Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend

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Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend is a stand alone short story.
Joshua is a manager at FishBurgers who walks home alone every evening. One night, he comes across an unusual blue-haired woman sitting on a bench. He's thrown for a loop when she tells him where she's from, but he doesn't mind.
Sometimes love can be a little quirky, sometimes it can be a lot quirky. More
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About John H. Carroll

John H. Carroll was the youngest of seven children and was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1970 where he was kept in a dresser drawer with the clean socks. Luckily, he wasn’t kept with the dirty socks or else he might have grown up to become slightly warped.
As a child, John spent most of his time wandering through the Mojave Desert in an attempt to avoid people. He would stare at the sky, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. One of his favorite memories is watching his dad build the fuselage of Evel Kneivel’s skycycle in their garage. One of his least favorite moments was watching that skycycle fall into the Snake River. (Not his dad’s fault and he has documentation to prove it, so nyah)
As a teenager, John spent most of his time driving wherever he could in an attempt to avoid people. He would stare at the road, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. He was the captain of the chess team, lettered in golf and band while in high school, and wasn’t beaten up anywhere near as much as one might imagine.
As an adult, John spends most of his time staring at a computer screen in an attempt to avoid people. He stares at the monitor for hours, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. Occasionally, he looks around to see what’s happening on planet Earth. Quite frankly, it frightens him. He’s just going to do his best to write as many books as he can before aliens disintegrate humanity for being so irritating.
Emo bunny minions surround John at most times. He is their imaginary friend and they look to him for guidance. At one point, they took over the world. No one noticed because they left everything exactly as it was. They gave the world back after a week because it was depressing.
The Ryallon Series is his most popular endeavor into the field of writing. His Stories for Demented Children have lightened the hearts of many strange children and adults. He writes in the evenings and weekends whenever possible.

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Reviews of Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend by John H. Carroll

Kevin A. Lyons reviewed on Aug. 12, 2015

More a vignette than an actual story, but a good short read nonetheless.

The boyfriend, Joshua, is a bit of a loner. He's an underachiever who works at a fast food joint -- and not a top of the line one at that. Not much of a spoiler, but he's a bit of an alien, himself.

I enjoyed it.
(review of free book)
Victoria Zigler reviewed on Oct. 6, 2014

Great story concept, excellent writing style, and wonderful character creation. I only had one issue with this book: the ending was much too abrupt, leaving me with a feeling that I didn't really know the end of the story.
(reviewed 2 years after purchase)
Catherine G. reviewed on July 28, 2014

I got this for free on Smashwords. Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend by John H. Carroll tells the story of a fast food employee who meets an alien girl. She's surprised because people aren't usually meant to see her, yet, for some reason he can. They talk to each other about their lives.

I kind of liked it, but it was a bit dull and the story didn't really lead anywhere interesting. I liked the premise of the story, but I just feel like not enough was explained. For that reason, I didn't particularly like any of the characters, but didn't particularly dislike them either. There just wasn't much to go on. As a story, I think it has all the intention of being memorable, but it's just not interesting enough to be that way.
(review of free book)
Indie Ebook Guru reviewed on Dec. 18, 2013

This has the potential to become a very intriguing Sci Fi novel if the author is ever compelled to embellish on this tale of intergalactic love. The author's writing style is solid but the overall plot left many questions unanswered due to Mariella's lack of knowledge ie: why is Earth Forbidden? It would be great to see this story fleshed out a bit more. Well done, a great story!
(review of free book)
J.A. Heath reviewed on Nov. 16, 2013

A fun story, well worth a read on a lazy afternoon.
(review of free book)
yeiring reviewed on Jan. 15, 2013

I was rooting for them and although I wanted more of their romance, the outcome left me satisfied. I am, though, very curious about Mariella and wondering if meeting Joshua changed her even more. Great little story about living in the moment.
(review of free book)
S. Michael Choi reviewed on Dec. 4, 2012

the second Carroll I've read. again, same feeling, I will echo some of Hickory Cole's comments, certain sentences, lines should be pared down, but more skillful than most of the stuff on Smashwords. capture of a certain kind of sentiment the best point; some weak spots (a phrase here, a word choice there) do not otherwise mar a solid 4****
(review of free book)
Hickory Cole reviewed on Nov. 18, 2012

There were parts of Carroll's writing style I really enjoyed and parts I found to be a little too cheesy even though most of those instances he called out himself. I wasn't as sold on the story itself as much as all the other reviewers but I would definitely read more from this author.
(review of free book)
J D Goldin reviewed on Nov. 6, 2011

I love it, and read it all.
(review of free book)
Nelson Robison reviewed on Oct. 16, 2011

This story was well written and captured the moment when a person finally sees the girl of his dreams. It shows the depth to which a person can sink before finding the true love of their life.
I was engrossed in the story the minute I picked it up, it draws you in and gives you a sense of the lostness of people today. I am amazed that John is not a well known and fantastically rich writer by now.
(review of free book)
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