10 Commandments for Loving YOU!

Loving you is not a luxury, it is mandatory and it is so sweet to be about you!

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About TR Johnson

TR Johnson is an influencer! Through prayer, reading and inner reflection she recently discovered her passion to influence others through her writing.

A Georgia Realtor and Entrepreneur, TR helps professionals tap into their inner energy for growth.

TR coined the universal inspiring action-driven principles for loving, learning and laughing, The 8 Snippets. These Snippets are the energy of her writing and are renewing life enrichment cycles.

TR's writing has blossomed into The Snippets Network (TSN); a company with a vision to "keep hearts fed", both human and business hearts.

TR considers herself a life-long learner and educator and writes for personal growth. It is her sincere desire to educate, inspire, inform and entertain others to always better their best.

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