Superheroes in Prose: Welcome to Prose

Imagine you have the power to fly.

Pretty awesome, right? Imagine you have the power to levitate or crush something the size of a Winnebago. Equally awesome. Now ... here’s the catch: having the power means you are bonded irreversibly to a smartass, sociopathic alien life form.

Not so awesome.

So, what would you do with all of that power? The way I figured it, I had one of two options: Option More

Available formats: epub

Words: 16,410
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301278619
About Sevan Paris

When Sevan Paris isn't involved in things UTCish, he is doing something incredibly geeky, probably involving superheroes. He enjoys all things comics, Transformers, Science Fiction, and anything George Lucas related prior to 1999. Despite each of these child-like addictions, his wife, Cindy, continues to love him in a super adult-like fashion.

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