Look for Our Mother and Our Father

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Imagine you have spent your life in the middle of a dust storm, and the air finally clears. Now you can clearly see things that you had not even realized were distorted… This book questions everything we think we know, everything we think we have learned through the natural and social sciences, every theory proposed by our philosophers and theologians, and everything taught to us by our culture.

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Review by: Elizabeth Miller on May 23, 2011 :
OK It really took me a while to want to read it because I read the introduction and was expecting a huge lecture and honestly I just skimmed this until I felt like reading something more serious than the fiction and I have been and let me tell you I wish I had read it when I first got it. THis auther never gets preachy and backs up a lot of their opionions while never making you feel like yours is not just as valid. I have now had a couple of friends who want to read it. Very nice job of relating opinion with parable to make their ideas easily understandable. Good Job!!!!
(reviewed 45 days after purchase)
Review by: K. Wodke on May 7, 2011 :
"Look For Our Mother and Father" by anonymous is basically a long rant against modern society and persons of white/European ancestry, filled with sweeping generalizations, inaccuracies, and unproved (and unprovable) assertions. This book is an op-ed, and the author's suppositions are unsupported. For that reason, I stopped reading midway through the book. I would have enjoyed the author's unique perspective much more and taken it more seriously had it been supported with verifiable research and data, rather than being opinion presented as fact. On the positive side, the book is very well-written and free of editorial/proofreading errors. I feel the book contains a strong prejudice against people of European ancestry, and conversely, whitewashes indigenous cultures to such an extent that the author is blind to their humanity and foibles. So filled with assumption, erroneous conclusions, and just plain opinion, the book defeats its own good points with its all-or-nothing premise. (for example, all science is a lie) While I agree that indigenous cultures were irretrievably altered by the interference of foreign conquerors, it is simply not possible that these native cultures were completely free of violence and had the answers to all of life's mysteries and problems. There were inter-tribal conflicts on several continents prior to European imperialism. The author is either unaware of history or chooses to ignore it. Choosing to ignore history in order to elevate certain cultures above other cultures robs the entire piece of credibility. I am afraid I will have to give this book a low score for content, although I give it a high score for typographical accuracy and writing style.
(reviewed 30 days after purchase)
Review by: J. Robert Ewbank on May 6, 2011 :
Don't know exactly how to shelve this book by Anonymous. It is interesting from several points. It forces you to take a look at some of the concepts that underlie our culture and realize that there are options or different ways in which our culture could have developed. The book is shallow in that it does not have the time to get deep into any concept but briefly says that our current culture is wrong and the earlier cultures are right. By earlier cultures he means native Americans and Africans etc. etc The old days were not as bad as our current days. He has some interesting things to say about the presuppositions or science and is somewhat misinformed about Christianity. However it is difficult to argue that what he sees is not to be found in some who call themselves Chrisstian. A good book to have read and to remember that our culture is not always right just because it is our culture.

J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the 'Isms'"
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Review by: Kath Richardson on May 3, 2011 : (no rating)
I gave up on this very quickly. One person's diatribe against the world, written randomly and without thought, planning, knowledge or logic, this is badly written hogwash.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
Review by: Crystal Waldrum on May 1, 2011 :
Look for Our Mother and Our Father is probably the most eye opening, honest and critical book I have ever read. The author, Anonymous (I'll get into this a little bit later) leaves not a single part of our "culture" alone. The author rips to shreds every bit of our history and modern life and exposes the bare truth of our society. Not a single topic is safe: religion, history, science, progress, environmentalists, politicians, war, technology. Everything that our society has created is bashed to the beginning of it's own demise.

I loved it. Every bit of this book I enjoyed. The reason it took me so long to finish (for me anyway) is simply because I was constantly lost in thought. I'd read what the author said, the points they expressed and have to stop for awhile to process and put their words into perspective to my life.

The author classifies the people of this world into two categories: Indigenous (any type of nation or people that was not hell bent and determined to destroy the Earth and instead were colonized) and PEOC's (Person of European-Originated Culture). I am a PEOC and my family are PEOC's.

I will not jump into the exact nature of the author's words but give you the simple message that I got from reading this work: Our entire planet and way of life was fucked when we began to think "What if" or "I wonder". As soon as those who sought more than what was provided we were doomed to "progress" towards destruction and domination.

I was enthralled with the author's ability to dissimulate the myths that built our "free" society and how in truth this world has been built on one genocidal act or another. It made me think of the life I lead now, and the life that my daughter has before her. I didn't like the pictures of the present or the future I saw. Yet I saw no way of fixing it, at least none that are in my power.

The power to start fresh lies with our Mother (Earth) and our Father (God). Look around you at any news channel or weather network and tell me they haven't already begun.

I have one critical point of this book and that's the author's choice to remain anonymous. They have asked myself and others to read this book and review it; putting us in the limelight to disagree or agree with their points. Yet they hide behind a false identity protecting themselves from the same world they want to change. If you're going to put into words the view of the world as you see it then you better have the cojones to stand up and claim those same words.

For those of you looking for an eye opening read, or a new perspective on the world as we know it I heartily recommend this book. For those looking for a pulpit to stand behind (pick your poison: science, religion or politics) I tell you now to move past this book, it'll only piss you off.
(reviewed 28 days after purchase)
Review by: Barbara Palmer on April 26, 2011 : (no rating)
22 pages in and I gave up on this book. I found it ill thought out and annoying. Not my sort of thing at all.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
Review by: Jason Bartlett on April 24, 2011 :
If you want to take a new look at your life from a MUCH different perspective, Look for Our Mother and Our Father will be very helpful. This anonymous author examines several of our European based social constructs in detail, giving the reader an opportunity to step outside herself and reevaluate her own constructs. Author addresses, for example, our ideas about technology, spirituality, among others.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Review by: mkboylan on April 24, 2011 :
If you want to take a new look at your life from a MUCH different perspective, Look for Our Mother and Our Father will be very helpful. This anonymous author examines several of our European based social constructs in detail, giving the reader an opportunity to step outside herself and reevaluate her own constructs. Author addresses, for example, our ideas about technology, spirituality, among others. This can be a complicated process, but the author has made it very readable and accessible information. She doesn't talk about solutions, but does point to the world around us as a great source of information. Somewhat reminiscent of Bill McKibben in The Age of Misinformation, this author points out that it is the information we are missing out on that is hurting us, not that the information we are receiving is necessarily harmful, and we should............Look to Our Mother and Our Father.......for more knowledge. She also reminds the reader that some of the changes we may need to make will not be a sacrifice, but rather will enrich our lives.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
Review by: rhonda laney on April 10, 2011 :
She brakes things down for you and aware of are flaws. It makes a lot of sense but I could not handle all the negative of the book and i was going to a place that i did not want to go too. plus have a doctors appointment tomorrow. So I chose to keep my blinders on for now. maybe a different time in my life I could better put to use this book. she is easy to read and it all flows together.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)

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