
year old and it was still looking doubtful which is why I had called him.
He asked how old I was now and then proceeded to tell me that he could
not make that plan for me and why. I did it anyway! And He never billed
me for the lack of advise.
Then I chanced on a seminar that showed me how to borrow money and after
that I brought my first house. Then I brought my second house at 24 and
my 3rd 6 months later and my 4th at 25 year old. Now I had just made 1000
000 dollars in real-estate in 2 years, so I retired. Not from life but
from working for money. People say why didn’t you keep making money but
all I thought at the time, was that my parents were retiring and they had
less money than me, so that’s what I did!
I was very used to being the youngest person in the room but when I
retired I was the only person in the room. I went on a cruise ship 1/2
way around the world and found out that no one my age does that! My wife
and I were constantly being asked to get old people drinks and we were
the only people in the night club after 10pm! So I decided that more
young people need to know this stuff. Why wait till your old to enjoy
your life? I have been talking to every one that I have meet for the last
10 years about this and WAYSAS is just the summary of every thing people
have asked me about making money.
Since then I have done some fantastic things, that most people only ever
dream of and life has been fun. I have stopped making the big money and
focused on more personal rewards within my family. Now even my boys have
their own business and at 11 years old my oldest has $2000 capital that
he manages and has dream is to retire like dad at 18 years old, which I
think he will do.

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