Mateology is the Bible of yerba mate. No North American has ever written a book on yerba mate until Dave “Mate” Askaripour decided to learn everything he could about this ancient herb from Paraguay — living in South America for years — and return home to spread the word about this drink that has the power to improve lives, increase health and vitality, and most of all, form friendships. More

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About David Askaripour

In 2009 he travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn the Rioplatense dialect of Spanish. But language wasn't the only thing that he gained. Equally steeped in a new culture, he became immersed in the world of Yerba Mate, an ancient herb native to South America, traditionally consumed by the Guaraní Tribes of Paraguay.

For over two years living abroad, he apprenticed himself to Mate, learning as much as he could about properly preparing the perfect gourd; how to detect subtle changes in tastes and textures throughout the wide range of varieties; as well as gaining intimate insight into the deep history and tradition.

In 2011 came the formation of Circle of Drink, now a globally recognized Yerba Mate Community of Materos: Mate Drinkers that have a profound respect for the drink, seeing it not only as an herb to be consumed, but a lifestyle that promotes peace, togetherness, and equality beyond race, class, gender—all social barriers.

Dave's love and passion for mate has led him to devote his life spreading this plant that has the power to not only uplift and energize the mind and body, but also bring people together and build community.

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