The Age of Lost Innocence

The Age of Lost Innocence and the Theory of Balance is a tale of three best friends who set off on an epic quest to the Holy Land. They are tasked with assisting Elder Emeral in discovering the meaning behind the Theory of Balance to thwart Lord Nico Donyan and the Great Reckoning--giving rise to Raul the Divine and setting in motion his plans to rule all of humanity. More
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A trail of dust was kicked high into the air as Rhovard's caravan sped across the arid plains and beneath the blood moon sky. Over fifty Imagian soldiers on horseback protected the lengthy caravan, of which Galaxius' party rested safely within the armored, plated walls of the Profiteer's two-story carriage. At the helm of the procession was the Knightenvows. There, Damyen, Kiaran and Satya led the charge while keeping a watchful eye on the open road ahead.

They were grateful to have escaped from Ironton, unscathed, but still the the all-seeing crown could be seen along the distant Horizon. The Provencial Tower was purposely designed this way so that the Rodanian's could sound the alarms if they were being invaded at the borders by a warring nation. Once discovered the crown would ignite in flames to prepare their country for battle. The question for Damyen was whether this crown was, signalling?

Kiaran was in a trotting along on top of his Alsatian Sheephearder, dressed in his forest green leather jacket with his axes strapped to his back. His long curly locks bounced upon his shoulders as his bright blues eyes curiously caught Damyen looking backwards. He then barked, "Has anyone ever told you not to look back on life?"

Damyen pivoted around upon the saddle of his Northern Surefoot, and shot Kiaran a wide smirk beneath his busy beard. His pony tail flopped against the crevice of his back and his sword bounced against his leg. With a wink, he chided, "Maybe, I am simply reflecting?"

Satya swayed in stride on top of Wisdom, her Primordial Charger. The amber-colored steed had a fiery red mane and tail, indicating it came from one of the oldest breeds in existence. Her wavy brown hair brushed against her freckled skin as her quivers was strapped loosely over her cotton top. She decidely joined Kiaran in his instigation, "What he should be doing is reflecting on the now? Unless, he had forgotten why it took him so long to win my heart?"

"Jokes aside, I have a feeling that the crown is flickering a cryptic message out to their borders."

"For what reason?" Kiaran stoked.

"Could they be calling for reinforcements? Satya surmised.

"Nah..." Kiaran wagered, "Nico's army is stationed North of city. If anything, this revolt, although valiant, must be close to over."

"Let us not forget about the Thunderous Storm that was conjured up by Tabithus? It was killing Imagians en masse with its targeted lightning strikes!" Satya reminded.

"Then, they must be signalling for the Rodanians to lock down their borders?" Damyen proposed.

"Or to attack us?"

Satya stood up in her stirrups and shouted out loud, "Look, up ahead!"

"You have to be kidding!" Kiaran erupted.

Up ahead, their was another dust storm coming there way. But it was no caravan. It was another arm of the Rodanian army charging at them on horseback!

"I must warn the others to prepare for battle!"

Just as Damyen was about to break away, Kiaran shouted, "Wait! Look closely..."

Damyen and Satya examined the troops a bit closer, and then Kiaran added, "The soldiers would have unsheathed their swords by now to terrify us."

"It must mean one thing..." Satya surmised, "They are not after us."

"Precisely!" Kiaran exclaimed. "Therefore, I ask of you to make haste! Tell the Imagians to not draw their weapons but rather, keep them hidden and out of sight."

"What are you going to?" Damyen wondered.

"I am going to make certain nothing happens to us."

Just then Kiaran dug his heels into the ribs of his Alsatian Sheepherder and galloped towards the Rodanian army!

Damyen and Satya pleaded against his idea, but their concerns were left unheard. So Damyen turned to Satya for and asked, "Shall we go warn them?"

"Let us hurry!"

Damyen and Satya tugged upon the reigns of their steeds and split to opposite sides of the caravan. The two of them trotted past each carriage and wagon that was guarded by the Imagians, shouting to their fellow comrades, "Hide your weapons! The Rodanians are not after us, they being called to Ironton!

The rag-tag army of civilians were ready to fight for their lives but they were also not very keen on going to battle unless it was absolutely necessary. So when Hjalmar decidedly pulled his caravan off to the right of the road, the Imagians concealed their weapons by placing their weapons on the side of their steeds opposite to road.

Up ahead, Kiaran galloped ahead while carrying a fiendish grin when he knew he was going to do something crazy. He considered most people to be dumb as rocks and all he needed to do was to keep these rocks rolling smoothly along by pandering to their egos while adding a bit of theatrics!

When he was within bow range he rose up off his saddle and began waving his shovel paw wildly above his head, crying out loud, "Help us! Please, help us! Save us from the the Imagians!"

The Rodanian calvary drew to a swift halt directly in front of Kiaran. There had to be over one hundred men on horseback and all were suited up in armor, ready to go to war. The Head Commander appeared before his ranks wearing his steel armor and a helmet with brass, metals curls.

"What happened to you?

Kiaran fell into his saddle with a exasperated sigh of relief. His forest green leather fatigue was covered in blood from cutting down the priestly cassocks when he thwarted the blood sacrifice to save his friend. He then acknoweldged the commander while soothing a fake injury in his bicep, "Ironton is under attack. The few of us that made it out alive have banded together on this here, road, making our way to the border for safety."

"Few of us?" What do you mean?"

"Your army needs to get to Ironton now or we will not have a country to call home by tomorrow morning." Kiaran feigned his expression, stroking ego, "You and the Rodanian Army are both strong and mighty, having kept the Kingdom of Valoria's southern border safe from invasion for over a milenia. Let us not lose our vibrant culture and history from factions that have worked within to destroy us!"

The commander turned his attention to his calvary. He raised his hand and ordered, "Ironton is in the mist of being overthrown by the Imagians. We must hurry if we are to save it!"

The commander brass curls bounced foward while nodding his appreciation. He then slapped the reigns of his steed and unison, the Rodanian calvary set off towards the caravan.

The rogue separtist's axiously watched the Rodanian calvary descend upon them in droves. The sheer number of them wearing steel plated armor and carrying menacing stares sent shivers up their spines. At any moment these soldiers could turn on them with their guard down and all would be slaughted. But the soldiers kept their weapons sheathed, having took pity on them. There was no mistaken the fact that many of the separtists that did escape the city were both bloodied and exhausted.

Then all of the sudden a soldier came to a halt in across from Rhovard's two-story caravan. The soldiers suspiciously eyed the armored structure with a mug expression. Unbeknownst, the soldier watched as Rhovard closed the curtain before Nova and Sorgan's wandering eyes. But there young and fragile faces were enought the convince the soldier that this was a caravan of folks escaping the plights of war. He then spat on the ground before cantering off to join his ranks. Soon after the separtists let out a sigh of relief as the calvary dissappeared into the night.

If their sheer number was not daunting enough, their steel armor and menacing stares

is in the grips

riding fatiguee clasped his bicep as if injured


They see troops heading their way they get ready to fight but they are being call to rodania.
Get to border and its under manned.
Fight ensues, Tambour is killed.
Enter wasteland.

-Eerily quiet until they discover the Strigoli after them causing Damyen to get on top of the two story caravan and play his fiddle.
- His fiddle splinters from an arrow but the Strigoli to not attack, but they see Nico's caravan moving at them.
- Imagians get to defenses and the two parties collide in fight.
- They realize they out numbered and about to lose when they find ligntning bolts kill strigoli, thus opening the road ahead, but unbeknownst they are being charged at by another group.
- Chevey and Nico fight
- Allessandra appears in battle to throw Nico off before he is knocked out cold.
- At the same time Sorgan's singing bowl tricked worked to cause and earthquake, separating the two halves. The Spirit Warriors escape as Nico is hauled away.

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