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Sheep and Cows have been the dominant species’ on the planet for eons. With their superior intellect and cultural sociological ideals they have lived together peacefully for generations.
That was until the appearance of the mythical ‘hairless apes’. More

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About Martin D Rothery

Martin Rothery (AKA Damon Rathe) started creative writing in September 2008 after enrolling on a creative writing course at the local college wanting to develop his writing style and ideas and has never looked back since.
By June 2009 he had joined the Holmfirth Writers' Group and March 2010 he became the treasurer.
After having had a few poems published, an article in a cat magazine and self published his first charity book Nonagenarians in remembrance of his grandparents and their writing, everything had been leading up to the first defining moment - the release of COWS!, his first novel.
Since then, in 2012 he's started his own independent publishing company, Fishcake Publications (, released and co-authored another book of short stories, Souls of Darkness, under the pen name of Damon Rathe, published the prequel to Cows! titled Sheep and has just released his first full novel under the guise of Damon Rathe called Human Rights: Undead Set on Living.
Preferring to write children's stories and horror/fantasy/sci-fi he likes to release the former under his own name and the latter under his writing pseudonym. Damon Rathe is the dark side of Martin Rothery that sometimes wishes to be let out.
Martin is also an illustrator and cover designer and has done the covers for COWS!, Sheep, County Tales, Murgatroyd's Christmas Club, Human Rights and A Fistful of Marigolds as well as some of the internal images for Souls of Darkness. This allows him to do all the work in house at Fishcake Publications.
He often does workshops for children in the local community (if this of interest, please get in touch) and Huddersfield Libraries and has recently been involved with the Pageturners Festival in Huddersfield and will be involved in some way at the Holmfirth Arts Festival in 2014. He also loves going on residential writing weekends like the ones run by the National Association of Writers Groups and can usually be found at the Wentworth Castle, Barnsley retreat every year.
In the future, as well as continuing to write, Martin is excited to be working with a host of debut novelists as an editor and bringing new authors into the spotlight as a publisher very soon.

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Veronica Sievers reviewed on July 26, 2013

Okay just to clear something up this is Martin D. Rothery's second book but this is the prequel to COWS! not the sequel. Well I am begining to think that this series might be a way to make people angry about the things that the humans are doing to the animals in these book and convert them to become vegan or vegterian. Well if I am right I have to say that I don't know if I can be converted no matter how upset I get I hate to put this out there but I love steak. I could eat it everyday. Okay now back to my review I read COWS! to my two little girls and they loved it we are actually working through Little Women at the moment but after finishing it we are going to read this book. I thought the story was very colorful and creative. Overall I like this series and I am curious to see what the author can come up with next.
(reviewed 16 days after purchase)
Heather Pfingsten reviewed on July 24, 2013

Sheep is a well written, unique story, with colorful words that really bring the characters that we meet to life. Rothery has a way of endearing animals to us in a way that almost made me angry with the humans. Yes, that’s right, this meat eating human actually got a little miffed at the actions of the humans in this book. Hmmm… I am starting to wonder if Rothery is a vegetarian/vegan and this is all a conspiracy. That’s may be something to think about!

Although I didn’t find Sheep to be quite as amusing as COWS! I was still drawn in by Rothery’s slapstick humor and sustained focus to detail. Also, I absolutely adore the names of each one of the animals… I am befuddled and jealous of Rothery’s creativity. He is a genius mind that has been waiting to break free and I believe these novels have allowed him to do just that.

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(reviewed 17 days after purchase)
Sally Guillen reviewed on July 17, 2013

Martin D Rothery is the best animal psychic I've ever heard of. Psychics are the ones that talk to things, correct? Well either way he happens to be able to see into the minds of barnyard animals, aka dinner. Yea, that's right I said dinner, although it wasn't always that way. There was a time where cows and sheep ruled the world! Yea I know it's hard to see a hamburger and lamb chop leading anything, but it's true. Martin R got it straight out of the sheep's mouths. This book is a must read if you're wanting to find out the real history of man.

Okay so it's not really a reference type book and shouldn't really be taken seriously. Sheep and cows are known to be sworn enemies, everyone knows that. Sheep just happen to keep cows around because they offer protection. You know if you are going up against a human, who do you think will look more appetizing? The tiny little furball or a delicious huge steak? Yea, I thought so. I almost felt so horrible when the cows and sheep started dropping like flies when man first realized they would be good to eat...almost. Oh and if you think football was a human creation, think again. You've also probably never even noticed how sneaky sheep and cows are because of...camouflage. Yup, another thing you thought men came up with.

Martin D Rothery really brings barnyard animals to life in such a funny way. You will definitely be cracking up throughout the book. It's well written and I would highly recommend it as a great summer read.
(reviewed 26 days after purchase)
Linda Skinner reviewed on July 16, 2013
(no rating)
This a very entertaining book where the cows, sheep and red squirrels fight a battle and in the end have derision among their clans. Martin Rothery is a great storyteller. This is an easy read and great for children. I plan to share this with my grandsons.
(reviewed 25 days after purchase)
Renee Hardimon reviewed on June 27, 2013

The name of the book had me curious and eager to find out what it was really about. I thought it would have been about sheep and their history, more of what you would find in a reference book. How wrong was I? It was quite an interesting story and a good read. Aside from some grammatical errors, it was a very captivating story. It wasn't too long so I was able to finish it in 2 days, and that's with having 3 children lol. I believe the target audience for this book though would be an older child to young teen.f you are looking for a feel good book with an innovative twist, this is your book.

Now, I look forward to also finding the other volume "Cows" both published by Fishcake Publications (
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Britney Visser reviewed on June 24, 2013

This book was very interesting. I really enjoyed the imagination brought into this book. Sheep is a book in the view of an animal. It is so interesting to think about what animals can think of us as humans and this book does just that. Sheep is a fun book. This book is an excellent reader of small chapter book for children. There are some big words contained in this book so it would be more suitable for older children. Sheep contains action and adventure in the eyes of animals. It also expresses the emotions of animals that we may never think about. Sheep is a fun book and if you like books about animals or think you would like to hear more of an animal's point of view then I recommend this book for you. I really enjoyed reading this book.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)

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