I'm George, mwm, 52

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I'm George and I just found out that my wife has been having sex with another man.

The curious thing is that she is very conventional and thinks cheating is wrong. But in her black and white world, and with her 'women are never wrong' mindset, she knows that somehow I am to blame.

My attempts to open our marriage have always fallen on deaf ears, but now things are getting
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About George Everyman

I'm George, mwm, 52. I wrote this book because I found out that my wife has been cheating on me. I have tried to hide my identity but I'm getting to the point that I can't remember where I have said what on line. This is a bad place for me to be because if Abby (the wife) ever connects the dots and finds this book and reads it, I'm in very big trouble.

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Lori M reviewed on on March 3, 2013

I didn't know what category to put this book into so I decided not to categorize it. Definitely never read a book like it! It is written in the first-person style (by George!). George writes as though he is talking to you and I liked that aspect of it specifically because of the content. George is a husband and father. However, he finds himself living quite the quandary. While finding out his 24 year old marriage has been, in part, with a cheating wife he takes you through his very personal emotions about this and how he feels about it. If you have not read this book you will not be surprised that he isn't your average husband and is willing to embrace his wife's choice. He then flat out opens all his feelings on just about everything surrounding his life.

I would have to imagine that this is a real story because I can't imagine it being made up. As a female, I really like George or, perhaps, his way of explaining every detail of his feelings and laying everything on the line. This book has humor, real life situations, philosophy and much more. There were many times (because George rambles on relentlessly with very long run-on sentences) whereby I didn't think I would finish the book or I would just fast forward to the end. Instead, I stuck with it so as not to miss anything and glad I did. I was somewhat disillusioned about 80% through the book because I felt cheated (how ironic considering the nature premise of the book being adultery) when George revealed all is not as it seems. But it was the truth so I had to give him that. I am thankful for the free read and I hope that George is doing okay today. He mentioned a goal for 2012 so I hope he accomplished it.

I wish I had read this book a year ago for one simple reason -- I needed the commonsense kick in the butt that is offered on the last page to every reader. How to treat your spouse every day in every way. I lost my husband very unexpectedly in a split second in June of 2012 and my regrets are many. I have never loved anyone so much in my entire life (besides my parents and grandparents) but I could have done so much more regarding the way I treated my beloved; especially re: respect and dignity in an OUTWARD way and much much much more often. If I could turn back time I would have read the last page of I'm George, mwm, 52 several times a day when my husband was alive, act upon those words, and perhaps still have him here with me today.
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SM Johnson reviewed on on Dec. 6, 2011

The inside of George's head is a non-linear thought process that ambles its way around many issues and ultimately comes around to a startling revelation.

In the beginning, George discovers that his wife of 24 years has had an affair. But George's internal reaction is not what you'd expect, it's better.

The way the narrator examines the "what ifs" and "maybe this or maybe that" is exactly the way my brain works - creating detailed explanations that change continually, based on what new information is discovered.

The author completely nails many aspects of what it's like to be married for 24 years to the same person. I found myself laughing out loud and reading passages to my husband. We totally get it.

I hope to see more from this writer. He has a wonderful talent of making an enjoyable read feel like a long conversation with a new friend.
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