Brie Learns Restraint (After Graduation, #5)

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Brie is given the opportunity to work under the mastery of another Dom - an expert in bondage. During the unique arrangement she discovers truths about herself and several of her past trainers. A new passion is ignited when she participates in an erotic class of Kinbaku. Loyalties are challenged, but a clear winner emerges. Can Brie resist the seductive call of the rope? More

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Words: 22,790
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301968930
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I love romance and I love good sex. It is a healthy combination in real life. My books focus on the love and lust shared by couples.

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Review by: marla912 on June 14, 2013 :
Good books take me with them. Everything stops and I don't exist anymore. I'm in another dimension living, breathing, crying and laughing with them.. Red Phoenix took that to a whole new level. One that my words are very poor to describe. I'm inside Brie's shoes and everything exist in a 3D dimension and all are so vivid and intensified... Add to that cocktail a long lust for Tono's ropes and the mixture becomes explosive. Addictive.
I will reread this book. Again and again. :)
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: fmaldridge on June 08, 2013 :
I absolutely loved Brie Learns Restraint to the fullest! TONO is my favorite Dom and to learn more about him and see his love/friendship develop with Brie was just endearing! He's an amazing man! Ahhhh!!!! This book is everything you're looking steamy sex, drama, many lessons learned through the power of love, growth and discovery, and emotional! Red Phoenix always comes through...just trust her to take you there!!! And she delivers every time! This is definitely one novelette you will read over and over again! And the ending will absolutely leave you....well speechless! Hehehe! You've just got to read it!!!
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Kate Living on June 06, 2013 :
Another beautifully written book by Red Phoenix!
Love, love, love this Brie After Graduation series, always full of love, sizzling sex, humor and intrigue. Always leaves my wanting more!
Brie learns quite a lot about herself and others in this latest book. Her relationship with her master is put to the test, only to come out stronger, she finally comes to understand how she really feels about Tono, she learns more about two of the trainers at the submissive school, and meets a new intriguing person. I can hardly wait to see what happens next!
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: may or may not on June 01, 2013 :
What a great installment to the Brie series. This chapter gives the reader a whole new glimpse into the dynamics of the growing relationship between Master and Sub

As usual Red Phoenix has out done herself inthis installment.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: ANGIE J on June 01, 2013 :
I was given this book by the author for a truthful review.

I must start this review by saying BRAVO ENDING!!!! My heart is racing and I immediately messaged the author to say I was STOMPING my Foot!!! She is such a master at teasing us *giggles* in alot of ways this novel.

If you are up to date with the series, SWEET!! If not please start with the Brie at the Training Center. These books take place after she is through submissive school and is in a happy and stable relationship with her Master.

So this nook is another great installment to Brie. She and Tono have to face their feelings about one another. I must say I enjoyed seeing him be a little 'rougher" with Brie. During the Graduation ceremony he didn't seem to have the "harder" side so that was pretty exciting.....annnd let me say the scene was pretty HAWT!!!

Todd, Todd, Todd.......I really just feel for the guy but DUDE LET HER GOOOOOOOOO...enough about him.

Ms, Clarke has really really really peaked me. She hates Brie BUT......I wanna know what is up. I wanna know why she is so draw to Brie but hates Brie. I mean we learned some thing about her and Rytsar but what else makes drives her???????

Grey and Lea's Flogging Scene......I loved how Brie is so expressive and Grey can pick up on it. he is such a great man...and Lea...who doesn't love her!!!

Sir *Dreamy Sigh* he was very missed in this novel but the gifts and poem defo brought a tear to my eye. I will say the cliffhanger at the end is in regards to Sir and I am guessing his past.....????? Man, it was an epic ending and i am going to be driving Red CRAZY until book 6 is out!! LOL
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Sapphire Kande on June 01, 2013 :
Every time Red Phoenix posts one of her books I tell myself don't read it all at once. Pace yourself... but I just can't...I purchased my copy and finished it in a few hours and now I'm dying for the next one!!

In this book you get so many wonderful things... sizzling sex, interviews, pizza, tea and more in this wonderful 5th installment by Red Phoenix! I'm so thrilled with this new release!

First of all, if you haven't heard of Brie... what are you waiting for... go check it out now on amazon - Brie learns the Art of Submission - then join the party! ...

Okay! Rant over! It's emotional, sizzling, thought provoking and so much more! The characters we are introduced too in this book are wonderful. The interviews are full of knowledge and insight... and let me say you need your sham wow panties to read Marquis's filming and not to mention Tono and his art... Le sigh... I have wonderful feelings about this book and I so can't wait for the next one! Thank you Red Phoenix for your wonderful job with this next novel!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Megan Skeens on June 01, 2013 :
As always, Mistress Red, you have surpassed my expectations!!! Five stars are not enough. Once again you have left us in suspense. I love that the lessons learned were the most important one that Brie needed to learn.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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