From the Septic tank to St. Peters

An amusing glimpse into the hazardous and imaginative world of a child obsessed with all things dangerous. Exhausted guardian angels worked overtime to keep this restless soul from picking the locks on heaven's pearly gates, or perhaps blowing them up. Share the bizarre chain of events that were created and surprisingly survived by the author during his journey from early childhood to adolescence. More

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About Stephen Shier

About the author
As a child the author lived in a world of virtual reality, successfully overcoming the trappings of boredom and loneliness that are absolute torture for one with such a restless spirit, inquisitive mind and persistent creative itch.
In later years, an Aquarian nature steered him in a kaleidoscope of different directions and endeavours. From winning a silver medal at the Geneva Convention of Inventions for his crazy inflatable drum kit design to playing in numerous Melbourne and Adelaide underground bands to living alone on a boat for 4 years, life has been anything but mundane. Somewhere along the way he squeezed in writing a dozen or so teaching books, published in three languages, started and ran South Australia’s largest music school for over 10 years, got married, had a family, got divorced, got married again and added a golden Cocker spaniel to the mix.
Obsessed with wooden boats, the author has completed several lengthy restorations including building a 31 foot river cruiser in his back yard.
He ate hot dogs in LA, talked to blues musicians in Nashville about boomerangs, rode a scooter around the Greek Islands, (with his new wife on the back of course) explored New Zealand, avoided food poisoning in Thailand and felt very tall in Japan.
For the past five years he has been running a luxury boat import business, 12 months of which has been done while living aboard yet another floating office. One might be forgiven for assuming that cruising around the beautiful Queensland coast while running a business, renovating a boat, wearing captain’s hats and lying on sandy beaches would fill most of the hours in the day. However, the author somehow managed to maintain a daily boat log of all the mayhem and madness along the way in lieu of documenting a real life sea change adventure story.
Currently nestled away in the Adelaide hills the author is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a 41 foot live aboard cruiser he and his wife intend to enjoy while exploring the waters of the River Murray.

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