The Proposition

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The first book in the Abagail Moss series. Abagail is asked to help a family friend get back millions of dollars from a dangerous criminal. Abby is pulled into one dangerous situation after another trying to help her friend. She finds out that not everything is what it seems when she meets the man of her dreams. Will she make it out alive?
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  • Category: Fiction » Romance » Suspense
  • Words: 60,080
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781301238330
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Hardworking mother of one boy.

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Review by: Judy Human on July 24, 2013 : (no rating)
Storyline does not make sense. Abigail has no backbone, I mean none. Stupid thought processes on her part even women in 1785 has better ordered thought processes. A strong loving mother daughter relationship, but a dithering ???? year old girl? I mean I love a guy but do not know my worth, cannot take control of what I want? the year is 2013.....! minus zero stars
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Review by: David Blake on June 5, 2013 :
Why is Abigail referred to as Abagail in the preview description?

Anyway, I digress. The book: It's about 65% dialogue, 30% actions, and the small remainder reserved for description and thoughts, so it almost reads more like a script than a true novel. I'm guessing the author finds describing things in detail a bit of a strain and skimps on that part of the writing process. Unfortunately it's gotta be done!

In terms of plot structure the story was quite good, it progressed nicely, maintained interest and had a few nice twists along the way. The whole 'plan' seemed rather vague though, although Abby is supposedly to be used as bait I never really understood how the trap was to be sprung, as such, and when Merritt was chased out of Portland I was left wondering why Paul and Nick couldn't have just done that in the first place without roping Abby in.

There were some instances of certain words or expressions being used too frequently, the vocabulary maybe needed to be more varied. And in the opening chapter, for instance, the narrative explains Paul's connection to Abby, only for Abby to then repeat the very same information to Nick a few paragraphs later, rendering the former explanation unnecessary to the reader.

For a dialogue-heavy piece, it was very lucky that the dialogue was so lively. The banter between the characters seemed natural and was often witty, as were Abigail's frequent thoughts aside. I really liked the humour in this tale, Abby was a fun character to take us along on her ride and I enjoyed the developing dynamic between her and Nick. (I agree with the previous reviewer, though - after the constant teasing as to whether or not Abby and Nick would 'get it on', the actual event needed a little more than just "we made love for hours". It doesn't have to be graphic, but for a key moment in the story, it needed some impact.)

So yes, while this could do with a lot more polish, it was still a fun, exciting, sexy adventure story, and it set things up very nicely for a sequel, which I await with keen interest.
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Review by: hrhsophia on May 23, 2013 :
Okay I appreciate the absence of BDSM, sparkly vampires and wizards but still this was an instance of throwing a lot of stuff to see what stuck. Where to begin, okay the proposition itself, really that much money and surprise it is not legal! Abby's constantly changing attitude to the escalating violence was enough for whiplash. The constant almost passionate encounters was a huge letdown when actually followed through and warranted a bare mention. Her role in the whole story was flimsy at best and useless for the most part. Paul's character was never developed and Nick just came over as a tease. I think I will stop here as I am pretty annoyed with myself right now.Oh wait on the plus side now that every story seems to be set in Seattle/Oregon the tourism must be through the roof!
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