Subtle Forces

This manuscript is an inspiration for readers to reflect upon the influences of their innate feelings in an effort to open up positive dialogue and contribute to the ever Expansive Collective Super Consciousness. More

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About Contrail Storey

In a world where the super consciousness commands so much of our actions I've found it essential to cultivate what I consider my true self. However, many times the road to self-realization gets distorted from the desire to live up to external expectations. From the ability to balance the innate desires with those of the external we arrive at a transformation. This transformation could be likened unto the emergence of a butterfly from the cocoon. It’s that momentum that sparks the functions of a higher cognition.

This drive to infuse the thoughts emerging from the manifold aspects of being has resulted in the merging of my work path with that of my most innate imaginings. That's essentially what I am striving to present to the world from here on out, a continual refinement of the self at harmony with the cosmos that harnesses the blooming lotus.

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