Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired - Episode One: The Hotel Party

Adult Erotica
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Jynx is obsessively in love with Moctezuma. Unfortunately, he keeps sleeping with many other girls and she’s pissed at the sluts. She cannot stand the humiliation of knowing that he has broken her psychotic heart and left her in seedy meat-market pick-up joints. She concocts a plan to destroy his new supermodel girlfriend and return to his side. Will this plan work or will it backfire? More
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Mindy Naughty Book Snitch reviewed on on March 1, 2015

Well... Im not even sure how to review this. Moctezuma, Jynx and Jenny. Moctezuma seems to have a magical penis that makes women brainless Moctezuma Zombies. He is sticking is dick in every vagina, mouth or asshole he comes across.

Jynx is Moctezuma's match when it comes to kinky fuckery and will do anything he says to keep him all to herself. She became the accidental girlfriend when she never left his house. Jenny is the new naive cumslut that Moctezuma is currently fucking around with and she will blindly do anything he asks.

Jynx goes straight Sid and Nancy on Moctezuma and stabs him when she catches him with Jenny. Then from here it's all fuckety fuck, fuck, fuck, gang bangs and facials. Jynx is psycho and I'm a little afraid of her. Don't turn your back on her because she'll cut you without flinching.

So far there really is too much story except that there are two women fighting for the attention of Moctezuma's cock. So step right up and earn your redwings. We have anal, ass to mouth, gang bang, copious amounts of cum, psycho girlfriends and jealous stabbings. I have to admit it was a twisted turn on and I can't wait to move on and see what happens. This is not for everyone so please do approach with caution. Now on to the next one.

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Felicity Nichols reviewed on on Sep. 7, 2014

Jynx is hopelessly in love with Moctezuma willing to take whatever he gives her to prove her love. She is his dream girl and he cannot believe his luck that he scored her, unfortunately for him he keeps sleeping around and she's beyond furious at him.

Jenny is Moctezuma's piece of the week and both women are aware of each other. Neither is happy about the situation but they both feed off each other trying to out the other one.

At first Chronicles Of A Humiliation Backfired read as humourous to me. It felt like it was just someone writing out their deepest fantasies. I was disappointed but pushed on. The more I read the more I got involved due to the mental aspect. Jynx lets her emotions get the best of her and she is determined to keep Moctezuma to herself, she is psycho. That girlfriend that you never want because the moment you upset her, she'll kill you. Although this is heavily sexual the underlying message shows that trust is needed for a relationship to thrive and between the three of them I don't see Moctezuma buckling down to just one woman.
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Literary Chaos reviewed on on June 29, 2014

This book is a look into a psychotic relationship between two well-drawn characters. There is Jynx the curvy Korean bombshell with obsessive tendencies and there is Moctezuma taking advantage of girls everywhere he goes. When MJ leaves Jynx for a supermodel all hell breaks loose. This story is over-the-top and a lot of fun. Still, what really brought me into the episode was the real relationship between Jynx and MJ. It is a weird fatal attraction that made me want to read more. I'm off to the next episode.
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