Velvet Ball and The Broken fairy

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Velvet's had enough of bullies calling her a pixie just because she's bald, but when she finds a fairy in the woods, she think she'll get a wish. Trouble is, Roseberry hasn't a clue how to do magic because she didn't listen in school. All she cares about is eating cakes and trying on Barbie clothes. Velvet soon gets fed up with the little snot and threatens to take her back to the forest. More

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About Patricia Puddle

Patricia writes Paranormal Love stories for older teens and adults. Here first series, Ominous Love, is an angels and demons story. She also writes and illustrates humorous and adventurous children's stories. Her Rascals Series is aimed at reluctant readers. Molly Gumnut and Velvet ball are suitable for children of all ages.

Patricia also volunteers for a wildlife rescue charity for injured and orphaned animals.

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John M W Smith reviewed on on July 13, 2015

If there is one theme that is sure to generate strong emotions, it is that of bullying. So much is known about it, so familiar a part of childhood it has become, and so little is ever done about it. A bully, with deep feelings of inadequacy mixed with pure and simple malice, can latch onto any physical or psychological characteristic that is slightly different from the norm. Thereafter the victim’s life is made a living hell.
The victim’s life is lonely, miserable, and often tragic, even nowadays in what passes for the enlightened society that we live in. Most often, though, the first phase of such misery involves a retreat into a bleak and lonely inner world where there is no future, only never-ending despair. Imagine, then, if help is suddenly at hand in the wake of an extraordinary sequence of events. But that is all I am going to tell you about the story itself, as otherwise I would spoil the surprises and numerous twists and turns in store in this lovely book that will delight young readers---and even adults, too, as I found out for myself. And why am I so anxious not to spoil it for you? Because I, with all the stories I have written, was not able to guess what was coming next. This is how good the book is. Certain elements have to be present in a story like this, and are therefore expected, but the entire narrative tone, here, has a slight edge which keeps the reader on tenterhooks the whole time. Everything is up for grabs. Things may not work out right. Disappointment and disillusionment are always just around the corner, ready to pounce and snuff out the little candle of hope that flickers in Velvet’s heart. Read it and witness a master narrator at work!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Irene Kueh reviewed on on Aug. 25, 2012

As soon as I read the first page, I was hooked! I couldn't put it down and at the same time, didn't want it to end. This story has many twists and turns and keep you guessing. I definitely didn't expect the ending and loved it!!
To Patricia Puddle, more please!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Sandra Stiles reviewed on on Dec. 25, 2011

I have never read a book where the author addressed the issue of alopecia, or hair loss in kids. I don’t even think most kids know what it is. In this story we are introduced to a young girl named Velvet Ball. She has a disease that caused her to lose all of her hair. Her parents move her to the country to try to improve her health in the hopes her hair will grow back. The kids at her new school don’t want to be her friend. They bully her around and call her names. One day on her way home she finds a fairy hanging from a tree. The fairy promises to grant her a wish if Velvet will help her. Velvet has no idea how much trouble Roseberry is going to cause her. I see several common things running through several of Patricia’s books. She always has her characters rescuing something or someone. There is usually a bully that the man character must deal with, in this case the kids at school plus the fairy with an attitude. She also always teaches a lesson. It is one that is not thrown into a kids face, yet one that they learn along the way. This book has so much to offer. It would be great for discussions about accepting differences. I laughed at the fairy’s antics, before she learns she isn’t a fairy. The ending had a surprising twist I didn’t see coming but I hope it leads to another book.
(reviewed 5 months after purchase)
Vikki m reviewed on on Dec. 13, 2011

A great little book for kids, boys and girls. I already purchased the hard copy for my grand children which they love and can't wait to read the sequel.

I have now purchased the e book for myself.

Great read, lots of twists and a surprise ending.

Look forward to the next one.
(review of free book)
June V. Bourgo reviewed on on Dec. 13, 2011

I left a review for this great story but forgot to rater it, so here it is. My granddaughter reads this book over and over. A great Christmas gift for a child.
(reviewed 12 months after purchase)
Magda M. Olchawska reviewed on on Oct. 30, 2011

Velvet Ball is a nine years old girl. She is bold because she was very sick and all her hair fell out and for some reason don’t want to grow back. To improve Velvet’s health her parents decide to move to the countryside.
However, her new school is horrible. She is bullied all the time & all the kids are making fun of her calling her Pixie and other names.
She is trying to be brave but when everyone is ganging up on her it becomes incredibly hard.
While running away from the bullies through the forest, Velvet accidentally finds a talking doll, which looks like a fairy. From that moment Velvet’s life is never going to be the same again.
The story grabbed me from the first page and I couldn’t put it down until I finished. I related to Velvet’s story so much because I also moved with my parents into the small town and I also was bullied in my new school.

“Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy” is a fantastic book. Velvet’s story teaches the kids that bullies do get punished and should be punished for an unacceptable behaviour. The kids also learn that good behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed and there will always be some kind of an award for children who respect other people and are kind and giving.
Patricia Puddle with incredible ease writes about difficult subjects such as: children illness or bullying. I love the way Patricia gave power to Velvet to fight the bullies off and find her own strength.

I would recommend the book to kids age 7-12, parents, teachers, librarians and hospitals (if they buy books for kids).

After reading Velvet’s story I think I’ve become one of Patricia’s biggest fan.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
Chrissy Peebles reviewed on on Sep. 9, 2011

I'm looking for a great story to read on my kindle. This one caught my eye immediately. It is a touching story of a beautiful friendship between a spoiled fairy and a girl who just wants to fit in. Deeply moving, and written fantastic with a strong voice. Nine-year-old Velvet Ball has no hair. If that's not bad enough, her family moves to the country. No fourth graders want to hang out with a bald girl with no eyelashes. They make fun of poor Velvet constantly.

While walking home she meets a fairy named Roseberry caught in the bow of a tree. The little sprite says she is the Fairy of Crabtree Forest, and promises to grant Velvet a wish if she saves her. After saving her, Velvet makes her wish but nothing happens. Roseberry doesn't have any magic. Even worse, her wings are broken. Velvet vows to take her home and help her recover. But little does she know, Roseberry is WAY more trouble than what she bargined for.

Wit and humor shine in this story, keeping me entertained and laughing the entire journey. Not only is it loaded with action and funny moments, it teaches children how wonderful they really are and sends a wonderful message to kids and moms. It also teaches love, acceptance, and patience. The characters are crafted wonderfully with distinct personalities that made me want to keep scrolling to the next page. I hope to read more from this talented author who has a heart and passion for children. It definitely shows in her writing.

I can't wait for the next book to come out because the end left me blown away with a big surprise. What a series this will be! I'm so hooked. I definitely would recommend this book to everyone.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Aurora Press reviewed on on June 18, 2011

Velvet Ball is not your normal little girl; she's the new kid in town, lonely and...bald. After battling a disease that made all her hair fall out, she struggles to be liked at her new school, but instead of giving her a chance, the other children are just nasty and bully her. One day after yet another awful day at school, she takes a shortcut through the woods and finds a doll hanging from a tree branch. It turns out the speaking doll is a fairy named Roseberry, and a bad-mannered one at that. Velvet takes Roseberry home to help her find out why she has no magic powers, but caring for the little sprite turns out to be harder than it seems, what with the local bully trying to steal her and Velvet's mother coming in at all the wrong times.

Velvet Ball is a fantastic story with plenty of mischief and humour along the way. The writing is engaging with some challenging words for kids, but not too many that they would lose interest. The plot has many twists and turns that I was completely absorbed and couldn't put it down. Finally a book with beautiful writing that's able to teach valuable values in an entertaining way. A must-read.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
June V. Bourgo reviewed on on Dec. 30, 2010
(no rating)
A truly, entertaining tale of a child's struggle with being "different". Her tenacious nature is revealed as she deals with school bullies.

This story has a strong message for all kids, but the writer's use of humour through the introduction of a dysfunctional fairy, makes this an entertaining story sure to keep kids laughing.

The writer is very talented and her writing is brilliant.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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