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After the death of her husband's grandparents, Alice and her family inherit a century old farmhouse located on the outskirts of Pittsburg, New Hampshire. Alice thinks their new home is ideal, though isolated. What Alice doesn't know is that an unknown terror has risen just over the Canadian border, and the latest town to be overtaken by chaos and a nameless horror is only 30 miles away. More
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  • Category: Fiction » Horror » General
  • Words: 8,800
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781301708260
About M.A. Myers

Where to begin? I'm originally from Claremont, New Hampshire. And after having moved more times than I care to remember, I finally found myself in North Carolina where I was fortunate enough to find my wife. Or did she find me?

I've always had an interest in writing. (Funny coming from someone who couldn't stand the idea of reading a book as a child).
How I come up with my stories varies. They could come from a dream, a life experience, a random thought, or even a song I was listening to at the time. If pertaining to the genre, well that varies from story to story.
(I know what you're thinking). "Story to story? But you only have one." And that is true. But no worries, I have more coming soon.

My interests include writing (of course), listening to music, reading, and my utmost favorite: spending time with my wife and little one.

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Review by: chucklesthescot on May 6, 2014 :
A family watching the news see that an outbreak of madness and violence is happening near to their rural home. As they discuss whether or not to flee, they near noises in the it racoons again or something worse?

This was a nice little horror thriller about a family being targeted by something evil and being trapped in a house far away from help. Our heroine is the mother who has to fight off the monsters while trying to protect her children. This is a fast paced short story that doesn't waste time with long winded introductions to the family-the horror begins straight away on TV and swiftly arrives at their home.

It takes the form of the tried and tested horror formula that people like me enjoy. We have the family scattered throughout the house, there are bangs and screams and someone has to go and investigate in the dark where the monsters lurk. It was nicely written and the tension is kept high throughout. You can feel Alice's agony as she searches for her husband and children, knowing that something is stalking them all. When she has to confront the monsters we see her strength and feel her suffering. There is a good mixture of tension and emotion in this book.

I enjoyed this short story and see that it will be continued in another book which I would probably read if I get the chance. Recommended for those who like creepy horror tales and monsters!
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Review by: K. R. Rowe on Feb. 17, 2014 :
The cover of this book has been creeping me out for quite some time and I have really wanted to read it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a short story and I was able to read it in one evening. I almost stopped reading in the middle because I was getting a little freaked out and afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep, but that is exactly what this book is supposed to do.

It totally delivered. I kept reading.

A woman alone with her children in a big house, a husband late from work—these things alone are enough play on the fears of every mother, but then the situation turned from simple unease to horrific. Without giving anything away, I can say that the ceiling crawling scene was frightening and very nicely done!

There were a few grammatical errors but it did not take away from enjoyment of this book.

The teaser chapter at the end for Paulie 2 left me anxiously waiting for the next installment.

Well done M.A. Myers. Now hurry with book #2!

I give this one 5 stars
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Review by: Ruth Benitez on Jan. 27, 2014 :
Good short story. Quite scary to be honest. Fast and really engaging.
The author does a great job creating the right atmosphere for the story.
I really liked how easy was to feel the fear and terror in the characters.

At the end it promises a full lenght novel coming soon. I will check it out.
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Review by: Tom Malinowski on Sep. 10, 2013 :
The short story/novella is a great format if you're pressed for time or want to take a break in-between books. The innocent name of Paulie (title) paired with the creepy cover image was enough to lure me in. Luckily it's slow at work so I devoured this quickly. The pacing is great, just the right amount of details, and creep factor of things going terribly wrong and accelerating rather quickly. This work is a reminder that enjoyable literature doesn't need to be lengthy. Myers used the right words and I'll definitely be returning as the ending left me wanting more.
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Review by: Samantha Anderson on Sep. 9, 2013 :
Interesting concept in this story and a very quick read as well. Would be interested in reading a more expanded version of this as I typically don't read short stories.
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Review by: Rebekah Daniels on Aug. 25, 2013 :
I started off reading the story thinking how scared I was going to get, and wondering what I was getting myself into. As it turned out, it wasn’t so much scary as it was a thriller. The writing was done in such a way that sucks the reader in very quickly. It was so detailed that I could easily picture everything that was going on, and I liked that. The characters were developed very well, to the point of being easily relatable, and that shows a lot about the author that he can do it in so few words. I must say, it did turn out to be a tad predictable, but it was still a great short story, none the less.
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Review by: Sharon Stevenson on Aug. 7, 2013 :
'Paulie' is a creepy read with well written characters. The short story works well on it's own but I was also very intrigued by what could happen next and how the story will develop into a novel. There are some vividly drawn horrific images in this and it was the right mix of shocking yet believable. A shiver inducing short story! I look forward to reading more by this author.
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Review by: Stacey T on Aug. 6, 2013 :
I want to start by saying that horror is not usually my genre of choice to read but I took a chance on Paulie and I am so glad I did! Yes, there were a few grammatical errors in it but it wasn't so much that it took away form the story in my opinion. I loved the concept and the way that the author really grabbed you early on and never let you go! The descriptions were excellent and really made me feel like I was there experiencing the horrible nightmare that was unfolding. I could not put it down! It was very intense and my only complaint would be that it ended way too soon! I don't like cliffhangers but I realize it makes for a great marketing strategy because I definitely will be buying the next book, Paulie 2, just to find out how the whole thing comes to a close! Especially with the teaser for the second book at the end giving you an idea of what is to come. Kudos to you Mr, Meyers! I will definitely keep you on my "authors to watch out for" list ;)
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Review by: Hamburger Fry on July 30, 2013 :
M.A. Meyers scared the hell out of me with, Paulie.
Every noise I heard, every shadow I saw, after reading Paulie had me wondering, what was out there? Was I truly safe? Will I ever sleep again?
One thing is for certain in this story, praying won't help you.
M.A. Meyers takes your comfort zone and destroys it!
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