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Vigilante is the first novel in a series of works featuring the character John Stanton and his family. A retired MI6 operative now a consulting security advisor settles in Australia chasing his wife and family he loves so dearly, lost to the fear of harms way. His wife, a media journalist, falls foul of people in Australian power. Stanton steps in and things are not as they seem. More
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About Brian Cain

Brian Cain was born in the South London UK in 1953, one of six boys to a military family and migrated to Australia in 1969 at the age of 15. His forty years in the mining industry began as a kitchen hand in a remote Australian mine in 1970. He worked his way up on plant and heavy equipment to supervisor, superintendant and management roles. He has travelled in Australia touching places few get to see. He plays drums, guitar and is an accomplished blues harmonica player. He is also a vocalist and songwriter, recording and releasing his own songs. He is a husband, father, grandfather and lives on the coast of the Fleurieu on Peninsula in South Australia. He also writes and publishes novels on a variety of topics drawing from his colourful life.

Also in Series: The Stanton Chronicles, the enforcer, driven by the love of two very different women.

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Review by: Penny Cavendish on July 3, 2014 :
Being part of the horse racing inudstry I stumbled on Flaxmead book 2 in the series first, they are well linked, great stories. In notice there is now 8 in the series, I shall read on.
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Review by: David Christmas on June 21, 2013 :
Review by David Christmas on 22nd June 2013
I can only agree with Clair Roxanna. Stanton outbonds Bond. I find it hard to believe that any government would turn a blind eye to such excessive slaughter, even under threat of exposure. The book could have been improved by careful proof reading - the lack of punctuation, especially in dialogue, together with typos (I trust that is what they were, eg loose instead of lose)spoiled what could have been a more enjoyable reading experience.
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Review by: Julie Harris on June 7, 2013 :
I have read the paperback of this novel one of my favourites some time ago, unfortunately I sold it on. The ebook version has been edited a little but not very much. I have also read others in the series; they are great stories that fit in with others publications in the series. The author is Australian not American, in Australia we call things by different names such as magazine clips, and found the first review to be misleading. Stanton moved his boat before disposing of his target it was anchored in Sydney Harbor Circular Quay but must have been moved to get to deep water and mentions nothing of dropping anchor at the new location, must be to do with deep water, he must have moved and had time because the sun was coming up, there is a jump in reference from late evening to early morning. The book mentions several times you would not want to go fishing with Stanton so I guess he had bar fridges, small units that hold no more than fifty kilo of concrete ready for such occasions, easily capable of carrying a body to the depths. Nor can I agree on the confusing way it is referred to as being written as distracting, get an Australian dictionary. I agree there is a great story in there that's why I read it and it's hardly my cup of tea. I think it's a guy's book but all my friends read it to the end and sourced further series publications.
I expected an extreme character upon reading the preface and that's what I found, I was sucked in by the story and found out more when reading others in the series. The advent of power with money and information is a weapon depicts reality, efficiency is not a scarcity. I was convinced Stanton was untouchable or he would be dead as often stated, bit like batman meets James Bond. There are times in the book I found the writing difficult but factual and found later these things were true. Such as reference to the Inuit Indians, losses at the battle of the Somme in the First World War, references to the Cadiche man amid aboriginal history and the stolen generation among aboriginals in Australia. I have been along the road from the airport to Karachi in Pakistan more than once, the authors depiction of it is spot on really got me interested, is there some truth in this story. This novel inspired me to research some things I was not sure of widening my knowledge of Australian and British history. I have also read 'The Sword and the Dagger' about an Irish pirate by this author and found the same thing. I am hooked on Mills and Boon romance; I have rows of them in my bookcase. This author writes great stories to make a point and does it well. I deduct I like this authors writing because he's Australian and writes Australian stories. I have never written a book review but was inspired to do so in this case, I'm Australian.
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Review by: Clair Roxanna on June 7, 2013 :
If authors are going to write about guns they MUST learn the basics before incorporating them in stories. There are no automatic pistols, they are semi-automatics. They also use magazines to hold the bullets, not clips.
When Stanton disposed of bodies at sea, he used a refrigerator filled with concrete. A cubic yard of concrete weighs approximately 4,000 lb. or 2 tons. If an average frige holds 1.5 cubic yards it would weigh over 3 tons. It would take a hell of a winch to lift that and pleasure yachts don't have that kind of equipment. Since he only learned of his targets arrival twelve hours earlier he must have been a busy boy to do all the prep as portrayed.
The writer said they were in water so deep only small submarines could reach the bottom. How and why was the boat anchored in such a depth? Doesn't make any sense. Did it have a mile or two of anchor cable?
The editing and sentence structure are bad. The writing is awkward and so confusing as to be a distraction. Lately I've read many novels where the writer doesn't know when to use passed and past. There is a difference, get a dictionary.
Stanton is way over the top. He owns mansions, islands, big yachts and four satellites in space. It's a bit much. He's brilliant and never gets out foxed or injured. He would be more interesting if he weren't so perfect, make him a little more human. There is little tension created because everything goes as planned without flaw. Life isn't like that.
In spite of the deficiencies there is a good story buried here. .
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