Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds "The Simple Truth"

Jeffrey Archer is the one name related to Kurdish relief - Why? British Aid for the Kurd is the secret the government has kept hidden - until now. More

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About Lorraine Holloway-White

About the Author

Present Day:

In order to promote her books and herself, Lorraine set up two blogs called, A Sceptical Medium and Lorraine – the Blog. The first is about spiritual matters and brought about, A Sceptical Medium (Book One). The second blog is more about general life, but has also given some additional posts to A Sceptical Medium - book Two. She has done online readings worldwide from photographs and is fast gaining a reputation for being very accurate with her name being given to others on a daily basis as no one has to be present or their names known for her to ‘read’ for them accurately and usually with no charge being made.

Like most genuine and natural mediums, she enjoys success without the need to be in the media and her reputation with clients all over the world speaks for itself. She now does public speaking trying to educate people about real and fake mediumship, how she wants to see teaching methods changed and entertainment style shows stopped or at least recognised for what they really are. However, if it is necessary to be on television and become ‘a name’ in order to spread what she has to say about it all, then she would not hesitate to do it.

She has every confidence her books will be sold and read as her spirit helpers who inspired her to write them intend their words to be read worldwide. They will open doors for her and make sure as many people as possible read what they have to say. She has been told this will happen when the time is right. They also said her name would become known worldwide and that is already happening.

The author has two other sites called Authors on Show and AOS (, which she launched on May 16th 2010. In less than a month, her sites were being viewed in over 40 countries and 400 cities worldwide. Now those figures have doubled and with a team of volunteers who help run both sites, they aim to promote as many new and established writers as they can. In just seven months of Lorraine launching the sites, Authors on Show was nominated as one of the best blogs for writers in the world. They were selected out of over 500 sites nominated and reached the final twenty.

The Past:

Lorraine married at sixteen to a man who suffered from schizophrenia, which meant life wasn’t going to be easy. Neither she not her husband were aware of his problem at the time. That marriage produced a son, Philip who means the world to her. Sadly, the marriage came to an end after several years of trying to help her husband with his illness, but it wasn’t to be. In the most selfless act of love she has ever seen, he left her and his son in the U.K. returning to his home country of Canada.

The reason he gave was that he was scared he would do something awful to one of them and he loved them too much to take that chance. Sadly, his was a violent form of schizophrenia and they could never be sure what he would do to her next or when. A generous, kind and loving man when not taken over by the voices in his head, his life was blighted by the illness from which he sadly never fully recovered. He died last year and his memory is still held very dear to her and their son whom he met up with again in later years.

After several years alone, she re-married and found more problems ahead from various quarters which resulted in more problems for her, only this time from mental abuse at the hands of several people. This is all talked about in another book she is presently writing. She is still in that marriage and has now been married to her present husband for nearly 28 years.

In 1991, Lorraine founded and organised two major charities under the name of Lorraine Goodrich. One, Parcels for the Gulf supplied the armed forces during the first Gulf war and the second was an International relief aid agency called, British Aid for the Kurds that supplied £200 million of relief aid to the Kurdish people in the aftermath of that war. Due to this work, she appeared on television, in newspapers, did radio interviews regularly and even met Princess Diana on two occasions. The enormity of this achievement, meant she was thrown into the spotlight overnight and became very well know (albeit briefly).

Back to the present:

Her life has never stood still for very long and her many experiences are what help her understand many of the problems she sees others facing in their lives. Although a caring and generous person who loves to help others, she holds no prisoners and speaks her mind. Her straight talking shocks some who are not prepared for those who speak their minds in this manner.

She respects all beliefs and unbelief’s others have as long as they don’t hurt or mislead others, will answer any questions put to her about what she teaches and writes, but refuses to acknowledge the insults hurled by sceptics with totally closed minds who just like arguments. Any other sceptics who are genuinely seeking to be shown there just might be some truth in these matters are welcome to contact her at any time – after all, isn’t she too a sceptic?

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